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Imagination – Harnessing the Power of Visualization to Fufill your Destiny

Posted by Intuition Girl

SerenityWhat is it about imagination that makes the most simple of things a beautiful vision?  One can only assume that some of history’s greatest artists like daVinci must’ve been filled with an incredible imagination to be able to conceive and complete some of the world’s finest pieces of art.  The key to his vision…or ultimate vision, was the final masterpiece which he created.  But each one of his works began in his mind, and that is the key to harnessing the power of visualization to manifest one’s true destiny.

Perhaps we’re not all artists, authors, or celebrities, but we all share one common bond — we all imagine and aspire to be greater and want to achieve greatness in this lifetime. Achieving greatness begins with imagination, and following through on the visualizations that we create within our minds. Read the rest of this entry »

Being claustrophobic

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan Marie Whelan,

My name is Debbie, and I’m 43 years old, and I have question for you re:  being claustrophobic.

For a bit of background, when I was somewhere between maybe 7-8 (?) I was over at a friend’s house playing upstairs.  We got bored, and so my friend,whose name is also Debbie, suggested we play a particular game she made up.

There was a hope chest upstairs, and her idea was that each of us would go inside the hope chest while the other sat on it, but when the one inside knocked on the chest, she would be let out.  She said that she would go first.  She got in, stayed there a second or two, knocked on the chest, and I opened it immediately.  That looked easy enough, so I got inside.  The only problem is that she didn’t let me out when I knocked.  She locked the chest and went downstairs!  I have no idea how long I was in there, my only guess is that it was just a few to five minutes at the most, but who knows.

I have visual memory of before we started the “game” up until I get inside the chest; I don’t remember ever getting out, though obviously, I did.  I don’t know if she let me out or her mom, or how I felt once she did let me out – I know nothing!

So fast forward to the present.  I am having to wean off a certain medication (anti-depressant of 17 years) because it was causing blood pressure issues.  Well, one of the things I experience when weaning off meds is that my anxiety goes through the roof.  Everything becomes centered around claustrophobia.  I feel it throughout my entire body, not just emotionally or mentally – I feel terrified that if I walk down the street and fall down or become unconscious, I will wake up in the hospital, unable to move because of some contraption I have to be in for medical reasons.

In my book, one does not experience claustrophobia if they have the power to let themselves in or out of whatever the confined place may be.  I had to have traction for my hip years ago, and the moment I realized I was totally dependent on someone else to get me out of that set up, I FREAKED and had to get out of there.  However, weeks later, one of the nurses showed me how I could let myself out if I got scared.  Well, that’s all it took.  I was no longer afraid because I had the power to let myself out if I needed it; I didn’t have to rely on or trust anyone else.

So anyway, I am freaking out about everything and anything related and not related to claustrophobia, and I’m tired of it.  I NEED help overcoming this debilitating fear!  I don’t normally feel these feelings intensely like this; I do realize that it’s primarily because I’m not on a therapeutic dose of meds, but even still, if those fears weren’t in there, they couldn’t come out – realistic or not!

Do you think there is hope for me to overcome this HUGE fear?  I don’t want to just be able to meditate to calm down in the present, but I want something that is going to truly bring healing so that whether I think about a scenario or are actually in one, I won’t freak out anymore.

Do you have any kind of help to offer?  I’m desperate!

Thank you



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My soul is torn apart

Posted by Intuition Girl

Joan Marie,

My soul is torn apart right now.  I am married but for about two years or so I’ve been having heavy thoughts of another man.  I met him at my job.  About a year ago
he was fired and I haven’t heard from or seen him since but still the thoughts continued to grow stronger and stronger.  I actually thought of divorcing my husband
over these thoughts they were so strong (and I confessed these thoughts to my husband because I felt guilty having them).  Instead I tried to put the thought of this person out of my mind, but couldn’t.  There was some speculation that this person had a drug addition so I thought maybe I’m thinking about him for reasons other than us to be together.  I started praying that he be free from his addition and that life brings all the blessings any man could find (health, happiness, success,inner peace, true love, etc).  Since I couldn’t stop thinking about him I decided to send a text message to the phone number that I had for him.  I thought that maybe if he knew someone cared, it would help him through.

Well I sent that message last night and this morning I received a text message from a friend that this person recently died of a heart attack.  He just had a
birthday the 19th of January and just turned 31.

Joan Marie, I don’t know why I care or feel love for this person.  We never hung out or spoke outside of work and like I mentioned he has been gone from the company for
a year now.  Somehow, I feel like I love him and care about him.  Since I am married I resisted reaching out because I believe in loyalty and faithfulness, but now I feel like I should have reached out to him to let him know that I cared and wanted to be his friend.  Maybe somehow it could have made a difference in his life.  I’m not sure if the heart attack is related to drug use, but at his age, it seems to be the case.  I feel like I misinterpreted the messages I’d been receiving about him and feel great sorrow.  Maybe the messages were to help him.

I always ask for prayer and ask at this time if you could send a prayer to his family and to him for his soul to be at peace.

Thank you.


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Keeping a positive outlook through the good and the bad

Posted by Intuition Girl

During these difficult economic times, how are you maintaining a positive attitude?

treasurechest2Is it the smile on your child’s face you search for every morning? Is it the wagging tail of your furry friend? Or do you crawl back into bed and hope that it all goes away? Life doesn’t always hand us the perfect recipe for success, but that’s because it’s based on a “trial and error” formula. “You can’t always get what you want…” sings rocker, Mick Jagger, but you do get what you need – and out of necessity is where you find the greatest treasure troves.

The best strategy is to not contemplate what went wrong and what may or may not happen tomorrow in your life. That’s behind you. There is a perfect explanation to why you are positioned in the place you are right now. It’s not necessarily due to “bad karma” either – so what if you pulled Jenny’s hair in the second grade? That was then, this is now. We’ve all done things as children (and even as adults) that we’re not particularly proud of, but that doesn’t make us ghastly human beings; careless with behavior maybe, but not severe enough to warrant evil kickbacks. Now here’s the ticker – the Universal flow of energy is trying to restore your balance by challenging you to take notice of opportunities that surround you. In a lot of cases, you may view these opportunities as “trials,” “roadblocks,” or simple instances of ill fate – but in the grand illusion of the reality, which is the life that we lead, there are no wrongs or rights, only lessons. Each lesson presents itself with the prospect to engage; and to encourage growth into the greatness that you are destined to become. Are you ready to accept that responsibility?

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Distinguish what your truly want in life

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan,

I sometimes feel that I’m meant to be a celebrity. Is that the path I will end up in or is it all in my head? I love listening to you on the 105.1 show. I always try to call when you’re there but I could never get through.

Thank you,

Marie M.


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