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Balance Your Life and Attain Inner Peace

Posted by Intuition Girl

How do you achieve balance in your life?  Imagine a weight scale: on either side we must place equal parts of our life to balance out the scales.  Too much of one portion, and the equilibrium is offset.  Having an uneven balance can potentially tip and topple the scale.  Having too little on the scale won’t give it any weight at all.  BUT, when we put just the right amounts on each side of the scale, we find a force that is both strong and balanced — that is much like life.

The center of our scale is our physical being, and in each arm we hold the keys to intuition, spirituality, emotional perseverance, knowledge, and vision.  When we put all the essential keys together to form perfect balance, we find that inner peace is the result.

Isn’t it difficult to balance life in today’s fast-paced society?  If you make time to break away from the everyday rigors, and take a 10-15 minute retreat from the outside world, you might be surprised at the outcome.  When you break loose from the invisible chains that bind you, you are creating an environment for peace.  In this brief quite time, you should reflect on your inner wisdom.  Think about nothing except achieving absolute relaxation.  If you feel you must close your eyes, do so.  In this time, take deep, slow breaths.  Take in each breath as if it were your lifeline to nature.  Visualize the beauty of the outside in a slow-motion muse.  Dandelions are more vibrant, crickets are chirping in sync, and the wind is touching your shoulders like the stroke of a feather…can you feel it? Ah, now you see – using your innate wisdom, you have formulated a spectacular and peaceful setting right affront of you.

Every day that you use this visualization technique, the closer you become to achieving balance and inner peace in your life.  Go ahead…break away from the insanity of the world around you and create your own sacred haven within your mind and spirit.  You have nothing to lose, and

4 Responses to “Balance Your Life and Attain Inner Peace”

  1. Terry Ruddle Says:

    Dear Joan, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to the manifestation programs for the rate that you offered. I just want to tell some of the few emotions that I have been through. I have not written in depth because I don’t like to type. However I hve gone through anger, joy, and learning how to not take myself so seriously anymore. i have learned how to play and to appreciate myself more. i am working on being clear about what I want in life. I stopped taking alot of medications that kept me from experiencing my emotions. I also work with patients I find I am becoming more intuitive. I get thoughts about things before they happen. I am a spiritual person so I am greatful for any increase in spirituality that I can be aware of or can experience. Thank you again, Terry Ruddle

  2. Cornell Manza Says:

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