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When is enough, enough?

Posted by Intuition Girl

There is so much chaos, anger, jealousy and need to hurt others surfacing around the globe that it has caused me to think that it is time for each one of us to step up and say:

“Enough is enough!”

A good example to take to heart was the situation with the 33 miners in Chile who were trapped for 69 days under ground.  That could have been a catastrophic situation but it wasn’t!  Have you wondered why?  These are the simple people of the world who haven’t forgotten their basic common sense values.

It seems to me that these 33 men made a conscious decision to work together, to strengthen each other and to express concern and compassion for one another.  There was no tyranny, no fighting for food, no obvious breakdown of the individual even though I am sure, they all were faced with their own fears, concerns and sense of desperation.  My point here is that these men collectively cared for each other.

Yet every single day we see through the news and social media that individual girls and boys and men and women spend their time insulting, hurting and belittling their fellow man for their personal distorted gratification.

So again I ask you…”When is enough, enough?” When are we going to step in and claim that those who deliberately harm another are viewed as immoral, and lack decent values and principles?  I do not profess that we put them in prison or have that type of punishment because I do not believe it resolves anything.  I do believe, however that we need to step up and say, we do not condone that behavior, we will not accept it or allow it to continue and those who want to foster those negative and toxic traits should be removed from their schools, places of employment and revealed as bad examples.

No one has the right to harm another person.  We should not need laws or rules to follow…only our hearts.

We were all born as good people and we must begin to believe that we can all help each other overcome obstacles and difficult times if we work together, strengthen each other and express concern and compassion for each other.

For it is you and me, the simple people of the world, who need to remember our basic common sense values.

What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear from you.

Many Blessings,  Joan Marie

Enough is Enough

By Joan Marie Whelan

Copyright – ALL Rights Reserved

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