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Are you open for change

Posted by Intuition Girl

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June 26th 2012

Do you believe there is a need to change yourself?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Friends,

Many of us believe that there is a need to change the world whether it be our school system, our government or the way business is performed but we fail to recognize the fact that all change starts on the inside of each one of us first.

There is an inner problem that is facing the world and until it is recognized and dealt with, we will not be able to illicit change in our world order. It is our unwillingness to slow down long enough so that we can take inventory of our own lives–our own household and see the bigger picture of where we have been, where are we going and how are we planning to get there.

PRACTICE exhibiting the same discipline on yourself that you wish to invoke on others.
Seriously! Gandhi famously put it: “We must embody the change we wish to see in the world.” If we wish to live in a society that is less violent, then we as individuals must take steps to become less violent whether in our actions or reactions to what is placed in front of us daily whether in entertainment, media or in social interactions because those negative emotions that we accuse others of possessing are being condoned by you.

Let us take our individual responsibility seriously and become the change that we wish to see in the world. Of course it won’t be easy–becoming a more conscious person never is!

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February 7 , 2011

Waking up to 2012

Posted by Intuition Girl

It appears all over the internet—fear, worry and concern about the coming of 2012. We are all hearing the doomsday messages across the board.  We hear about Mayan prophecies, we hear about Nostradamus, we hear about climate change, we hear about solar flares…and we have not even gotten started on all the earth changes that have been happening around us!    It is true that 2012 will be here soon and so much hype has already be spun around this year…but how we perceive it in advance and what we do as we encounter the possible change, can and will create the difference between peace and happiness, and fear and distress. We are all hearing the doomsday messages across the board.  I encourage you first—do not panic. Take a breath. Calm your nerves. Now, breathe again and get grounded.

For just a few minutes, I want you to reflect on the here and now. The year is 2010. We are at a pivotal time in history where we have the choice to decide our destiny. We can follow the lead of what terrible fate some are predicting or we can choose to live in the moment of now. Who in your life has meaning to you? What in your life has meaning to you? You see, you are all that you are. Your intuitive nature wants you to attach yourself to positive energy and go with the gentle flow of the universe. The more you let go and let God, the more you find that you can live in the present moment of inner peace, enlightenment, and the free spirit that resides within you. It is not necessary to live in state of constant paralysis because no matter what happens, you will find the strength and inner wisdom to overcome all things great and small.

We still have two years to get our acts together. Now is not the time to be running around like Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling!”  We have too much to live for in the moment of now. Make your awakening in the here and now so that you can choose your destiny…program your life to become one of greatness and happiness. You can have the inner peace that you desire if you so resolve to pursue that path…but if you choose the latter – to live in a state of alarm and anxiety, it will lead you down a negative, winding path that will only bring you grief and misery.

Wake up to 2012 so that you will be prepared for the greatness that you are destined to achieve in your life. Wake up to 2012 and leave the fear and stress of what may or may not lie ahead of you. Your very life depends on it. If you live in anxiousness your physical health can and will deteriorate. When you live with inner peace… with the knowingness that all will be well, you will prevail over anything that you may encounter. Breathe. Relax. Know that you are in the right place at the right time; and whatever comes will not be an ending to a means, but a beginning to a new phase in your life.

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Awakening your Authentic Self to the Laws of Universal Flow

Posted by Intuition Girl


Dear Joan Marie,

I am a spiritual person and enjoy reading and listening to pretty much everything to make my life better and keep me on my charted path. I believe in the law of Attraction and affirmations – although, I ‘m having a difficult time understanding the time it takes to get results. It seems that one negative thought gets faster results than 1000 positive ones. Why is this? I’ll try and catch a negative thought and change it.

jmw-dec17-newsletter-snowman08Also, the saying – “I can’t afford that” this is a mind virus, but, when I look at my bank account how do I overlook the lack of money? Would you suggest to spend over your income because you know and believe that the money will come?

I don’t want to be foolish and irresponsible – I’m asking this sincerely and respectfully.

E. Campbell


Dear E. Campbell:

I honor you for your desire and willingness to grow and learn but please understand that there is a big difference between the process of seeking knowledge in information and living the process. Once you begin to live a life of unquestioning trust in the process of the Laws of Universal Flow, your life can change dramatically and things can happen very quickly. The truth is you must deal with all your emotional blocks and beliefs tied in with money—your fears, worthiness and other emotional issues that are preventing your flow. If time is elapsing and your desires are not being met than you must look at your own inner self. Do you actually believe you can create that which you are seeking? Are you prepared for the change coming into your life? In order to attract positive flow in your life- your internal vibration – mind-body and soul must be in alignment. In my various programs, I teach this process.

Every thought and action together with our behavior patterns is brought about through our habits and our beliefs. We can cultivate good habits as easily as we create destructive habits—it is a choice. Being conscious of where you are placing your energy and disciplining your mind are vital to your success. The depth of the knowingness in your mind, body and spirit will deepen as your emotional blocks are released and your feelings of self-worth and value improve.

jmw-dec17-newsletter-xmas-tree01It sounds as though you are fighting a war in your mind – it is between your authentic self who wants to awaken and become more whole and your ego self who likes you just the way you are. For your true self to win this battle, you must be the leader in your life and be the one voice in charge. I often say to all negative thoughts –”that is a lie- the truth is this.” It is up to you to state your truth and own it.

Attraction is not just about positive thoughts- it is about owning your thoughts- knowing without a grain of doubt that they are true and living them. I hope all this helps. I could go on for pages with all of this but this is a great start for you. The most important suggestion I can offer you is: “Never give up.” Continue on your quest and allow your journey to be a fun-filled adventure and a gift.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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