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Get your Passion back for living

Posted by Intuition Girl

older-man-on-park-bench1Dear Joan Marie,

I am an older man who is now living with one of my children and I don’t feel happy. Not because I live with my children yet I do not know why I feel this way. I have always been an up beat person but now I lack enthusiasm and passion for living.

I want to feel self-satisfaction in knowing that I can contribute and be worthwhile but some how I don’t. I hear that you have helped many people and I was hoping that you could help me also.

Thank you for your time.

Samuel J.


Hi Samuel:

My feeling is you are loosing your own self –image and purpose. I realize you are living with one of your children; however, it is important for you to have your own sense of identity. What are you doing for yourself? Do you get out and interact with other people besides your family? More importantly you need to explore a hobby that will satisfy your soul. Having a loving family is a great gift but it is important that we do not become so dependent on each other that we forget to live for our own sake. I suggest that you do not sacrifice our own hearts desires and experience the joy of being you.

Your energy is being squashed and depleted because you are not allowing yourself to continue to play full out in life and be the truth of whom you really are.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift,

Intuition Girl
About the Author: Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies

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