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My soul is torn apart

Posted by Intuition Girl

Joan Marie,

My soul is torn apart right now.  I am married but for about two years or so I’ve been having heavy thoughts of another man.  I met him at my job.  About a year ago
he was fired and I haven’t heard from or seen him since but still the thoughts continued to grow stronger and stronger.  I actually thought of divorcing my husband
over these thoughts they were so strong (and I confessed these thoughts to my husband because I felt guilty having them).  Instead I tried to put the thought of this person out of my mind, but couldn’t.  There was some speculation that this person had a drug addition so I thought maybe I’m thinking about him for reasons other than us to be together.  I started praying that he be free from his addition and that life brings all the blessings any man could find (health, happiness, success,inner peace, true love, etc).  Since I couldn’t stop thinking about him I decided to send a text message to the phone number that I had for him.  I thought that maybe if he knew someone cared, it would help him through.

Well I sent that message last night and this morning I received a text message from a friend that this person recently died of a heart attack.  He just had a
birthday the 19th of January and just turned 31.

Joan Marie, I don’t know why I care or feel love for this person.  We never hung out or spoke outside of work and like I mentioned he has been gone from the company for
a year now.  Somehow, I feel like I love him and care about him.  Since I am married I resisted reaching out because I believe in loyalty and faithfulness, but now I feel like I should have reached out to him to let him know that I cared and wanted to be his friend.  Maybe somehow it could have made a difference in his life.  I’m not sure if the heart attack is related to drug use, but at his age, it seems to be the case.  I feel like I misinterpreted the messages I’d been receiving about him and feel great sorrow.  Maybe the messages were to help him.

I always ask for prayer and ask at this time if you could send a prayer to his family and to him for his soul to be at peace.

Thank you.



Dear Elizabeth.

Thank you for your honesty in your letter.  My feeling is that you were using this man and focusing your attention on him instead of going within and being in truth to what is really going on within you.

The fact that you were spending so much time on him means that you are avoiding something inside of you.  I also believe that your own Soul was giving you the notion to reach out to him not necessarily because you were in love with him but because you were sensing his need to have a friend.

There are no accidents in life as to why you did not reach out.  The truth is this is the life he has created for himself and you would not have been able to save him from his fate.  There are no “ifs” in the world.  Therefore, I encourage you to move onward with your life and please do not spend two more years focusing on him wondering what would have happened if you did reach out.  I believe the end result would have been the same.

I also believe that you allowed this man to become the diversion that you wanted in your life because subconsciously you were seeking something more. It is now time for you to live in reality. Allow yourself to put all your energy and all your attention into you and what it is that you wish to experience.  Really look at your husband and speak with him and decide what it is you want out of life together and individually.

It is time for you to consciously focus your energy on you and enjoy the beautiful dance with your own Soul.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie

Allow peace to float back into your heart

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