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5 Intuitive Signs to tell if He is Mr. Right

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When it comes to matters of the heart, your hormones tend to take over your consciousness and you do not always see, nor do you want to see the red flags that show up right before your own eyes. It is difficult fighting the battle between your passion and your intuition. The two do not always mesh well.

When you first start dating someone, you enter the euphoric phase where you truly want the potential for the two of you – your hopes, your dreams, your future, your legacy. Beyond the veil of physical appearance and your raging emotions, your blinders are often on to the most obvious signs that are foreboding of a rough road ahead.

Remember, you must always keep your head in check when it comes to love and passion. What you see on the surface may not always be what is bubbling just below. Put aside the love trinkets (flowers, jewelry, candy hearts), put aside the physical intimacy, and put aside the euphoria for just a few minutes and take these five intuitive signs to heart when it comes to determining whether or not he may be Mr. Right:

1. How does he interact with members of his family? Is he respectful and courteous to his parents and siblings? If he exhibits signs of hostility or antipathy, he may be harboring baggage that can and will affect your prospective relationship sooner or later. There is an old adage that says, “How a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife (or girlfriend).” Now that goes without saying that no man should be so clingy to his mother that he has issues of insecurity. In a recent interview with Michelle Obama conducted by Glamour Magazine, the First Lady gave the following advice: Don’t look at the bankbook or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. Look at how the guy treats his mother and what he says about women. How he acts with children he doesn’t know. And, more important, how does he treat you? When you’re dating a man, you should always feel good.” Smart advice. If you keep your intuitive radar on, you will be able to spot Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong a mile away.

2. Does he shower you with affection or material gifts? Intuitively, you know that affection goes a long way. As long as he is not smothering you, love and touch demonstrate that he is into you and how much you mean to him. If he is purchasing you a lot of expensive and lavish gifts it may be flattering at first, but what’s in it for him? Is he doing it to impress you or is he doing it to be in charge of you? Ask yourself, “what does he want in return?” Or worse, does he associate love with material gain and fancy you as yet another material object? A small trinket here and there is fine, but if it is all the time, read your intuition.

3. How does his personal home or office appear? Is it in order or is it in disarray? If he has a clean but lived-in home he is comfortable in his own skin. But if his environment is chaotic, overly-messy or cluttered, you may want to rethink your relationship. This is a warning sign that suggests he may not care about his livelihood or is looking for someone to pick up after him. Notwithstanding spring cleaning, Mr. Right should have a welcoming personal space that is both clutter-free and clean. The same holds true if he is a neat freak. If you open the kitchen cabinet and his drinking glasses are in perfect alignment, as are every other item, he may have an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Intuition, ladies, intuition.

4. Addictive behaviors. Speaking of OCD, have you noticed any addictive behaviors that may be sending a red flag? What I mean by that is pay attention to the places that your significant other wants to go and the things that he finds entertaining. If you find yourself always going to the local bar scene with him, he may have an alcohol addiction. Or if all he wants to do is play video games with you, he may be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. There is nothing wrong with a few nights out at the club or playing a game or two along the way, but if it becomes an unhealthy pattern, listen to your gut feeling and understand that this may become the daily norm if you choose to stay in the relationship.

5. Balance. This is the toughest part of the equation. In your relationship, do you find yourself laughing more than crying? Do you find yourself enjoying sensual encounters, or do you feel like you’re practicing a duty? Do you both share similar dreams and convictions, or do you have to ask him, “What the heck are you thinking?” Can you have a sensible conversation with his family and he with yours? Do you both share a sense of oneness in both private and in public? Is there an equal amount of give and take or are you the one doing all the giving? Intuitively, you know what is the right choice for you. In matters of the heart, you may have to overlook some habits or behavioral patterns that you can live with - but if you feel in your soul that eventually some of these behaviors will compel you to run away, then now is the time to revisit your feelings and get in check with your intuition.

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5 Intuitive Signs to tell if He is Mr. Right
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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