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How to Navigate and Successfully use Your Soul Blueprint for Living

Posted by Intuition Girl

man-meditatingIn my lifestyle makeover programs, you’ll discover that everyone possesses it but only a few people utilize it – what I’m talking about is your remarkable soul blueprint for living. The greater part of the population would really like to better understand how to effectively decode their blueprint for living; primarily because their future happiness depends on it. However, many of us have not been able to access our blueprint for life because we’ve lost the powerful and energetic connection to the Universal flow of energy.

You see, to strategically chart the way toward fulfilling your most desired needs, goals and wishes, you have to put your mentality in lifestyle makeover mode so you can accelerate your personal evolution. You possess great inner wisdom and powerful intuitive powers to effortlessly manifest your deepest desires. But how do I access my blueprint for living, you ask? First things first: you need to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Are you ready to change your lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to take your personal development to the next level?
  • Are you ready to strategically map out a personal growth program tailored to suit your heart’s desires?
  • Are you ready to attract what is lacking in your personal or professional life?
  • Are you ready to discover your life purpose?

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of the abovementioned questions, then you are ready to learn the secret of your life blueprint and how to navigate its chart for your ultimate success.

This powerful blueprint for living will dramatically help steer you in the right direction toward becoming a leader in your life. Beyond helping you to perform at more innovative and advanced levels of efficiency, your soul blueprint for life empowers you to rise to the lead position to advance your defined goals and visions.  What’s more, once you’ve cracked the code to your personal DNA blueprint, you can develop, strengthen and preserve the relationship of your wildest dreams. But it’s not just about accomplishing your life ambitions, your blueprint for life helps you gain clarity and focus in both your personal and professional endeavors.  It can also support you in restoring your life energy and drive, which is essential in moving you toward financial freedom and prosperity.

Your blueprint for living is your vital foundation that is essential to manifest your life transformation. To discover what your soul blueprint wants you to achieve in life, you must only seek within yourself.  That’s it? Aside from looking within yourself, you need to use your intuitive powers to chart your course for success.  Part of this can be achieved by designing a mind map of your life.  To create a prosperous lifestyle makeover, it is necessary that you concentrate on the end result; so let’s take out a sheet of paper and draw a circle in the middle of it.

Now, I want you to really think about what you most desire in life.  If your heart is set on an entirely new lifestyle, then write “lifestyle makeover” in the middle of your sphere.  Without further adieu, draw some lines extending outward from your central circle.  What types of ideas and thoughts come to your mind when you think of your lifestyle makeover?  Maybe you want to lose weight, get a new car, a new house, or a new wardrobe.  Use your imagination and sketch a sports car or a house. If you want to manifest more money in your life and attract wealth to you, you can draw dollar signs ($) and the monetary amount you’d like to acquire. Next, think of actions you can take to achieve your heart’s desires.

Reinvent your thoughts and think about what steps you need to take to design your lifestyle change.  You already have an idea about the material items that are attached to your lifestyle makeover, but what specifically, can you do to reach your goal? Perhaps a career change is in order, or maybe you could do with additional education and training to improve your odds at achieving a new profession?  What about your thought patterns?  Are you holding onto negative experiences from your past? These are all important items you will need to address on your mind map.

After you’ve created a rough draft of your mind map, find a quiet place where you can gain clarity and peace of mind to really focus on your goal. Since you already have your mind map to achieve your lifestyle makeover, this would be an excellent time to start using your blueprint for living. Begin your journey to success with a few self exploration exercises that can help you develop your intuition and your soul power. While meditation is always a good method to develop your inner wisdom, you can refer to my book, “Soul- Discovery: 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts” for additional techniques to fine-tune your intuitive powers.

Because you have set the wheels into motion to move towards your lifestyle makeover, you can expand your blueprint for living when you choose to remove blockages from the past. As you begin to rise above emotional distress, you create an atmosphere of positive intention.  The more positive energy you filter into your life, the more you will discover how the Universal flow of energy will work more closely and definitively with you to help you achieve success and prosperity. Not only will this influential force strengthen your power, but you will also discover that your life purpose is right before your eyes.

If you’re really geared up to fulfill your destiny, and you’re still not quite certain how to efficiently use your blueprint for life, feel free to sign up for one of my lifestyle makeover programs today.  Go ahead, you’re worth it.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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