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What if God IS a Reflection of You and Me?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Joan Osborne asks, “What if God were one of us?” I ask you, “what if God IS a reflection of us?”

We all come from the same Source and we all have been blessed to come into this world free of resentment, anger, fear or worry.  Our very being revolves around love, peace, harmony, balance, laughter and joy.  Right from the very beginning we are given the right to choose and as free thinking beings, we are all capable of good and evil.

In this respect, we are all born the same way, physically function the same ways … the differences, however, are in our perception of how we interact on both a human and spiritual level; and how we perceive the world around us and the cultural divides that sometimes limit our scope of view.

If we define God as the “good” in us, and are interconnected to the Universal flow of energy, then we can assume that being good means being at peace and in harmony in our environment, our relationships, and with the global community in general.

What message do we convey to others? Being the reflection of God takes a certain amount of effort, commitment and responsibility. It means that in everything we see, hear, say, and feel – we must find the love and beauty in it first. It is thinking and feeling before we act. It is expressing compassion and a true sense of caring and sharing. You are, after all, a representation of goodness and the qualities of the Divine.

What are the benefits of being a reflection of God and being in sync with the Universal flow of energy? The advantages of emitting this goodness in our lives are that we ultimately begin to attract positive events, people, and opportunities that we might miss otherwise.

This idea of bliss crosses multinational and multicultural lines as well. We are, as the human race, intended to live purposeful and fulfilling lives. The rewards or punishments we receive are of our own choosing in most circumstances. For instance, if we choose to live in misery, we lead miserable lives. If we choose to live in anger, we lead hurtful lives. The same holds true when we choose to live in peace and in happiness. We cannot always forget our pasts, but we can learn to forgive and move forward – and that is elemental in determining the fate of a blessed or empty future. We are, in a sense, a reflection of our own doing and undoing. What path have you chosen?

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, the Gift – Your Intuition Girl

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Are you a Control Fanatic?

Posted by Intuition Girl

If you are, you might be hindering your advancement as well as the progress of others. It is okay to want things and to acquire success, but sometimes, we allow our personal goals and ulterior needs and motives to get in the way of overall growth. How, you ask?  Just look around you, we are experiencing pain and suffering all around the world because people, individually and collectively are not making choices based on the overall good of the masses.  We have compromised our values and principles. The simple resolution to this and other situations requires us to take a look at the following possibilities.

  1. Always put people before profits. It does not matter in what profession you practice. Whether you are a mechanic, a doctor, a politician, a foreman, a counselor or an attorney – you must always think of the people that work for you, work with you, and those for whom you work. When you put others first, you are paving the road to success with compassion and passion – and that is the core factor to achieving overall health, wealth and happiness.
  2. Plan ahead. Someone once told me that we must have the right preparations and ingredients to run any business. That means that if you are willing to go the extra distance, you can create a long-term map for success.  Sometimes that means that we have to commit ourselves to longer hours and more motivation but always it means that we must maintain integrity. Proper preparation is everything.
  3. Do NOT use short cuts. Sometimes when we travel, we are tempted to use short cuts to get somewhere faster or cheaper. In business, shortcuts often create shortcomings.  Speed does not usually create the best results; accuracy and careful attention to details by those who specialize must be recognized and acknowledged.  Putting your efforts into those specific areas where you excel will enable you to create quality workmanship in all endeavors.
  4. Cooperation. When professionals work together, each brings his own vital insight and wisdom to the proverbial dinner table.  Each has his own unique technique and vantage point that somehow creates a powerful mix of not only diversity but often the best solution.  You might want to re-evaluate how your lack of cooperative efforts have fallen to the wayside and possibly caused complacency. When we cooperate in harmony, we are all giving and receiving quality “input” to produce a more creative array of wealth and productivity.
  5. Communication. This is the simplest, most transparent yet often forgotten component to business success. We often encounter situations where there are plenty of sheriffs but not nearly enough deputies. Everyone has something to say, and in the cross-fire of the chatter, nothing gets accomplished and nothing of importance gets heard.  We must learn to speak with our cohorts and not at or down to them. When we understand that working together for a common goal is beneficial to all concerned, we soon discover the sweet feelings of success, a sense of peace of mind and the wonderful taste of victory.
  6. Complacency breeds neglect! All too often we easily become accustomed to doing things in a certain manner or completing tasks a particular way. Sometimes, we have to step off the beaten path and bask in the newness of innovation. Learn to listen to what others might offer you in advice—look at their comments and remarks as possible clues or leads to follow. It certainly helps if you can learn to listen to your gut feeling. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate your methodologies to jumpstart a more effective model for both your professional and your personal life!
  7. Invest in your future successes! Put time and money aside for improving knowledge and information.  It is so wonderful to experience our successes but it is vital to our future success for each one of us to place money and time aside to for continual education.  I encourage you to continually improve your success, one must improve their knowledge and understandings of information that will help us continue to grow and improve our techniques as we ultimately realize our full potential and future and continued successes.

It is important to remember that you can always seek help from a professional life coach, who can assist you in manifesting success in all areas of your business and personal life.  Becoming a winner is just a phone call away – let me show you how to properly use your business savvy by combining your intuition and your zest for success to create the successful lifestyle you have always wanted.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Forgiveness: Expanding your Prospects

Posted by Intuition Girl

Renowned Dutch botanist, Paul Boese once said, “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Let’s reflect on that statement for just a moment. Imagine if every time Edison or Franklin had gotten negative results and they simply gave up. Nope, not going to do it … no, they did not – thankfully. Without their willingness to forgive themselves for their miscalculations and follies, we would not have much of the technology that we have today.

In order to expand our prospects and to reveal our true destinies, we have to look beyond our emotional hurts, beyond our misgivings, and beyond the pain that we have inflicted upon ourselves throughout the years. Life is a journey and a constant experiment. The more we experience life, the more we begin to grasp the solidity of the Universal flow of energy. This is where self-forgiveness enables us to truly identify with our authentic self and our higher potentiality. When Boese talked about forgiveness, he was quite right in his summation. We cannot change our past, but we can alter the course of our future. And the first way to do that is to offer forgiveness not only to those who have brought pain upon us, but in forgiving ourselves for the pain that we have inflicted upon ourselves. Holding onto extra emotional baggage simply weighs us down; delaying and impeding us from moving forward.

Onto what are you still clinging? Why do you continue to punish yourself with negative feelings of animosity, vengefulness, jealousy, regret, sorrow or resentment? Imagine a stream flowing gently along and right when it is supposed to reach a waterfall, there is a dam blocking the way. Suddenly, the stream backs up and begins to flood the banks. That is what happens when we do not forgive ourselves. We build an emotional dam that does not allow us to move freely and in forward motion. Before too long, we flood ourselves with raw emotions that take over our lives and our lifestyles. Our unforgiving emotions have begun to control our every thought, word and action. This stops us from broadening our future and our horizons.

From this moment on, I want you to free the dam of your emotions so you can expand your prospects. If a flower can open its petals and reveal its inner beauty, then you too, can free your mind and your heart to the inner beauty that you possess. Forgive yourself first so you can reap the opportunities that lie ahead of you now.

I am offering a 5-Week Program on the topic of “Forgivenesss.” During those 5 weeks, we will be tackling many of the thoughts, beliefs and inner turmoil that we often experience while we are feeling hurt, angry or simply blocked against any one or any thing that will helps us heal and flow. I invite you to take a look at the site that will go into greater detail this 5-Week Program on Forgiveness.

Many blessings to you on your journey,

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Spring Cleaning: Ridding the Clutter from your Life!

Posted by Intuition Girl

Ah, the allure of spring… isn’t this the perfect time to get all the dust out of the nooks and crannies of your house? Springtime is also the perfect time to take a long look at your personal and professional life to fine-tune your mind, body and spirit!  In order to de-clutter your house, you have to start from the ground up and work your way out the front door. A lot of times, this means having to throw out all the pack-ratted items you’ve been saving from the garbage bin, dusting all the top shelves that you didn’t have time to dust in the past, and clearing out the closet from all the old winter clothes you no longer wear. That’s about what it takes to de-clutter your material life as a whole. It takes honest-to-goodness effort, hard work, and persistence to rid yourself from all the “stuff” that no longer serves you or is useful to your life and well-being.

I believe that it is also time to rid yourself from all the negativity and old baggage you’ve been harboring in your mind.  Often times fear, anxiety, blame, sense of lack, unworthiness or indifference becomes our captor…and subsequently, our punisher. These ugly little emotions can build throughout the years creating a mountain of emotional debt that overrides your sense of purpose, confidence, direction, and future success in life.

When the waste-bin of your cluttered mind has grown to such tremendous heights, it starts blocking your view…your perception…your creativity. Before you know it, there is so much clutter in sight that you can’t even begin to see the horizon to where you are today or where you’re going in the future.

The big question is: “Why hold onto these burdensome mental triggers?” Unfortunately, we frequently do so more than we’d like to admit. It’s sort of a like an old song from our past. We tie it to an event, place, person, or feeling and every time we hear the song, it triggers an emotional response. In effect, like the song, we become mentally attached to our negative feelings like a crutch. If something goes wrong, we can blame it on that old nasty feeling we have or on the event to which it’s tied. It’s easy to blame something else or even someone else instead of ourselves.

That’s why you must set some goals for yourself today to start a whole new mental de-clutter program, that is, working from the inside out so that you begin to energize your mind with positive and worthwhile thoughts that will bolster your life.

How do I make room in my life for a more positive flow to come forth?

  1. The first step is to overcome your biggest fears in life and start to transform your story…your history.
  2. The next step is to transform your current lifestyle to another, more creative-thinking one that will garner the success you want to achieve in life.
  3. Modify your game plan so you can start generating real forward momentum in your life!
  4. Simplify your life by gaining greater understanding of how your mind works to build your platform and restore balance.

Never look back on the mountain of collective “stuff” again!   It is time to rid yourself of all the negative emotions you’ve clung to for so long and get back into the business of being a clutter-free, goal-oriented, success-driven person you are intended to be! Come on… energize your mind and watch your entire perception change.  It is time for you to feel free and content as you set your sights on bigger and brighter things –the miracle of your new mind dynamics!

Let me, Certified Master Intuitive, Joan Marie Whelan assist you in your journey of re-awakening as you explore your clutter-free life. Learn more about my upcoming five-week program on de-cluttering your life today and you too will enjoy a new way to triumphant living.

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Spring Cleaning: Ridding the Clutter from your Life!
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her Manifestation Method Program and Lifestyle Makeover Programs are designed to help people change their lives. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go

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Are you a torch of strength?

Posted by Intuition Girl

…Or an ember of weakness? How you carry yourself determines the type of energy you emit and receive. If you think like a winner, you begin to feel and speak like one. The more you assume the role and speak like a champion, the quicker and more successful your goals are achieved.

2010 brings revelation and change for those who are ready to become a champion in life. It is the opportune time to capture the winds of transformation and begin to flow with the energetic force of the Universe! Whatever choices you make for yourself today will determine the outcome of your tomorrow. And as you actively choose to become conscientious participant in your life, you begin to motivate the creative juices in your mind, your soul, and your body. Suddenly, everything comes full circle. Suddenly, you are no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting to be chosen for the big game. You have become both the champion runner and the torch bearer for yourself and to others.

What a wonderful feeling it is to be free from the mundane and active part of the fascinating bounce that will carry you through this year and into the future of the destiny that you are creating! That is the difference between being a torch of strength and an ember of weakness. Which do you choose to be?

For just a few moments, I want you to visualize what it is like to be an eagle soaring high above the trees. Close your eyes and feel the wind beneath your wings. Take a deep breath of the oxygen filling your lungs and flooding your body with new vitality. There is nothing that you can’t reach. And as you’re flying, you can feel the air circulating all around you, through you, and beneath you. You are virtually being carried by your own willpower…effortlessly, silently, beautifully. That’s what it is to be a flaming torch. You are absolute power and your power is absolute. Nothing can hold you back from your destination, except your own will. How far are you willing to go the distance? Now open your eyes. Breathe out and relax your body beginning with the top of your head down to the soles of your feet. Slowly. Breathe in a deep breath. Where are you at this very instance? Doesn’t it feel good to know that you can, with ease, calm your mind, your spirit, and your physical body…in just a matter of moments?

That’s what being a burning torch is. A torch does nothing but calmly, continuously sheds light and warmth. It doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just a little oxygen to fan its existence…and the rest comes easy. It is, however, a powerhouse in the darkness. It emits just enough light to lead your way…it emits just enough energy to light a fire to keep you warm…and that is what you must do to create a spark of hope…a spark of good fortune…and a spark of creativity to move forward towards your higher purpose and your destiny. Become the torch of strength, and watch as positive energy finds its way back to you. The more light and warmth you give, the more you gain.

© Copyright – All Rights Reserved
Are you a Torch of Strength?
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her Manifestation Method Program and Lifestyle Makeover Programs are designed to help people change their lives. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go to:

Learn more about Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan – Intuitive Counseling and Intuition Coaching Specialist

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