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I feel challenged

Posted by Intuition Girl

felingknockedoutHello Joan Marie:

Sometimes I want to scream and have a tantrum.  I am a grown woman and know better but it doesn’t stop me from the way I feel—which is beaten and challenged.

I need some help so I can keep focused [as you so often say]  My father used to say that he grew up in the school of hard knox and to tell you the truth, I feel as though I am following in his foot prints.    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Veronica V, Oklahoma


Dear Veronica:

Whether we believe it or not, we grow stronger through adversity.  Instead of beating ourselves up over perceived difficulties, we need to find resolve and learn to use “adversity” to our own advantage.  More often than not, we encounter hurdles to reflect on what it is we are doing in life, where we’re going, and what we need to be doing.  Sometimes, we keep running into the same encounters because we have not yet comprehended the message we were supposed to learn the first time.  That’s not necessarily negative; though we may perceive it to be.

It is important to note, too, that while we may face adversity on many levels and at different stages in our lives, we should never be partner to creating our own drama.  We must rise above the adversity that comes into our lives, and take a responsible view of what that event or person(s) is trying to convey to us.

In most cases, adversity shows up to challenge our spirituality, our mentality, and sometimes our physical being.  We find strength and intuitive knowledge in our inner consciousness to sort reality from drama.  When we do, the real truth  that surfaces is a sage-like wisdom to overcome all obstacles.  The key, however, is being able to discern whether or not we want to learn from the experience or not.

When we choose to learn from adversity, we are one step closer to becoming enlightened and one rung higher on the ladder of the strong character you’d like to portray and be.

Your degree at the School of Hard Knox should be proudly displayed. The education and experience you receive in life is all part of the grand adventure of becoming part of the positive flow of Universal energy.  You are what you create, and adversity is simply part of the equation to fulfilling personal and spiritual growth on all levels.

Do not give in to the lower vibrations, instead honor your courage and strength.  You will achieve greatness by overcoming the adversities of life through your sheer willpower and determination to succeed.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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