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Trust Your Heart – Music Video

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The Fundamentals of using your Intuition

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dutchman, Sven Kramer was on his way to a gold medal and an Olympic record in the 10,000 meter race when his coach directed him to change lanes because in his mind he thought he was in the wrong lane.  The coach erred—Sven was actually in the right place at the right time and he knew it; but he chose not to follow his gut feelings – his intuition. His win was forfeited!

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time and something throws you off course? I am sure that has happened in your life at one time or another, and then afterward you kick yourself because you went against your higher instincts – your intuition.
Why is it valuable to use your Intuition?

6 helpful reasons

1. Intuition is Cost-Effective!

You do not need to pay others for advice; it is built into you. You do not have to make unnecessary appointments for a counselor or professor to tell you what you need to do. In most cases, your intuition is on-key…when you listen to it!

2. Intuition is Fool-proof

Ever heard that phrase, “you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free”?  That is how intuition works. It is the rawest, purest, innate wisdom that helps you survive each and every day. When we don’t follow our intuition, we usually regret it and too often after the fact, we see the wisdom that was previously ignored.  Your Intuition is that little voice in the back of your mind that says, “That road might be treacherous…” or “You need to check on Johnny…” or “I better make that call.”  Of course there are numerous times we tap into our intuition, and we do not even realize we are doing so. That is why it is fool-proof: it is always there!

3. Intuition is your Dream Catcher

Your intuitive power opens you up to identify new possibilities. Dreams are the centerpiece to our imagination, our hopes, our goals, and even our fears. With intuition as our guide, we need not rely on outside forces to fulfill our desires. Our gut feeling is not a gamble – it is the real deal. Because it is a mainstay in our lives, we do not have to make high-stake choices based on a stranger’s analysis or theory. Instead, we discover that our inner consciousness has all the mind tools at our disposal to make the right choices to realize those opportunities that are right for each one of us.

4. Your Intuition is 24/7

It is part of your essence so it is with you all the time. Of what service are you aware that is available to you 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 52 weeks per year…for free? Today, we might get 24-hour service but it is going to cost for every day we have it. Imagine your intuition as your fast-food for thought on a moment’s notice. No waiting in line to be serviced, no cashier to pay, no traffic hassle, no others cutting in line – it is entirely yours to do with as you please whenever you want at absolutely no financial cost to you. Wow!

5. Intuition is a True Treasure

Your intuitive power is a priceless talent that you possess so honor and respect it. Do not take it for granted. Listen to it. It is your ultimate mentor –your Yoda of the mind, heart and spirit. When Luke said, “I can’t believe it,” wise Yoda responded, “That’s why you fail.” Your intuition is priceless and can help you to succeed on all levels of living…when you truly listen to it and start believing in yourself. “Let the force be with you…”

6. Intuition makes you self-sufficient

Once you realize that you can make sound and wise decisions by going within, you become self sufficient and truly more self-confident.  All your success is completely within reach and in your hands.  That is the secret to your innermost source – your intuition makes you stronger, happier and more self-reliant when you need it the most and when it counts the most.  Ask Sven Kramer if he would have listened to his intuition – I guarantee if he had a chance to repeat his race and listen to his gut feelings, he would have.

Whom do you Trust? Yourself

It is imperative to plant the seeds of trust in your Soul, your inner gut, your Intuition.  It does not matter what you call it; however, what does matter is that you trust it implicitly.  How does one do that? That is exactly what I teach and coach people.  If a person does not know him or herself implicitly, they will not be able to distinguish between the right and wrong information that is constantly coming into their mind.  The mind is a powerful mechanism that can steer us in the right direction when utilized properly.
We already possess the greatest knowledge of the Universal flow deep within our core but we haven’t learned how to tap into that knowledge and utilize it for our highest and best good.  When we are willing to re-discover our authentic Self and continually go to the Source for our guidance and support, we will reap the reward. The knowledge of who you are simply lies deep within you. Don’t you think it is time to unbury your greatest treasure?

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Balance Your Life and Attain Inner Peace

Posted by Intuition Girl

How do you achieve balance in your life?  Imagine a weight scale: on either side we must place equal parts of our life to balance out the scales.  Too much of one portion, and the equilibrium is offset.  Having an uneven balance can potentially tip and topple the scale.  Having too little on the scale won’t give it any weight at all.  BUT, when we put just the right amounts on each side of the scale, we find a force that is both strong and balanced — that is much like life.

The center of our scale is our physical being, and in each arm we hold the keys to intuition, spirituality, emotional perseverance, knowledge, and vision.  When we put all the essential keys together to form perfect balance, we find that inner peace is the result. Read the rest of this entry »

Soul Mates – Discovering Yours

Posted by Intuition Girl

couple-holding-handsNamaste, a Hindu expression, roughly translates into “that which is of the Divine in me greets that which is of the Divine in you.”  And when we reflect on this simple expression, we find that the Sanskrit language of the soul resonates with us all on a deeper, more spiritual level — and this is how, too, many a soul can reacquaint itself with its identical counterpart.

Believe it or not, our intuition plays an essential role in discovering exactly who our soul mates are.  Throughout our lifetimes, we have certainly come upon an individual to whom we’re inclined.  Suddenly, you feel this sense of “knowing” – though you’ve never met that person before.  And, it is in that “chance meeting” that we discover how much alike we are. The “chance meeting,” however, is no accident; a matter of fact, it is not by chance at all.  There are no “accidents” in life.  Remember, every encounter and every facet of our lives is laid out for us to explore — including the journey in finding our soul mates.

Whether or not one believes in the possibility of reincarnation, it is important to note that each of us has at one time or another met an individual to whom we’ve been drawn like a magnet.  Accordingly, our mutual bond helps us to rediscover the life light in each other.  Perhaps in a not-too-distant past, we shared experiences and/or love, and that is what has drawn us together.  There are NO accidents in these “chance encounters.” Read the rest of this entry »

Manifesting Wealth by Investing in Yourself

Posted by Intuition Girl

rainbow imageI once heard someone say, “Everything you do comes back 10-fold to you.”  Whether one believes or doesn’t believe in the Law of Action and Reaction, or the Law of Karma, it makes no difference.  You see, in order to manifest wealth and prosperity, individuals need only apply honesty and compassion in everything they do to realize the fruits of their labor.  One doesn’t have to be a genius, an artist, or a prodigy to find his passion or purpose in life – he must merely believe that he is capable of becoming the best he can be; and automatically, he will begin investing in his own wealth prosperity.  In the Manifestation Method, you learn how to create positive change using your Divine intuition. Read the rest of this entry »

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