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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed the Intuition Girl, utilizes her intuitive gifts to help readers manifest the extraordinary lifestyles that they desire. On her blog, Joan posts a wealth of inspirational articles, videos, and podcasts.

Blessings in Disguise

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March 27th 2012

When is enough, enough?

Posted by Intuition Girl

There is so much chaos, anger, jealousy and need to hurt others surfacing around the globe that it has caused me to think that it is time for each one of us to step up and say:

“Enough is enough!”

A good example to take to heart was the situation with the 33 miners in Chile who were trapped for 69 days under ground.  That could have been a catastrophic situation but it wasn’t!  Have you wondered why?  These are the simple people of the world who haven’t forgotten their basic common sense values.

It seems to me that these 33 men made a conscious decision to work together, to strengthen each other and to express concern and compassion for one another.  There was no tyranny, no fighting for food, no obvious breakdown of the individual even though I am sure, they all were faced with their own fears, concerns and sense of desperation.  My point here is that these men collectively cared for each other.

Yet every single day we see through the news and social media that individual girls and boys and men and women spend their time insulting, hurting and belittling their fellow man for their personal distorted gratification.

So again I ask you…”When is enough, enough?” When are we going to step in and claim that those who deliberately harm another are viewed as immoral, and lack decent values and principles?  I do not profess that we put them in prison or have that type of punishment because I do not believe it resolves anything.  I do believe, however that we need to step up and say, we do not condone that behavior, we will not accept it or allow it to continue and those who want to foster those negative and toxic traits should be removed from their schools, places of employment and revealed as bad examples.

No one has the right to harm another person.  We should not need laws or rules to follow…only our hearts.

We were all born as good people and we must begin to believe that we can all help each other overcome obstacles and difficult times if we work together, strengthen each other and express concern and compassion for each other.

For it is you and me, the simple people of the world, who need to remember our basic common sense values.

What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear from you.

Many Blessings,  Joan Marie

Enough is Enough

By Joan Marie Whelan

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved

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My upcoming 2010 Platinum Mastermind program

Posted by Intuition Girl

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“What makes Joan Marie special is her ability to really look in your soul”
– Brian Mason

What are you lacking in your life? Are you seeking health, wealth, success, a better relationship with your friends, family and co-workers? What is it that you really aspire to achieve in 2010? What’s stopping you? Hear what one of my recent clients has to say about the work that I do and how I might be able to assist you in your quest toward an extraordinary lifestyle…better still, how you can manifest the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

“I was impressed in a way that was relatable to me.”

You no longer have to be bound by invisible barriers that you’ve created for yourself. Life isn’t about standing in the same spot and not moving an inch forward…instead, life is about stepping up to the plate and meeting and exceeding challenges – rather, opportunities that may come your way.

I sincerely want you to succeed. You know you can, and I know you can… so for what are you waiting?

Review my upcoming 2010 Platinum Mastermind program at or call 949-760-0044 today! Timing is everything, and 2010 is a power year for those who are hungry to learn how to create and manifest real wealth in their lives. My program is about that and I want you to benefit in 2010 like so many others already have –Hurry – space is limited!

Do you feel supported?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Are you aware that no matter what is going on in your life you are never alone? Many of you share with me often that life is tough, I am struggling and I have no one to help me and the Universe is doing nothing to support me at this time are often the words that I hear.

How many of you have felt alone at some point in your life? I know I have and I am sure many of you have. The truth is even if you think you are physically alone you are not spiritually alone, or even emotionally alone.

The message that I wish to bring across to everyone especially during challenging times is that there is always help and guidance. First and foremost you must learn to focus within and connect with your own intuition. You must write out clearly what it is you need and allow ideas, inspiration and your own imagination to begin to work with you and for you.

You must also sit and feel yourself receiving what you are asking for. Then I want you to ask yourself a very important question: “Am I doing anything to block my good from coming into my life?“

Your ego mind may tell you “NO” as it attempts to prevent you from seeing the truth. What I need you to do is feel into your body and be honest with where you are and see what you need to learn.

Remember, you must ask for the help from the Universe and if you feel like you are getting nowhere keep asking and keep seeking. Now is not the time to give up.

I invite you to join me in my upcoming 5 week Coaching Program. If you are looking for answers, I believe I can help you. You might be saying to yourself: I know it all, I can do it all by myself. What could you possibly teach me that I don’t already know? Well, I truly have been there myself. I was the queen of “Ms. Know-it-all” and it got me nowhere fast. I finally threw my arms up and raised the white flag of surrender and asked for help. Never be afraid to ask for help…that’s the first step to creating real momentum in your life.

In my upcoming 5 week Strategy Action Recovery program, I am going to assist you to set yourself up for success and I’m going to show you how to take your own intuition to a deeper level! Sometimes all of us need a little push to get the wheels of motion spinning, and that’s what I’m going to do to help you create a foul proof Strategy-Action-Recovery game plan.

Remember, there are no coincidences – only opportunities! Now’s a good time to jumpstart your new and improved lifestyle through this wonderful opportunity – let me help you! Learn more about my 5 week Strategy Action Recovery Program here.

Joan Marie

Intuition Girl

4 Tips to Design the Life you’ve always wanted

Posted by Intuition Girl

magnifying-glassIf you have the precise life recipe, you can increase your opportunities for creating and sustaining a happy, affluent lifestyle. But sometimes, you must change your direction to make this path more defined, more reachable.  Here are four tips to design the life you’ve always wanted, and how to maintain this lifestyle until you’re ready to move on to the next level of success:

1.       Are you ready to go the distance? Step up to the plate. When you’re next in line to bat, you need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to knock a homerun. It’s a heck of a long sprint to home base if you haven’t readied yourself for the journey. When your mind is in sync with your spirit and body, you can accomplish amazing (and sometimes “impossible”) things in your life.  To do this, you must simply level out the playing field by re-patterning your thoughts and focus. By tossing out the wasteful thoughts of your mind, you can keep an open mind to new possibilities.  This also helps you to keep your eye on the ball, and gives you the clarity to see where you need to hit the (metaphorical) ball to hit your homerun.

2.      Concentrate on commitment.
Even when you intuitively know that you are going to achieve your anticipated result, you must always bear in mind that “things” may happen. Sometimes, we are presented with challenges and roadblocks that may temporarily obstruct our plane of view. I want you to look beyond those challenges and ask yourself why some of these challenges have come your way. Rest assured that the Universe doesn’t interfere with your life; it merely intervenes in your life so that you can see the potential that you may not have seen or realized before. In almost all cases, individuals have discovered newfound joys and wealth where they may not have in the past.

3.      Live in the Present Moment. Too often, we get so caught up in living in the past that we forget that we still must live for today – in the moment of now. When we embrace the essence of right now, right this very moment; our higher consciousness is more fully aware of the happenings that are occurring all around us. From the breeze of a passing wind, to the silence of night – we are more fully connected with the Universal flow of energy and with our intuitive sense of cognitive command. Remember, when you are in control of your conscious thought processes, and you are fully aware of your surroundings, you are much better equipped to contend with perceived obstacles and better aligned with the light force that resides inside you. That is what enables you to manifest powerful and rewarding opportunities into your life.

4.      Reaffirm your confidence. Whether you choose to see it or not, you are the leader of your life. Choices that you made yesterday, are making today, and will make tomorrow are based on what you want in your life; and more importantly, they are all choices that you have personally made. I want you, from this moment forward, to reaffirm your confidence to make wise choices for you and for your life. Know that these choices come from the breadth of your vision and a belief that there is a plan for you. Where do you want to be this afternoon, next week, next month, and next year? Being the leader of your life comes with responsibility and the conscious understanding that what you do today can and will affect tomorrow. Don’t do it the hard way by making the same choices that have led you down a crocked and bumpy path; instead, choose to make your way through the pathway that is clearly marked: “ Infinite source of possibilities and potentialities.”  This path is the one to follow if you choose to trust the process of life and believe that remarkable experiences are coming your way.  When you learn to live from this perspective, then you are the one manifesting everything.

About the Author: Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies

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