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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed the Intuition Girl, utilizes her intuitive gifts to help readers manifest the extraordinary lifestyles that they desire. On her blog, Joan posts a wealth of inspirational articles, videos, and podcasts.

Imagination: the Powerful Tool in Creating Greatness in Your Life

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Were you aware that you have the power inside you to create positivity and prosperity? You do. When you use your imagination to view challenges as opportunities, you begin to re-pattern your thoughts and your mindset into a more powerful one that steers the positive flow of Universal energy into your heart and into your soul being. Challenge yourself to rise to the occasion and remove any and all negative and destructive thought patterns from your mind. When you do, you start to see the clarity that shapes your future into a positive and brighter one. But it doesn’t end there because…as a matter of fact — you discover how to manifest and claim your rightful destiny. Your imagination is a powerful tool in redesigning your life; and the more you practice positive meditation, the more you begin to discover your soul being and the value of its instrumental worth in your life. Your meditation practice opens greater channels of awareness, which results in a shift in your reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Joan Marie and Neil – Healing Old Wounds

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If You Desire Happiness, Manifest it!

Posted by Intuition Girl

In this week’s edition of Straight Talk with the Intuition Girl, I help an older individual who longs for companionship. I explain to her that if we desire something, we must take steps to manifest it.

Dear Joan Marie,

I will be 64 years old soon and I am starting to get lonely and wonder if I will ever meet anyone? I try to take care of myself, I walk every day and eat healthy and I am fortunate to have a job, good friends and a wonderful family.

Last year was a tough one for a lot of people and I feel blessed to not have a lot to complain about. Do you have any feelings on my behalf and can give me any advice to set my restlessness at bay?

Thank you in advance for your input.


Hi Pat

This is a great question one I hear often from my clients of all ages. I do believe you can meet someone. Remember I always say if you are longing for something I firmly believe it belongs to you. In your case a relationship and companionship; in someone else’s case this could be money and security.

Can you imagine, at this moment, how it would feel to actually have a relationship and a heart-warming friendship in your life today? Sit with yourself and focus on the feeling of how he smiles every time he sees you. How do you feel knowing you are in a relationship right now? Use your imagination to help you visualize this scene and allow yourself to continually build on the scene until you have created your desired movie.

What would you like to talk about with him? Are you someone who enjoys holding hands and receiving hugs everyday?

You see the Universe cannot deliver to you what it is you want if your mind is focused on what you do not have. So beginning right now–I wish for you to focus on the joy that you do have someone in your life. Every morning when you wake up breathe in with excitement and joy knowing “thy will be done.”

Remember it is your job to own this energy and your story no matter what it looks like today; you must also encourage yourself to get creative. What are you doing to meet a wonderful Soul? Plan some action steps. You need to share your feelings with your higher power. Let the Universe know exactly how you feel and what you desire to attract in the present moment. It would benefit you greatly if you could start training your mind to focus on the image and/or vibration of the person you wish to bring into your life right now. Where you place your focus will expand. You definitely have the power within you to manifest if that is truly your heart’s desire.

Create Healthy and Wealthy Lives with Intuition and Determination

Posted by Intuition Girl

As I was rummaging through my latest emails, I came across an inspirational quote, “A matter of success is often not a matter of talent but a matter of tenacity.” Let’s think about that sentence for a few minutes…how very true this is. In reality, we can achieve and manifest health and wealth prosperity by applying this simple sentence towards much of what we think and do. Practicing to become your own intuitive expert takes dedication and tenacity, and when we commit ourselves to raising ourselves a level above the bar, we can achieve most anything.

We all have our dreams, ideals and philosophies of a Higher Power, but did you know that you possess that Source within you? Ever heard the saying that “all things are possible through God?” God is the perfect Divine intuitive expert that resides within us all. This is what gives us the innate expertise to manifest wealth and happiness. What wealth is that, you ask? That depends on the eye of the beholder. As an intuitive expert, you begin to unfold the many possibilities that exist within arm’s reach. Perhaps increasing wealth to you means having a loving relationship, a better career opportunity, or maybe just having the ones you love around you more often. To some, manifesting good health is the ultimate goal; or perhaps your intuitive expert seeks to watch future legacies grow and prosper. Each definition of increasing wealth is determined by only what your mind’s eye can imagine and how far you’re willing to allow your intuitive expert to guide you. Read the rest of this entry »

Global Healing can Help to Avert Natural Disasters

Posted by Intuition Girl

In this week’s edition of Straight Talk with the Intuition Girl, I make a prediction regarding the likelihood of a catastrophic, natural disaster occurring in 2009.

Dear Joan Marie,

I remember in the fall of 2004 when you predicted the 12/26/04 Tsunami at a small spirit circle event I attended in So Cal. You indicated that a lot of people were going to pass away via “water/flood”…we also had Katrina shortly thereafter as well. It wasn’t until much later that I remembered what you said.

Anyway I am hearing from others to expect a disaster of some sort in early 2009. I volunteer in emergency preparedness, and was wondering what you thought about that? A heads up could really help!

I hope you are doing well.

David K.

Hi David

Great to hear from you; yes, I did predict the Tsunami in great detail in October months before it actually happened. I actually have been seeing another event that possibly can materialize. I believe that it is possible that there will be several catastrophes’ in the near future. One may happen this year as well as one by spring of 2009. I am not saying this to cause a panic but rather to help you be better prepared. The best way that we can all assist in these situations is realize that the earth is responding to the energy of humans. The anger, judgment, resentment of humans is what is making the earth convulse and repel against that toxic energy.

The best remedy is for all to heal within and focus on seeing and expressing the blessings of the earth. And above all, please send it your love. Begin to focus on the gratitude of what is working in your life and express at least 3 blessings that you experience daily. Please know we cannot control the fate or destiny of others but we can share our blessings and experiences with our higher Source. We do have the ability to pray for our personal strength and courage and that of those who may be affected by these events. I would like to remind you that the true purpose of my book, “Soul Discovery” is based on global healing; it all begins within. I encourage you to read my book because you will learn a lot and it will help you raise your awareness.

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