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Trust Your Heart – Music Video

Posted by Intuition Girl

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2 Responses to “Trust Your Heart – Music Video”

  1. Onesphore Harelimana Says:

    Hello Intuitive Girl! I was guided to you today via INNER VISION on kpfk. What a blessing. As I awaken to my own intuition, I am so grateful for this lovely and loving “home” you have opened up for thirsty souls like me on this life journey. I just finished watching thall six video clips. Amongst many poignant questions you have posed, the most challenging to my conscious is “what have I been doing to say “No” to love/success etc. It must be true because those thing I desire but they seem elusive at this point. I ve gotten some homework to do here :) …seriously! I have begun going on meditative walks by the ocean as a way to experience love and compassion for myself! I look forward to more sharing as spirit allows. Many blessings!

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