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Do you believe there is a need to change yourself?

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Dear Friends,

Many of us believe that there is a need to change the world whether it be our school system, our government or the way business is performed but we fail to recognize the fact that all change starts on the inside of each one of us first.

There is an inner problem that is facing the world and until it is recognized and dealt with, we will not be able to illicit change in our world order. It is our unwillingness to slow down long enough so that we can take inventory of our own lives–our own household and see the bigger picture of where we have been, where are we going and how are we planning to get there.

PRACTICE exhibiting the same discipline on yourself that you wish to invoke on others.
Seriously! Gandhi famously put it: “We must embody the change we wish to see in the world.” If we wish to live in a society that is less violent, then we as individuals must take steps to become less violent whether in our actions or reactions to what is placed in front of us daily whether in entertainment, media or in social interactions because those negative emotions that we accuse others of possessing are being condoned by you.

Let us take our individual responsibility seriously and become the change that we wish to see in the world. Of course it won’t be easy–becoming a more conscious person never is!

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February 7 , 2011

Professional Training for the Professional Practitioner – Learn How NOW!

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As the premiere “Professional Trainer” – world-renowned intuitive and best-selling author, Joan Marie Whelan is uniquely positioned to help you optimize your life and your profession to the fullest degree possible. Whether you’re a practicing therapist, life coach, doctor, DJ, musician — or whatever profession it is you have, Joan Marie can guide you in the right direction to get your personal and professional life on the right track to prominence.

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Achieving abundance in your life is all about willpower, determination, intuition, and preparedness. Are you prepared to use your intuition to help steer your willpower toward prosperity? Remember, your emotional health and spiritual health are equally as important as your physical and financial well being – this is why Joan Marie’s Mastermind Platinum Program is especially developed for those professionals who are ambitious for a higher frequency in life…a higher potentiality in life…a higher consciousness and awareness … ready to receive the blessings of abundance and success.

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