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If You Desire Happiness, Manifest it!

Posted by Intuition Girl

In this week’s edition of Straight Talk with the Intuition Girl, I help an older individual who longs for companionship. I explain to her that if we desire something, we must take steps to manifest it.

Dear Joan Marie,

I will be 64 years old soon and I am starting to get lonely and wonder if I will ever meet anyone? I try to take care of myself, I walk every day and eat healthy and I am fortunate to have a job, good friends and a wonderful family.

Last year was a tough one for a lot of people and I feel blessed to not have a lot to complain about. Do you have any feelings on my behalf and can give me any advice to set my restlessness at bay?

Thank you in advance for your input.


Hi Pat

This is a great question one I hear often from my clients of all ages. I do believe you can meet someone. Remember I always say if you are longing for something I firmly believe it belongs to you. In your case a relationship and companionship; in someone else’s case this could be money and security.

Can you imagine, at this moment, how it would feel to actually have a relationship and a heart-warming friendship in your life today? Sit with yourself and focus on the feeling of how he smiles every time he sees you. How do you feel knowing you are in a relationship right now? Use your imagination to help you visualize this scene and allow yourself to continually build on the scene until you have created your desired movie.

What would you like to talk about with him? Are you someone who enjoys holding hands and receiving hugs everyday?

You see the Universe cannot deliver to you what it is you want if your mind is focused on what you do not have. So beginning right now–I wish for you to focus on the joy that you do have someone in your life. Every morning when you wake up breathe in with excitement and joy knowing “thy will be done.”

Remember it is your job to own this energy and your story no matter what it looks like today; you must also encourage yourself to get creative. What are you doing to meet a wonderful Soul? Plan some action steps. You need to share your feelings with your higher power. Let the Universe know exactly how you feel and what you desire to attract in the present moment. It would benefit you greatly if you could start training your mind to focus on the image and/or vibration of the person you wish to bring into your life right now. Where you place your focus will expand. You definitely have the power within you to manifest if that is truly your heart’s desire.

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