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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed the Intuition Girl, utilizes her intuitive gifts to help readers manifest the extraordinary lifestyles that they desire. On her blog, Joan posts a wealth of inspirational articles, videos, and podcasts.

Trust Your Heart – Music Video

Posted by Intuition Girl

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last chance to sign up for my coaching program, starts tonight!

Posted by Intuition Girl

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Are you up to the task? Are you ready to turn your life course around and start moving in the right direction? If you are, then you are one of the 10 people I’m seeking to complete my 5-Week Strategy Action Recovery program.

During this powerful course, you’re going to learn how to remove the blocks that are keeping you bound; and how to turn those blocks into stepping stones toward real success. We’re going to explore intuitive tips and tools that you can use to heal the inside as well as the outside — and once your flow is in balance, you’re going to see a positive ripple effect start happening in all aspects of your life. Isn’t it time you finally arrived at the destiny you’re supposed to achieve? Let me help you navigate your soul blueprint for living so you too, can begin to receive the blessings you are intended to have in your life! Hurry - my coaching program starts tonight at 9pm EST and space is limited.

Character Building – Growing Strong Through Adversity

Posted by Intuition Girl

What’s character building all about? Ever heard someone say, “I earned my degree at the School of Hard Knox.”? As a parody of higher education with respect to life, many have achieved inner wisdom and greatness by overcoming the perils of life through sheer willpower and determination to succeed.

Whether we believe it or not, we grow stronger through adversity. Instead of beating ourselves up over perceived difficulties, we need to find resolve and learn to use “adversity” to our own advantage. More often than not, we encounter hurdles to reflect on what it is we are doing in life, where we’re going, and what we need to be doing. Sometimes, we keep running into the same encounters because we have not yet comprehended the message we were supposed to learn the first time. That’s not necessarily negative; though we may perceive it to be.

It is important to note, too, that while we may face adversity on many levels and at different stages in our lives, we should never be partner to creating our own drama. We must rise above the adversity that comes into our lives, and take a responsible view of what that event or person(s) is trying to convey to us. Read the rest of this entry »

Know that You are Blessed

Posted by Intuition Girl

“You’ll be blessed, you’ll have the best, I promise you that…” sings Elton John (in his hit song, Blessed.) The truth is that God made a promise long before you were even created that you would be blessed by His wondrous love. That is the miracle of life; and rediscovering the hope that has been given to you even before the time of your conception.

Do you ever take the time to count your many blessings? Believe it or not, if you are able to practice your religion freely without the fear of harassment, you are actually more blessed than three billion people on earth? If you have a home to go to and a place to sleep at night, you are wealthier than 75 percent of this world? But there are many more blessings than just these examples – a matter of fact; you are blessed by the Great Divine power of the Universe, and His blessings are always within arm’s reach of you. Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the Law of Attraction

Posted by Intuition Girl

In this weeks edition of Straight Talk with the Intuition Girl, I help a woman better understand the nature of the Law of Attraction.

Joan Marie,

My question is about taking the next step to make “it happen”.

I spent the last year and a half learning about the law of attraction, other laws and I have changed my thinking. I just don’t know what to do next to bring in money with a new business. I feel like if I had a lot of money I could do marketing, mailings, etc. Some say since I have prayed I should just wait. Others say I just have to get out there and find a way to get clients/customers…not so easy. I need money now to support my family and the ability to get my message to those in need. How does one know when to wait and release it to God or when to keep trying to make it happen? It seems like things are taking forever. HELP!!!

Tracy H

Dear Tracy:

Please make sure you understand The Law of Attraction. The truth really comes down to how you are feeling on the inside. As far as I know I am the only one teaching this truth and/or law in such a way that you can experience it at your deepest core. By that I mean learning and understanding the law, living the law and experiencing the law from within your soul.

Tracy, what you are feeling on the inside is going to match your external experiences. By reading your letter I would like to ask you a powerful question: “How are you feeling right now?” To me it seems as though you may be experiencing hopeless energy, desperation and panic. All of these negative emotions actually can and will block what it is you want to attract.

I encourage you to read my chapter on prayer in my best selling book, “Soul Discovery”. How you pray is very important. If you have worry prayers you may get worry results. Have you even thought about asking yourself, what does it feel like to you to have your company up and running? Do you allow your thoughts and your imagination to help you strengthen your inner desires? Do you spend anytime mapping out your blueprint so that it can help you explore the means to achieve your successful end result? There are many ways to seek and find the appropriate customers/clients.

To often we forget to keep God in our inner circle. God wants to help you but again I have a question to ask you: “Are you taking the time to quiet your mind so that you would be better equipped to listen to the truth?”

This is the time to be strong, keep your priorities in focus, help yourself overcome your blockages that are keeping you in this stagnant place and than you will have your hearts desires.


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