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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed the Intuition Girl, utilizes her intuitive gifts to help readers manifest the extraordinary lifestyles that they desire. On her blog, Joan posts a wealth of inspirational articles, videos, and podcasts.

Is your mind holding you captive?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Do you ever question your choices
your thoughts–your decisions?

When we use our conscious mind together with our super conscious mind–our intuitive and instinctive aspect–we actually make better decisions and choices.

You possess a gold mind -It is what I call your sixth sensory wisdom. It has always been a strong desire of mine to show you the “HOW” to improve your life.

I am on a mission to make it possible for everyone who is interested to learn to awaken their own inner voice, their own soul power by tapping into their Intuitive Power.

Clients from past Teleclass Programs said…
“She is so much more that a medium …She is a wonderful spiritual teacher who coaches us on how the Universe works.”

Another comment was:“My DNA has changed and been brought back into focus and balance.”

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

  • Are you ready to be on target with your decisions?
  • Are you ready to gain renewed clarity for your life?
  • Are you ready to experience whatever it is you seek?

Each one of us is seeking something that is pertinent and special for us…I invite you to allow me to help you on your journey towards self-discovery.

I am offering a New 9-Week Program on developing your Intuitive Abilities.

Beginning September 21, 2010 — Tuesday Evenings 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM EST

To discuss this program, I am offering Free Teleclasses
Tuesday Night–August 17th 6 PM Pacific time–9 PM EST


Let me help you connect your heart and mind together and bring greater awareness to your higher self and your intuition.

Take a look again at my testimonials on the sales page and learn more about this 9-Week program or call the office to discuss at (949) 760-0044


My 9-Week program is reasonably priced and intended to give you a quick jump-start on your life this fall.

This is an awesome value and opportunity for only $959.00

There will be a downloadable audio of each class–don’t worry, if you miss one class, you will have instant access to the calls and you will be able to listen to them over and over again at your pace.

You can sign up for the program right here and choose from 3 payment plans

You can sign up for the program right here
and choose from 3 payment plans

The 2nd payment will be charged to your
Credit Card 4 weeks after the initial payment

The 3rd payment will be charged to your
Credit Card in 20 day intervals

How to Tap into Your Intuitive Powers will:

  • Develop your ability to awaken your intuitive gifts
  • Grow to a higher and deeper level
  • Sharpen your awareness to what is happening around you
  • Have a better grasp of life’s challenges
  • Raise your vibrations to manifest easier (lt’s just that ability to hear clearly, letting life work for you instead of you working against life.)
  • Clean and fine tune the energy fields around your mind, body and spirit
  • Learn how to step into the sunlight {through meditation}

Joan Marie Whelan

Where are you putting your energy?

Posted by Intuition Girl

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Often times, we put so much energy into past hurts that they prevent us from moving forward in our lives. The only true way to move beyond this negative control is to forgive so we can free ourselves from the emotional baggage that we have been carrying around for way too long.

In my upcoming program, I am going to show you how to forgive and heal yourself. As an intuitive master, I do that every single day with clients from around the globe. Part of my service to you is to help you to release all those negative feelings so you can free yourself for bigger and brighter opportunities in your life! Join me on my free teleclass where I will be giving you more details on the program as well as a time for sharing and receiving the blessings of freedom and the celebration of life that awaits you!

Go to to learn more and register

Until we talk on the call, blessings on your life journey

Joan Marie

Peel away the layers to forgiveness

Posted by Intuition Girl

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Has someone ever hurt or harmed you so deeply that you have put up a wall to keep others out of your life? That same wall prevents opportunities from coming into your life. In my upcoming teleclass program, I’m going to intuitively guide you on a healing journey within to reveal the abundant you…the you, who is willing to heal, move on, shine and receive the blessings that life has to offer.

I can help you along your path to forgiveness and healing – that’s my job. Your job is to participate and be ready to peel away the layers of anger, guilt, shame, resentment and sorrow – allow me to show you the useful way to do so in my upcoming teleclass series. As a bonus, I’m chipping in a free teleclass that will provide you more details on the program as well as a night of personal enlightenment.

Go to to learn more and register

Until we talk on the call, blessings on your life journey

Joan Marie

Become the Trendsetter in 2010!

Posted by Intuition Girl

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Are you a powerful and influential person? Shouldn’t you be? Get ready to step up to the plate and join the big leagues after you connect with me in my dynamic 10-month Platinum Mastermind program for 2010! Register for my free teleclass to learn how this program can dramatically transform your life and help you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Learn more about this life-changing program by calling 949-760-0044 or register at

Change your life with my new coaching program

Posted by Intuition Girl

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Welcome and thank you again for taking the first step to signing up for my free teleclass – the precursor event for the Strategy-Action-Recovery course that will change the direction of your life for the better! I am so very proud of you!

In addition to offering you powerful tips and tools to become the leader of your life and how to manifest real wealth in every aspect of your life through the Strategy-Action-Recovery program, I’m going to use my intuition to share with you insightful ways to learn how to be more open to receive blessings that the Universe wants you to have.

Being open to receive is one of the essential behaviors that we must learn and harness to create sustainable health, happiness, and wealth in life. Are you being blinded by limitations that you’ve placed on yourself? Isn’t it time you moved forward with your life to discover the opportunities that await you? Though it may come down to the wire, my *Coaching Program* is going to help you define fresh ways to allow the powerful energy of the Universe to enter your life so that you, too, can achieve greatness and prosperity like so many others already

*Sign up for my program today there is only 2 days left to alter your life.*

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