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Inspiring the New YOU in the New Year

Posted by Intuition Girl

We’ve all heard about it, talked about it, and maybe we’ve even seen it in action…what I’m talking about is simple, unadulterated hope. What is it in 2009 that you want to achieve in life? The New Year holiday fanfare is over, the fireworks have all been blown, and the celebration has ended…now what? First things first — don’t let the celebration end! Why do you think we celebrate the New Year in the first place? It’s the perfect opportunity to create a new vision and belief in you. This is the best time for you to learn how to overcome challenging situations; and it allows you to rediscover your authentic self that is just waiting to get out from under all the hype of mundane living.

We often lose ourselves in the excitement of the New Year’s Eve and forget that we are allowed to continue to embrace and celebrate life in bigger and better ways. What a healthy, innovative way to move forward in life in this new year by reinventing yourself and creating an extraordinary lifestyle for yourself. For goodness sakes — when you get sour lemons, make lemonade! Make an oath to yourself that whatever comes your way, (or whatever has been in your way) you’re going to take a fresh perspective on the situation and choose the path that is right and prosperous for you!

Contrary to popular belief, “problems” don’t just creep up on us. Many times, we ignore clear and imminent threats because it’s easier to walk away from a situation than to deal with impending consequences. The truth is that no one wants to fight battles on a daily basis. The magnificent news is that with hope, the battles are half the struggle we imagine them to be; and when we see beyond the urgency of now, we can move forward with our heads held high and our hearts and minds in the right manner of thinking.

Are You the Silent Pessimist?

“I’m tired of trying to be positive — nothing good ever happens to me anyway.”
If you’ve made the preceding statement at least once, your mind and thoughts are in negative idle; and it’s time for you to switch gears and shift outside your proverbial box of negativity to rise above your current situation. For one moment, elevate yourself to a higher level of thinking so your authentic self can go to work for you. Close your eyes and open your mind. Be receptive to what hope can give you. Toss all the downbeat emotions you’ve been harboring for way too long. Now is not the time to give into the negative chains that have been binding you. Instead, visualize an image of what hope actually is. If you are realistic about it, you KNOW that hope can promise you a positive outlook. Once you have that image in your mind, you can actively create the life of your dreams!

Does creating an empowered life involve work?

You bet your bottom dollar it does! Manifesting an extraordinary lifestyle takes effort, diligence, discipline, and the ownership of your responsibility in the matter. It means listening to your authentic self and initiating the roadmap to your success. Remember the quote, “You are what you eat”? From here on out, I want you to think: “I am what I create.” Think about the skills or talents you possess. Sure, not all of us are cut out to be Michelangelo’s or Mozart’s; but hidden deep within the core of your being is an expert pining to explore the world and its opportunities. Perhaps you’re a professional at crafting frames, or you’re at the top of your league when it comes to bowling a perfect 300 game…think about the simple things you can do and what you can do with those skills to enhance your personal and professional life.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to think like one or to become one. You must only have enough hope to inspire you to act like a million bucks in order for you to achieve greatness in your life. 2009 is yet another reason for you to let your authentic self become the guiding light of your life. Open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities that surround you right this very moment. Believe me; you don’t have to look very far for success. You simply must want it and go after it with every ounce of your being. And remember too, time waits for no one. The sooner you get up and get moving in the right direction, the sooner you’ll begin to see results — REAL results. Start celebrating life like each moment is your diamond in the rough. Cast your ship and sail toward the Ivory Coast of life and reveal the hidden treasure that awaits you.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Joan Marie the Gift

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