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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed the Intuition Girl, utilizes her intuitive gifts to help readers manifest the extraordinary lifestyles that they desire. On her blog, Joan posts a wealth of inspirational articles, videos, and podcasts.

Awakening your Authentic Self to the Laws of Universal Flow

Posted by Intuition Girl


Dear Joan Marie,

I am a spiritual person and enjoy reading and listening to pretty much everything to make my life better and keep me on my charted path. I believe in the law of Attraction and affirmations – although, I ‘m having a difficult time understanding the time it takes to get results. It seems that one negative thought gets faster results than 1000 positive ones. Why is this? I’ll try and catch a negative thought and change it.

jmw-dec17-newsletter-snowman08Also, the saying – “I can’t afford that” this is a mind virus, but, when I look at my bank account how do I overlook the lack of money? Would you suggest to spend over your income because you know and believe that the money will come?

I don’t want to be foolish and irresponsible – I’m asking this sincerely and respectfully.

E. Campbell


Dear E. Campbell:

I honor you for your desire and willingness to grow and learn but please understand that there is a big difference between the process of seeking knowledge in information and living the process. Once you begin to live a life of unquestioning trust in the process of the Laws of Universal Flow, your life can change dramatically and things can happen very quickly. The truth is you must deal with all your emotional blocks and beliefs tied in with money—your fears, worthiness and other emotional issues that are preventing your flow. If time is elapsing and your desires are not being met than you must look at your own inner self. Do you actually believe you can create that which you are seeking? Are you prepared for the change coming into your life? In order to attract positive flow in your life- your internal vibration – mind-body and soul must be in alignment. In my various programs, I teach this process.

Every thought and action together with our behavior patterns is brought about through our habits and our beliefs. We can cultivate good habits as easily as we create destructive habits—it is a choice. Being conscious of where you are placing your energy and disciplining your mind are vital to your success. The depth of the knowingness in your mind, body and spirit will deepen as your emotional blocks are released and your feelings of self-worth and value improve.

jmw-dec17-newsletter-xmas-tree01It sounds as though you are fighting a war in your mind – it is between your authentic self who wants to awaken and become more whole and your ego self who likes you just the way you are. For your true self to win this battle, you must be the leader in your life and be the one voice in charge. I often say to all negative thoughts –”that is a lie- the truth is this.” It is up to you to state your truth and own it.

Attraction is not just about positive thoughts- it is about owning your thoughts- knowing without a grain of doubt that they are true and living them. I hope all this helps. I could go on for pages with all of this but this is a great start for you. The most important suggestion I can offer you is: “Never give up.” Continue on your quest and allow your journey to be a fun-filled adventure and a gift.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Do or Die: 5 Steps to Jumpstart a New Plan of Action

Posted by Intuition Girl

reaching-to-heavenWe all know that we must take action to change our outcomes but we often get caught up in the execution of a plan; so I am going to give you five steps that may help you get started and be held accountable to the goals you want to achieve in your life with this unique Do or Die Plan of Action Guideline

One of the biggest mental errors that some individuals make is the over-anticipation that change will happen instantaneously. Even the lowly cocoon takes some amount of time to come full circle in its metamorphosis. We all know what that end result is: transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Before these majestic creatures can transform, they must turn within to grow and manifest the beauty that is to become them.  This is much like what we human beings must do in order to receive the blessings that await us; which brings me to step one:

1.   Set an intention and with determination and excitement keep that image in the foreground of your mind 24/7.  The Law of Attraction is a Universal law and one which allows no deviation if you want to attract your heart’s desires.  But if you do not have a clear picture as to what you want to attract, how are you going to achieve your end result?   Journaling is one of the most vital tools that will help you define your intention—clearly and with laser vision keep your attention on what you intent then the Law of Attraction will begin to work for you.  As you continue to increase your awareness of the outcome that you want to achieve, your thought power will begin to work for you not against you.

2.      Meditate, meditate, meditate. If you decide not to meditate, then, you must also understand that you will not manifest.  Meditation is the vehicle that will allow you to quiet the mind, so that you can feed the soul and gain inner peace. It is also the avenue that will keep you grounded so that you will be able to handle the obstacles and challenging situations that surface.  I have three meditation CD’s that are available, one that specifically focuses on manifesting or you can examine other alternative products that will suite your needs. By meditating, you are moving into a state of calm that will help you refuel your mind, body, and spirit as your manifesting powers strengthen. The more you can relax, rest deeply and invite in the sweet presence of the divine into your meditation, the greater your manifesting powers will grow.

3.      Manifestation Method. The Manifestation Method is a fantastic self healing and personal growth system that will not just help you overcome past emotional blockages, but it will encourage self growth on many different levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  The key to the Manifestation Method is your level of commitment that you are willing to dedicate to create the life you want to lead. (Learn more about the Manifestation Method.)

4.      Embrace a positive mindset.
Your thoughts are the mirror to your mind.  If your mind is cluttered and burdened with fear-based energy, which includes worry, resentment and doubt, your outcome, will reflect that energy.  It is vital to maintain a positive and conscious mindset that will help you to generate momentum and speed in your quest towards enlightenment.  This is the time to decide what it is you want to do to generate wealth in your life–then act upon that dream and vision.  When you are living with a positive mindset, you are open to all possibilities and ready to seek out solutions in all situations.  You see the good in the worst of experiences and believe and trust in the process of life.  As you strengthen your beautiful mindset, the Universe believes in you and opens new doors and opportunities.  Perpetual positive thinking is the best exercise you can give your mind and is the best way to start your day and improve your manifesting powers.

5.      Be Receptive. Besides setting the right intention and embracing a positive mindset, it is equally important to be open to receive and feel into the energy of abundance knowing that thy will be done.  You’ve made the journey of personal transformation, now you are able to receive your abundance, whether it be your improved health, a fun relationship, a new career or financial stability, the foundation for living has already been laid; the rest is up to you.   With an open heart and mind know that all good things come to you all the time.  What destiny are you going to shape for yourself today?

About the Author: Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies

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Mom’s Intuition: the Cornerstone to Family Balance

Posted by Intuition Girl

Moms are intuitive beings.

Guys, it’s really nothing personal, but Moms are the leaders of the pack when it comes to achieving peace and harmony on the home front. Remember when Mom said things like “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head”? Though she may not physically have eyes in the back of her head, Mom has the unique ability to hone in on her sixth sense or gut instinct to know when something is wrong.  And like most women’s intuition, she has the keen sense of foresight to know what might be coming around the bend in the near future.

Women unknowingly rely on their “third eye” to see clearly and more efficiently with regards to matters of the heart.  Their infallible inner wisdom typically takes over whenever children and other relationships are involved.  While there may be a number of reasons why women’s intuition is so high, we certainly can’t rule out the fact that women carry infants in the womb for roughly nine months.  It’s this innate connection to this tiny life force that enables women to “feel” or “sense” their babies – and for some women, even at the point of conception.

Happy Mother's Day!Women’s intuition is the resilient force that generally keeps family bonds strengthened.  She “knows” when something has happened with her child…often without seeing or hearing about the event.  When her spouse has a problem, she’s the first one to ask, “What’s wrong?” It’s not because she’s gotten good at “keeping tabs” on her family – it’s just the way it is.  She is so in touch with her higher consciousness that she is able to “read” people; and consequently, better able to deal with crisis as they occur. Read the rest of this entry »

Balance Your Life and Attain Inner Peace

Posted by Intuition Girl

How do you achieve balance in your life?  Imagine a weight scale: on either side we must place equal parts of our life to balance out the scales.  Too much of one portion, and the equilibrium is offset.  Having an uneven balance can potentially tip and topple the scale.  Having too little on the scale won’t give it any weight at all.  BUT, when we put just the right amounts on each side of the scale, we find a force that is both strong and balanced — that is much like life.

The center of our scale is our physical being, and in each arm we hold the keys to intuition, spirituality, emotional perseverance, knowledge, and vision.  When we put all the essential keys together to form perfect balance, we find that inner peace is the result. Read the rest of this entry »

Soul Mates – Discovering Yours

Posted by Intuition Girl

couple-holding-handsNamaste, a Hindu expression, roughly translates into “that which is of the Divine in me greets that which is of the Divine in you.”  And when we reflect on this simple expression, we find that the Sanskrit language of the soul resonates with us all on a deeper, more spiritual level — and this is how, too, many a soul can reacquaint itself with its identical counterpart.

Believe it or not, our intuition plays an essential role in discovering exactly who our soul mates are.  Throughout our lifetimes, we have certainly come upon an individual to whom we’re inclined.  Suddenly, you feel this sense of “knowing” – though you’ve never met that person before.  And, it is in that “chance meeting” that we discover how much alike we are. The “chance meeting,” however, is no accident; a matter of fact, it is not by chance at all.  There are no “accidents” in life.  Remember, every encounter and every facet of our lives is laid out for us to explore — including the journey in finding our soul mates.

Whether or not one believes in the possibility of reincarnation, it is important to note that each of us has at one time or another met an individual to whom we’ve been drawn like a magnet.  Accordingly, our mutual bond helps us to rediscover the life light in each other.  Perhaps in a not-too-distant past, we shared experiences and/or love, and that is what has drawn us together.  There are NO accidents in these “chance encounters.” Read the rest of this entry »

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