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Honing in on Your Listening Skills through Meditation

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Emotions running rampant and can’t quite get a grasp on which direction to take in life? Ready to magnify your inner voice?  Try this on for size – mind-body medicine!  Unlike conventional medicine, mind-body techniques like meditation can add powerful substance to healing our emotions and to enhancing our mental state of awareness.

Ever heard the lyrics, what condition my condition is in, from the Song, “Just Dropped In?”  Whatever your psychological state is in, is the overall “condition” in which you act, feel, think, and live. But don’t just take my word for it; there is scientific evidence that has proven meditation’s effectiveness in treating a number of physical and mental health issues.  Among the many physical conditions that meditation has helped treat include coronary artery disease, arthritis, and chronic pain.  In addition, meditation has proven to be a natural immune system booster…but, if mind-body medicine can do all this, imagine what it can do for your emotional state?

Though rooted in spiritual Eastern practices — think of meditation as an intellectual exercise that will positively charge your inner voice. The first step to meditation is to relax your body and your mind.

Find a comfortable place where you can sit down and rest.  The goal is for you to discard any mental thoughts or worries from your head.  To do this, I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale.  Now focus on a place where you are happiest in your mind.  Search your visual memory bank for a beach, a sunset, an open field, a place in your childhood…wherever you feel the most safe and comfortable to free your inhibition. Are you there yet?

Use this suspended state of altered consciousness to rediscover your voice.  Your higher self is desperately trying to communicate with you. When you place yourself in this meditative state, you are honing in on your listening skills, and are raising your mental awareness to a level where you can find resolution and the direction that you can now take to begin your journey to emotional healing.

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I’d like to teach the world to sing…

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In perfect harmony… Remember that old jingle by Coke? Imagine if everyone sung in unison – we could all work and live in harmony in such a way that would be conductive in making the world a better, happier place.  That being said, I want to teach you how to sing in harmony with your authentic self. You have so much to offer this world and yet you have not yet manifested your true being to its full potentiality. You, wonderful you, hold the key to unlock the mystery of the secret of life. You have the essential tools right within you to discover the magic that awaits your journey – if only you are ready to receive.

As an intuitive master, I have learned how to fine tune my intuitive skills to become the person that I am; and will continue to hone in on my intuition to create a sustainable life of happiness and prosperity because I choose to do so. Life will hand us extraordinary challenges and opportunities. Determining which way to proceed is the quintessential solution to opening the doors of possibility. That is why it is critical that you become reacquainted with your authentic self so that you too, can begin to reap the blessings that life has to offer you. It is like singing in harmony with your mind, body and spirit. And when you are in balance with all of you, then you can begin to sew the benefits from the map you have laid out for yourself and your life journey.

I want to teach you how to sing in harmony with your authentic self. In my line of intuitive work, I have shown individuals who are hungry to learn what it is they need to do and perceive to create a lasting foundation of success and wealth. It is not a matter of just thinking, it is about acting upon those intuitive inclinations that you feel from within your authentic self to realize your life’s worth and potential. We do this by daily meditation, visualization, and the innate understanding that all things are possible when only we believe and set our minds on the goals that we want to achieve. In doing so, we find ourselves in alignment with the Universal flow of energy. That alignment is what puts us back in touch with our authentic self, and is what gives us the necessary push to move forward into a joy-filled life.

Allow me to help you along your journey. Together, we can sing in harmony to make your life the best life it can be!

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Your Intuition Girl

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21st Century Woman – Finding Healing and Self in a Complicated World

Posted by Intuition Girl

Today’s dynamic woman manages the household, has a full-time career, and in her spare time attends soccer games and school plays. She is witty, sexy, smart, quirky, articulate, knowledgeable and the ultimate super mom wrapped in one package. She’s a no-nonsense gal with a professional and personal background to match her multi-tasking skills and she doesn’t waste a moment sweating the small stuff. But she’s also got a sensual side. She’s tender — she’s loving; and she can compete with the likes of Angelina with just the right touch of makeup and a little lift to her hairstyle.

Like most women, however, the female body and mental disposition can shift with the moon’s phases. She experiences a wide array of emotions and mood swings from day to day that can leave others in wonderment as to what is running through her mind. Some of these emotional shifts may be related to physical, chemical or metabolic imbalances (or a combination of the three). There are revealing studies that examine the chemical makeup of women (and men) and the importance of stress reduction in relation to balancing these inequities.

According to an article in Insight Journal, anxiety problems are linked to a number of factors including learned behavior (on how to deal with stress), personality traits, trauma and mental and emotional states. But were you aware that there can be energy imbalances as well? Joan Marie Whelan, renowned intuitive counselor offers the following advice on how to contend with stress to harmonize mind, body and spirit to become harmonized with yourself and the universal flow of energy, “In order to acquire balance in your life you must first and foremost become grounded in your body,” says Whelan, “One can become grounded through meditation.” Whelan states that this exercise helps reduce feelings of stress, overwhelm and even anxiety. She went onto elaborate, “to be grounded – I often tell people to visualize themselves as if they are a big golden oak tree…. Your legs (are the trunk) that go deep into the earth – As you feel into this image; you will actually experience strength and power. This can and will help bring you stability in your life… the symbolism is powerful–the upper parts (of the body) are the branches… you may swing and sway with your challenges but you do not need to fall down because you are so grounded in the earth that you feel empowered.”

In this new millennium, we discover that more individuals are turning to noninvasive CAM therapies to alleviate daily stress and common health disorders. Some of these complementary and alternative medicines like Tai Chi have effectively demonstrated their abilities to help in healing mind, body and soul. Other complementary therapies like meditation and visualization are actively being studied by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to determine how exactly these mind-body-spirit therapies can assist in reducing stress, improving concentration and focus, and in pain relief, among other health issues.  In addition to the meditation techniques mentioned earlier, Whelan told me about one of her own exercises that she frequently facilitates for health and wellness — visualizing the sunlight within her core being, “If you can focus and visualize the golden sunlight within you, you will begin to experience it and a sense of calm and peace will gradually flow within you.  As you are placing yourself within the sunlight, think and feel loved.  No negative energy can live in the light.  Ask your Source to fill you with love.  The experience is awesome,” she said.

In addition to health issues, women throughout the ages have sought their rightful places in society. From daughter, to sister, to mother, to wife and beyond, women play integral parts on the stage of life. But how does one truly find her “authentic self”? Whelan explained why discovering your authentic self is essential to leading happier, healthier lifestyles: Your Authentic Self defines the real you, the true essence of who you are – your soul energy,” says Whelan, “When you discover your authentic self, you gain wisdom and strength and you awaken to a deeper sense of whom you are and why you were born.” Whelan added that when individuals discover this form of healing and soul awakening enables the opportunity “to get to know you at a deeper level of your being, your soul—complete with all of your inhibitions and vulnerable threads.”

We’ve all heard about women’s intuition, but what makes intuition a valuable aspect to everyday living and in problem-solving techniques? Whelan explained how innately intuitive we actually are. She said, “Our intuition is also known as our conscience; our gut feelings — our inner voice that shares valuable and basic common sense answers and guidance to our daily living. We are making choices all the time.  Some are helpful and others cause us pain.  If we could only slow down our human-ness and live more in our heart, we would hear the soft, quiet voice of our authentic self share words of wisdom.” She adds that stress, anxiety, frustration, resentment, confusion and anger pressure us beyond our limits.  Her thoughtful advice to women (and men) is: “When we are living in the present moment and allow our actions, attitude and behavior to bring forth messages that express compassion, sharing and caring, we change our body language and our physiology and positive experiences spring forth.  But the reverse is also true.  I am continually asking my inner soul, my little child within together with my spirit guides to help me through the day to give me the courage and strength to see the larger picture and to stay grounded in love and light.”

21st Century Woman – Finding Healing and Self in a Complicated World

Guest Post By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd – Social Media and More


Insight Journal – What Causes Anxiety

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Don’t eat the yellow snow! Winter tips for creative living

Posted by Intuition Girl

Remember when we were little and the older kids would tell us that we shouldn’t eat the yellow snow? Sometimes, the older we get, the wiser we get. That — and experience tells us what we should and shouldn’t do for our own sake and our own health. But there’s always that one individual that no matter how many times he’s been told to not do something, he does it anyway. Every time that individual repeats his actions, he beats his head against the wall and wonders why he did it again.

Don’t eat the yellow snow! It’s right there in front of you. You’ve been advised not to eat it. Yet you continue to eat it again and again. That’s kind of what happens when you keep repeating the same actions to acquire a different result. Stop it!

In order to achieve the best possible outcome, (besides not eating the yellow snow) one must take a long look at how she’s approaching her challenges and go beyond the norm, and go beyond the measures that she’s taken in the past. Sometimes, we have to tackle the one problem we have with different insights and ideas. It’s not that difficult; especially if you’ve digested some rather unsavory ramifications time and time again.

Winter tips for creative living

Intuition and Meditation:

Use your intuition and experience to work for you and not against you. If you’ve battled the same battles, then you’re not in the right mindset. That means that whatever thoughts are spinning in your head must be tossed to the wayside. Start fresh. Start thinking power and empowerment. Don’t become your worst own enemy by continuing to do the same negative things to achieve success and wealth in your life. Look back at your life and see what has worked and what has not worked. Hold that thought. Now, take a deep breath and relax your mind totally. Ask yourself, “What can I do to attain_____?” (Fill in the blank.) Take another breath. Close your eyes and imagine beyond all that you’ve ever thought about in your life. Go deeper. Deeper still. Where are you in your mind? What windows of opportunity do you see affront of you? Do you see any ideas that can help you achieve what it is you want to reach? If you’re not seeing them, you’re missing the ball. You have got to get right with your mind, your body, and your spirit in order to balance the creative flow and energy in your life…and in your livelihood. You don’t have to go through life eating the yellow snow and hoping it’ll taste better the next time around. You are ready to move beyond that spot, and move forward to play and enjoy the beauty and wonder of winter (and your life) to build that igloo, build that snowman, or just to frolic in the white powdery crystals that grace our view.

Listen to your inner child

Winter is the season of reflection. It is during this time that most of us take time to muse at the wonders and events of our childhoods, our relationships, our dreams, our hopes, and our futures. Now is the perfect time to grab the reigns of your sleigh, set a course for adventure, and take in the beauty that is life and what it has to offer us. You are a part of that integral fabric of nature that makes this world a much more beautiful place to be…and what you do in this life can affect your destiny in a number of positive (and negative) ways. Isn’t it time, you listened to your inner voice… your inner child to retrieve the magic of what it means to be alive and to simply be here at this moment? When you’ve taken the steps to reflect in meditation and thoughtfulness, you will rediscover that magical feeling again. And when you do, you are on the right path toward overcoming mistakes of the past to create a bright new future for yourself and for the ones you love.

Fire dancing

Ever watched a flame in your fireplace? The flames dance in rhythmic and hypnotic sync. You can hear the wooden logs crackling and hissing as the flames grow. There’s a whole lot of energy in that fireplace. So much energy, that you can feel its warmth and vibration. That’s how you need to mold your mind. Create a spark of fire in your mind and keep the flame ignited with intuitive thinking and insightful thoughts on how to move forward every step of the way. You might still run into some hiccups but that’s okay. We all do. The important thing to remember is to always keep your flame alive, and never let it be diminished by negative thinking or by re-hashing the same mistakes of the past.

PS. Please don’t eat the yellow snow

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her much anticipated first book, “Self- Discovery: The Nine Principles to Reveal Your Sacred Gifts” will be published later this year. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go to: and click on membership programs.

Changing Focus to Change your Emotional State

Posted by Intuition Girl


jmw-dec17-newsletter-snowbaby-imageI am feeling all over the place. I am starting to feel cluttered in my mind and in my home and as a result, I am also feeling anxious. I am assuming that both feelings are interconnected but I honestly don’t know.

The holiday season is usually a time of great excitement, so I am wondering if that has something to do with it. In all honesty, I would like to feel more relaxed and at ease with myself…but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

I need help and I am hoping you will be able to give it to me. I don’t want to get sick and I certainly don’t want to create an accident because of my emotional state. Thank you

Lorraine C.


Dear Lorraine:

Thank you for sharing where you are. I am sure there are many who are feeling the same way. The holiday season often finds people feeling anxious and sometimes out of control. When that happens to you, take several deep breathes in and relax. You are in control of your behavior and emotional state. Remember that!

Do not allow your circumstances to dictate your life. How do you do that?

1. When you recognize that anxious state, immediately try to shift your energy. Think of something that is calming and relaxing.

2. Change your focus—a short prayer or mantra helps me center and ground myself and it definitely shifts my energy.

3. Daily morning meditation ( even for a few moments) will help set the mood for the day.

4. Clean up your space—whether at home or work. Physical clutter is the breeding ground for mental and spiritual clutter.

5. Good eating habits and regular exercise are vital for your overall state of being. Junk food weights you down in more ways than one and keeps you sluggish.

A brisk walk once or twice a day will help you stay balanced. I find this process important for my personal overall healthy state.

6. Get a good night sleep – that is not silly but absolutely necessary for maintaining a healthy state of mind.

All of the above takes discipline and effort on your part. There are certainly times in my life when I want to give into my lesser ego self, but I truly know and understand that if I want a healthy and balanced life and if I want to enjoy the abundance that life has to offer, I—no one else—it is “I” who must decide what choices I honestly need to make to reach my desired outcome.

jmw-dec17-newsletter-bell01This can be a wonderful and playful time of year. I warmly invite you to practice these steps because I know you will begin to enjoy yourself more. Celebrate your blessings and honor you for who you are.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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