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Help me to see through my fears

Posted by Intuition Girl

Question # 2

Joan Marie, your newsletters have truly inspired me and I wanted to reach out at this time in my life when I am seeing a big boulder sitting right in front of me. I push people away and I am resistant to great advice and suggestions when they are presented to me. Please help me see through my fears so I can understand why I push people and opportunities away. I am so grateful for your help.

Karen H., Chicago


Dear Karen:

Thank you for your beautiful note. So many of us push away our many gifts and opportunities without even realizing it; however, your awareness is a blessing and a chance for you to flow more easily. Pushing people away is a form of protecting yourself from getting hurt. Please look at all the people that hurt you and see the patterns you have created. Have you put yourself in a box hoping to keep everyone else out? That is your protection mechanism so you will not get hurt. It is almost as if you are walking around wounded and saying I won’t let anyone hurt me again.

I also encourage you to look at your need to be right or maybe you unconsciously feel that “I know it all.” The greatest opportunity for all of us is to become a student and listen to others suggestions and/or critiques. If you honestly believe that a suggestion does not feel right to you than yes, by all means respect that. However, my feeling for you is once you open up your heart to receive a helping hand many more opportunities will come your way.

Life is about giving and receiving—allow yourself to be in alignment for both and watch the flow of blessing come to you.

Many Blessings,

Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan – Intuitive Counseling and Intuitive Coaching Specialist

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