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Straight Talk with Joan Marie: How do we forgive and achieve emotional freedom?

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Dear Joan Marie:

There is so much talk about bullying in the media and the news. Many young people are feeling left out, lost and often lonely because they do not feel connected to their peers or their environment. Fear, embarrassment and hurtful feelings often surface because of it.

Overcoming lonliness I have felt those emotions during my youth but I never put a name to them. In fact, because I felt so alone and not understood, I spent a great deal of my time avoiding interaction with others because I didn’t know how to fit in. Even my siblings looked at me strangely and I often resented their insensitivity to me.

That isolation has caused me great sadness over the years but now I have a better understanding of who I am. I now realize that I do have something special to offer others and the world but I have not released those feelings of sadness, resentment and lack.

My question is how do I begin to forgive and release those emotions so I can finally live a life of freedom?
I look forward to hearing from you. Mary Ellen R.


Dear Mary Ellen:

Your question is timely— this is why I decided to have my new 5-Week Program that is going on right now and it is completely on the topic of forgiveness.

Too often people misunderstand what forgiveness means and mostly they do not envision its benefits and value to self–the one who is doing the forgiving.

I consider the act of forgiveness as a purging of the old from your mind so that you can cleanse and rid yourself of all toxic and poisonous thoughts and feelings that are stopping your completeness.

Once you become aware that your distress and the re-run of your old story is coming from hurt feelings, thoughts and bottled up emotions from the past not from suffering or pain that you are experiencing today, you will begin to move towards your personal healing. Forgiveness breaks the cycle of anger, resentment and isolation and it helps you enjoy the peace and contentment that lingers long after the act of letting-go has begun.

Power of Forgiveness Program with Joan Marie WhelanThe first step in the process is in making a choice. It is clear to me that you have done that by reaching out to me. I actually have a single CD on forgiveness that has a powerful meditation that will help you release and heal and I also have a 3-CD series that takes you through a process. Both tools I highly recommend.

Many Blessings to you on your journey,

Joan Marie, the Gift

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Straight Talk with Joan Marie: Must we carry our past life issues with us?

Posted by Intuition Girl


Floating stones in heavenIf we pass on to the next dimension i.e., “heaven,” then why aren’t we able to “clear” away past life issues over there on the other side instead of taking them with us into this current life time?


Jo Ann
Huntington, New York


Dear Jo Ann:

Zen waterfallThis is a great question. When we die it does not mean our problems go away; in fact, it is quite the contrary. In the other realm, we actually continue with the same problems or situations that we left off with on the earthly plane. It would be helpful for each one of us to understand that our past experiences dissolve only when we have recognized them and learned how to accept and deal with them. We all must understand when we come back to earth or when we die the only thing that changes is the location of where our energy is placed. What this means is when we come back to earth we are here to heal our soul, cleanse our energy field and continue to learn and grow. The key for all of us is to purify our soul and this happens when we truly understand who we are. So many of us come back over and over again with the same issues or problems because we haven’t discovered how to identify with or heal from them. When the light is revealed and we finally get it we are better prepared to create differently.

One life lesson for you may even be courage to accept your true purpose—to fulfill your soul’s destiny of being a healer and teacher. I feel that in the past you did not have the support to do this and now you have come back to stand tall, walk forward and fulfill your destiny.

I hope all of this makes sense.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie, the Gift

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Straight Talk with Joan Marie: Conflict Resolution in Relationships

Posted by Intuition Girl

Question # 1

Dear Joan Marie:

My husband is ALWAYS mad at me. It seems that I am the blame for everything wrong in his life and in our relationship. If I submit, it’s never enough and if I don’t, I never doing anything for him (talk about a catch 22). According to him, I run around for everyone else and do nothing for him. We’ve been together for 13 years and married going on 6. Our relationship has always been rocky and we’ve gone to marriage counseling and I even went to individual counseling to work on my personal baggage but it seems as if even when things change they stay the same.

I am NOT perfect by far, but I have done a lot of compromising to accommodate his complaints, but even that goes unnoticed. Every time I change something about myself he has a new complaint about me.

There are things that I believe in and since he doesn’t he calls them bull. For example, I used to light candles and pray for people, he called it black magic, so I stopped. I still pray for people but now I don’t use candles.

The whole situation is getting to the point of “why bother”. I’ve changed, compromised, communicated and it’s as if I’m beating a dead horse. Sometimes I feel like what he really needs in a wife/partner is a robot (someone who can be programmed to accommodate his needs only and have none of their own).

Thanks for the shoulder!


Dear EH:

Recently, when I was on the radio in NYC I spoke with a woman who was very dissatisfied in her marriage. My suggestion was to write down a list of things she wanted her husband to say to her on a consistent basis and then share that list with him. Likewise, he was to do the same thing. The purpose of this exercise is to communicate your feelings, wants and needs with each other in a healthy manner.

Communication is the key ingredient here. From your comments, it sounds like you and your husband are not even on the same page! My wish is for you to sit down with him and share what it is you wish to experience in your marriage and what it is you are looking for.

He just might not be capable of giving you what you need. From what you said, it appears that he is a very unhappy person and quite possibly his anger and unpleasantness has nothing to do with you. Unfortunately, you are the one who is most visible to him so you get the brunt of his pain. It is not your job to change him. That is something he must do for himself.

You can only continue to work on you so that you will heal and grow. If he is not willing to look at his own “baggage” and his own need to heal and grow there is nothing you can do about it or your relationship. There is going to come a time when you will need to decide if you can continue to life with these issues because if he is not willing to work with you and the benefit of your relationship, you will need to look at why are you allowing yourself to be in a unhealthy situation.

Take your power back and make decisions that will benefit you. It is time you put you first. Balance and harmony is what we all seek.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift

Straight Talk with Joan Marie: Financial Healing

Posted by Intuition Girl

Question # 2

Hi Joan Marie,

I would just love for someone to intuit what my blockage is with money. However, because of it, I have no resources (including no credit). Sometime ago, I wrote about how scared I was because of my money situation.

I hope you are open to helping me out, I would be forever grateful.

Thank you,


Dear Denise:

Please know that your money situation is not just related to “Money or Currency.” It goes far deeper than that! You need to look at all areas in your life and question what is flowing and working for you and what is not because it seems to me that you have blockage in other areas as well which you have been ignoring.

It might be helpful for you to look carefully at your relationships and those with whom you spend time. How do people around you make you feel and do they also experience lack in their lives?

How do you feel about you? Is your life consistently moving in a specific direction and flow or are you going against the grain?

The most important question you need to be asking yourself is: “Do I value myself?” And if so, what does this mean and look like to you? I also encourage you to examine your relationship with money not only today but in the past? Has it always been a struggle for you and where is the root of the problem stemming from?

The only way for you to heal your money issues is to study all areas in your life that are not in harmony? I encourage you to believe and also to feel with all your heart as though money belongs to you and at the same time, it is important for you to be open to receiving money into your life.

It is a Universal Law“What you continually think about is what you will create”; therefore, you cannot put energy out into the world that you are desperate and you are always in need of money because that is what you are creating.

It is time for you to stop running! I encourage you to sit down and create a plan of action that will work for you and that you believe is possible if you desire to create consistent flow in your life. Release what is not working so you can make room to bring in what can work for you today. By the way, this does not take money! It takes discipline and persistence.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift

Help me to see through my fears

Posted by Intuition Girl

Question # 2

Joan Marie, your newsletters have truly inspired me and I wanted to reach out at this time in my life when I am seeing a big boulder sitting right in front of me. I push people away and I am resistant to great advice and suggestions when they are presented to me. Please help me see through my fears so I can understand why I push people and opportunities away. I am so grateful for your help.

Karen H., Chicago


Dear Karen:

Thank you for your beautiful note. So many of us push away our many gifts and opportunities without even realizing it; however, your awareness is a blessing and a chance for you to flow more easily. Pushing people away is a form of protecting yourself from getting hurt. Please look at all the people that hurt you and see the patterns you have created. Have you put yourself in a box hoping to keep everyone else out? That is your protection mechanism so you will not get hurt. It is almost as if you are walking around wounded and saying I won’t let anyone hurt me again.

I also encourage you to look at your need to be right or maybe you unconsciously feel that “I know it all.” The greatest opportunity for all of us is to become a student and listen to others suggestions and/or critiques. If you honestly believe that a suggestion does not feel right to you than yes, by all means respect that. However, my feeling for you is once you open up your heart to receive a helping hand many more opportunities will come your way.

Life is about giving and receiving—allow yourself to be in alignment for both and watch the flow of blessing come to you.

Many Blessings,

Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan – Intuitive Counseling and Intuitive Coaching Specialist

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