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Intuition and Marketing: Creating $$ with Strategic Visioning

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If your goal is to manifest wealth and success in your business, then you must mentally prepare yourself to achieve what it is you want.  In order to reach your true potential for prosperity, you need to use strategic visioning to develop a healthy and productive atmosphere.  But what exactly is strategic visioning, and what does it have to do with your intuition?  Allow me to elaborate:

If you are a business professional, or are in the process of establishing your entrepreneurial venture – it is time to learn about strategic visioning so you can create a rich environment for yourself.  Adapted to the Universal flow of energy, your intuition is an excellent resource to create abundance and professional success.

When you absolutely desire prosperity, strategic visioning is an essential instrument to fulfilling your heart’s ambitions.  Drawing on past and present experiences, likely tendencies, and strengths and opportunities to form an intricate plan in climbing the ladder to financial freedom, is what strategic visioning is all about.  Not only do we apply analytical conclusions to developing our outcome, we must also rely on our intuition.  Why? Our intuition is in direct alignment with the Universal flow of energy that dictates our destiny.  When we listen to our inner wisdom to gain knowledge and inclinations for our appropriate plan of action in combination with strategic visioning, we are using our mental and emotional awareness to its fullest potential.

How does strategic visioning and intuition generate $$?  Good question.  In order to accumulate wealth and prosperity in life, you must plant the seed of creativity in all you do.  When you tap into your intuition, you are tapping into a powerful source of information.  Imagine walking on a tight rope with a balancing pole.  Your rope is about 30 feet in the air.  If you look back or down, you might get dizzy. However, your balancing pole is what keeps you level as long as you look straight ahead and focus on meeting your objective at the other side.  Your intuition is much like this balancing pole.  It is your guide to keeping you in-tune with your intent and your focus.  And when you’re walking a literal or figurative tight rope in life, you can’t turn back or look down because it takes your eye of the mark. Your ”rope” is your support system or lifeline, and part of your strategic vision to accomplishing your goals. You can reflect on past experiences and use them as a challenge to overcoming obstacles; but you should never retreat or look down upon yourself, as you will certainly become unbalanced.

How far along are you on your tight rope of life?  Are you using your balancing pole (intuition) and are you grounded on your rope (strategic vision)?  These are key to creating the success you desire, and gives you the ability to corner the market for wealth and prosperity.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Your Intuition Expert

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Intuition and Marketing: Creating $$ with Strategic Visioning

By Joan Marie Whelan

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Today is the day for my FREE Strategy Action Recovery teleclass!

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What is your story?

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maninkayakinrapidsWhat is your real story?  Every one of us has a story?  Are you addicted to struggle and believing that life is hard or is your story that life is easy and things come naturally to you?

It is time for all of us to wake up and start living consciously as we live in our truth.  What I mean by this is becoming more present—don’t walk around in a fog.  Instead, take control over your emotions and consciously be aware of how “you” are fueling your own situations.  Really take some time to look deep within yourself and notice your patterns—your habits.  Allow yourself to become more aware during the day and see where the busyness of your thoughts takes you.

It is time for all of us to see things differently.  Are you someone who has a need to blame others for where you are at or are you ready to take responsibility for your present state?  The choice is yours!

What I am doing right now is helping you to take a step back and assist you in becoming more aware of the patterns in your life.  This is a great time while our days are longer and the air is warmer to ponder what direction you are going in.

That is why I am offering a new teleclass this fall—It is 5 weeks with me and the aim is to help you create a new positive and productive story.  I invite you to join me in this short but power packed 5 week series.  I know you are ready to move forward into positive change and I am committed to help you get there. Please click on the link provided to get all the information and sign up today.

I am offering two FREE Tele Classes with me to discuss this 5 Week Series.  Sign up today at and get ready to change your story!

Please read on to my two new questions this week from my readers, Samuel and Jeannie.

Joan Marie

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