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Falling in Love all over again

Posted by Intuition Girl

I am often asked, “How do I make my partner love me again?” First and foremost, you cannot “make” anyone love you. It is up to that individual whether or not s/he is going to “love” you. Remember too, that love in a relationship is not lost; more commonly, it is that other areas in the relationship have grown and developed to include additional family members, work projects, social commitments and the like. If you are truly in love with one another, the emotional attachment can frequently be strained because life, in general, expands. We become distant from each other as we are pulled by different directions and other people in our lives. The more mature we become, the more self-evolved we become as well. It is a process in life.

To “recapture” love in a relationship, you must get back to the roots of who you are, and what it was that captivated you about your significant other. It is not always the “s/he doesn’t love me anymore” scenario; quite contrary, if you are the seeker in the relationship, then perhaps it is you who must learn to come to terms with your own successes, failures, ambitions and fears.

Getting back to the basics means to take a timeout for yourself and your loved one to rediscover the uniqueness of your individualities, to explore the past, present and future together; to collectively commit to understanding one another, to redesign your dreams together; and to enjoy each other not the way you were, but in the new way that you are today. Think about grapes on a vine. The longer they hang in the warm sun, the sweeter they become with age. That is how relationships work. Perhaps you have differing work schedules, maybe you are both recently retired, or life as a whole has been throwing some monkey wrenches your way; the more you learn to co-create and cooperate with one another, the greater chances you will survive and thrive in your relationship.

9 Tips for Falling in Love All Over Again

Modern “norms” may not coincide with the life you have shared in your relationship. Perhaps spicing your relationship with some of these modern “norms” (and many tried and true) could revitalize your love life:

1. Send an impromptu text message saying how much you love your significant other.
2. Schedule a fun date through Facebook.
3. Plant a herb garden (or just a watermelon patch if you like) with each other.
4. Plan and make an escape (a vacation) to somewhere you have never been.
5. Hold hands in public more often.
6. Schedule a movie night at the drive-in. (No, your living room does NOT count.)
7. Cook dinner together (lasagna is always fun!)
8. Tell each other DAILY one thing that you find attractive about him or her.
9. Use Twitter to “Tweet” a special code word to your significant other that only s/he will know what it means.

In the end, if you are HONESTLY trying to make your relationship work, you will find happiness and the love you have been seeking.

Inspirational Message – What are you resisting?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Are you resisting moving forward in life?

Are you stopping the flow and afraid of moving forward?

The greatness gift for of all of us is to be prepared, to be a leader in our own lives and to take responsibility of every moment.

5 Must-Have Attitudes in Relationships

Posted by Intuition Girl

In life, you will occasionally find that no matter where you are, with whom you are, or in whatever circumstance you may be, you may feel empty and dissatisfied with your current state of affairs. Perhaps you feel your job is no longer challenging or rewarding; or if you are in a long-standing relationship, you suddenly realize you have grown tired and bored with whom you have invested years of your life. Some of the most common mistakes some of you make is believing that others are there to “serve your purpose“. In relationships, it falls to each one of us to continually choose nonjudgmental perceptions and constructive interactions. Each and every day, you must focus on stronger and more sustainable relationships by carefully constructing building blocks of love and respect. Here are five must-have attitudes in relationships, which promise a sustainable and promising lifestyle:

1. Thinking of “50 Ways to Leave your Lover“? Maybe Paul Simon made a hit with that song, but perhaps it is time to start thinking of at least 25 ways to improve your relationship. Seriously. Get out a sheet of notebook paper and write down 50 ways to improve your relationship. Think of small ways you can contribute to bettering your circumstances and enriching each others’ lives. Remember, in love, it is a two-way street. It is not about how much your loved one can “serve your purpose“; rather, it is about how much each one of you can serve your own purposes to strengthen your bonds of love.

2. Seek and employ. Whether you are in a personal or professional relationship, you must have a “can-do” attitude. If your primary mission is to “search and destroy” aspects of a relationship – meaning you are more into “fault-finding” opposed to “positivism-finding”, then you are sabotaging your own relationship with something or someone. Instead, make a point to find five (5) positive elements or characteristics you admire about your career or your significant other. When you recalibrate your thinking in a more upbeat and hopeful thought process, you find that day-to-day living becomes more tolerable and joy-filled.

3. Stop assuming. It is vital in all relationships to toss out any preconceived ideas about a person or a situation. It is easy to fall into the “assumption trap” because you may have had a previous bad experience. Let it go. Do not offer feedback until you are absolutely clear of what an individual is telling you or doing. Just because something does not always seem clear to you, it does not mean the intention toward you is negative. Get the facts straight before you assume someone is out to get you. I have discovered that when I take the time to see the situation or experience from their point of view, I am better prepared to responds with wisdom and insight.

4. Compromise. Yes, in any and all relationships, it is imperative that you are willing to compromise. Throughout history, leaders – both great and small – have had to be the grownup in the room to find the middle ground. Compromising does not mean you have to sell your soul. What it does mean is that you are willing to cooperate on straightforward solutions to both complex and even simple issues. It may even mean “agreeing to disagree” and leaving it at that but I suggest without anger or malice.

5. Stop beating a dead horse. Have you ever been on the receiving end of one of these lashings? I am sure if you have, it has certainly made you feel frustrated or uncomfortable. So do not do it to someone else. If you have forgiven someone for past words or deeds, then you must also forgive yourself so you can release any anger or hurt feelings over that specific situation. If you have moved beyond a certain point in your life, why would you continue to rehash it? When you free yourself from past hurts, you find those associated feelings no longer have a stranglehold over your life. If you feel you cannot do it alone, let go and let God take the burden off your shoulders. Together, you will stop beating a dead horse and find the courage to move forward as an empowered being.

Inspirational Message – Why should somebody love me?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Season of Giving

Posted by Intuition Girl

Every year around the holidays, a transformation takes place at the local retailers and grocery stores. As you walk down the aisles, Christmas carols echo (through the sound system) and shoppers are bundled up in their winter attire. Sometimes, even cashiers get into the holiday spirit, dawning their red and white St. Nicholas caps. In some stores, you might see the lit Menorah or the colors of Kwanzaa.

American author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said, “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” I believe that is true during the season of giving. We often go overboard, spending more than we normally do to buy the perfect gift. It is during this time when stores hold fierce competitive sales to attract customers; sometimes offering buy one-get one free specials or generous half-off sales. Of course the early bird sales promise rock-bottom deals. While holiday sales are relatively wallet-pleasing, you discover that the season of goodwill and giving go right out the window when customers have camped out all night to get inside for the early bird offers. Last year, for example, a store employee was trampled to death. In some instances, you hear how fights have broken out among random customers over a child’s toy. What on earth possesses people, in their desire to please others, to go to such extremes?

Brown understood that the love for others is a selfless act of generosity. How do we then, as human beings, behave like we have no sense in our quest to impress? The truth of the matter is that the holidays bring out the best and worst in people. While you may truly want to make your significant others happy, one must ask the question, “What is the reason for the season?” It is easy to get caught up in the spirit of things. But you must determine if you are acting selflessly or selfishly.

What makes the holiday season so extraordinary is that there is, whether a believer or not, a mystical and magical feeling of love in the air. Friends are friendlier, children are extra well-behaved, and neighbors are more neighborly. When you have a special someone in your life, you do everything in your power to make that special person (or people) happy. Now imagine if you could take that same feeling of love and generosity and apply it in your daily living? When you give yourself, selflessly, you don’t lose your wits because someone beats you to the head of the line. Instead, you are too eager to help those around you and you don’t think about who gets what first. The season of giving is a humbling yet gratifying feeling. Give 100 percent of yourself 100 percent of the time and you will find that more positive things will come back to you. This is just one way the Universe thanks you for being so giving and warm. During this holiday season, I want you to focus on the brilliant light inside you. Concentrate on the beauty and love in which you were created. Translate this beauty and love into the compassionate and caring person you are intended to be. When you do, a whole new world of opportunity will be opened by you and for you.

Joan Marie – your Intuition Girl
© Season of Giving – 2012
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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