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Inspirational Video – Speaking up for yourself

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Today is all about working together, connecting and helping each other along the way.

Looking in all the Wrong Places: 5 Personality Types in Relationships

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True love is sometimes difficult to define and can be even more difficult to discover in our lives. But it is when we are not so desperately searching for it, that it finds us. The difference here is that when love “finds” you, it is simply because you have opened yourself up to the possibility of a relationship.

What do you want out of a love relationship? Is it romance, a safe environment, a trusting friendship, security or a soul-mate? You say you want it all? You can have a lasting and true relationship if you stop looking in all the wrong places and open your mind, body and spirit to the potential that exists around you:

1. The “needy” relationship – if you are drawing “needy” people in your life it is often because you come across as strong and dependable but in truth, you are needy yourself and are like a magnet drawing that energy to you. Strong and dependable are wonderful attributes to have. But in order to attract equally strong personalities in your life, you have to go where those prospects exist. If you are frequenting the bar scene, you might be limiting your potential. Try attending arts and crafts shows, musical events, community seminars, plays, and other educational and enlightening venues. You may just bump into your future soul mate.

2. The “fast and furious” relationship—if you find yourself in these types of partnerships, you will notice that you might mesh well on the onset but then things turn sour quickly. It becomes a relationship of anxious gratification and constant struggle. You might have an exciting love life, but the dialog is hot and tempered. You transcend these types of relationships by a deeper look at your relationship and allow your love to be nurtured slowly and carefully. Remember, only fools rush in. Don’t do it!

3. The “weighted” relationship – this is an interesting one. This is the relationship where you discover that your mate is carrying two tons of baggage in his/her life. This person traps you—and the next thing you know, you are battling their inner demons and you’re weighted down along with your partner. The truth is that we all carry around a little more emotional baggage than we should. When we learn to let go of it, we begin attracting like-minded, like-spirited people in our lives, which is ultimately what we desire.

4. The “rope-a-dope” relationship – what? Yes, there are those individuals who just want to have a short fling and are not seriously interested in a long-term relationship. You can easily detect these potential partners by their often aloof conversations and avoidance issues. That personality may offer you his/her heart on their sleeve, but he/she will not take you home to have dinner with you and he/she won’t introduce you to their friends. It is perfectly natural to wait a while before bringing your significant other to family reunions and the like, but be careful if you begin noticing signs of secrecy or evasion.

5. The “OCD” relationship – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder– You think you have found the perfect partner. He wants to do everything for you. In fact, he does everything for you. Then you begin to realize that you no longer can do anything for or by yourself. These individuals, though well intentioned, can quickly put a cramp in your lifestyle and begin to control every aspect in your life. The smartest step anyone should take when entering a love relationship is to lay down some ground rules. That does not mean one should be brash and demanding, but for all sanity purposes, be sure to let your potential partner know how you feel and that there are some things in your routine that you would like to keep your own. Having your personal sacred space is often a healthy way to maintain an endearing relationship. Remember, to treat yourself and everyone else with love, when you do, everything else falls into place. Aim for a common ground. The care with which you approach any relationship will be reflected in your attitude and behavior.

Overall, it is vital that you keep your wits about you and instead of jumping into a relationship heart-first, take it slow and easy. To build a lasting foundation built on trust, love and understanding, you must first fall in love with yourself and then the rest will follow. It is a constant process of tuning into your gut-feelings, your intuitive abilities. Allow your intuition to guide your way. You will be glad you did.

Joan Marie

Inspirational Message – Don’t assume that nothing is happening in your life

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Today’s Inspirational Message is about being prepared and expect the unexpected.

Inspirational Message – Feeling Worthy

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Today’s Video is about being worthy. Honor who you are in this lifetime.

Manifesting Your Dreams during Crisis

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4 Tips to Preserving Your Livelihood and Manifesting Wealth

Today’s economic and credit crunch has driven some individuals to the brink of bankruptcy and sadly, even suicide. However, if some of these individuals had only taken the time to listen to their intuition and had strategically planned their outcomes, they may not have ended up in the situations they did. I want you to succeed, as does your Higher Source. You were created to be a unique and powerful human being, who can achieve any thing if you only have enough faith to do so.

It’s always a good idea to let go and let god. It’s not an arduous task, really. It’s simply turning over the wheel so that your higher consciousness can guide you in the appropriate direction. Too many times, people have control issues and don’t want to let others, especially a spiritual force lead their lives. It puts a cramp in their style. “I don’t need someone else telling me what to do or guide me in a specific direction,” they say. It’s not about having someone or a Higher Power “telling you what to do,” It’s more or less about allowing your inner wisdom to lead you. Your inner wisdom, by the way, is directly connected to the Universal flow of energy, which is an essential part of your Higher Consciousness.

To understand how all of this comes into play in manifesting your life dreams, you need look no further than your intuition so you can maintain your livelihood and create the lifestyle you want to lead.

Here are four tips to doing just that:

1. Listen to your gut feelings. If something doesn’t appear right to you, or your gut is telling you to move forward, then analyze the situation and proceed. Either way you go, you have at least taken the time to really listen to your inner wisdom. When you listen to your intuition, it helps you to stay focused in order to succeed.

2. Learn self-discipline. In order to create an extraordinary lifestyle, you have to become proactive in the role of your personal and professional growth. That means you must practice courage, discipline, and enthusiasm to gain wealth freedom and to achieve prosperity in all aspects of your life.

3. Define your intentions and create your mind map. Defining your intentions means that you need to really take note of what it is you want to attain in life. If you truly want to manifest your life dreams, you have to know what it is you are seeking. If you desire a new career, a life partner, a family, or maybe you just want to achieve inner peace in your life – whatever you define your goals to be are your intentions. When you have intentions, these are going to become part of the mind map of what you want to create in your life.

Your mind map can be sketched on a yellow sticky note, a journal, or on a spiral notebook. You don’t have to be an artist, but you do need some crayons, a pencil, markers, or a pen – no matter, you pick. What’s important is knowing what your intentions are, and drawing out ways to accomplish your intentions. For example, if your ultimate goal is simply leading a happy, fulfilling life – draw out items that you equate with being happy. Remember, you don’t have to be a Michelangelo – just simple artwork like $$ symbols, squares and triangles (for homes), female or male stick figures will do, too. Draw lines to the central part of your mind map to connect all of these wonderful things, feelings, places, and even words to create your personal mind map. Now that you’ve defined your intentions and created your mind map, the next step is to…

4. Design your strategic vision action plan. As a part of the Manifestation Method, the strategic vision action plan helps you to acquire financial freedom in your life. This unique plan was created to help you align your thoughts with the correct action plan and your mind map to achieve positive results you want in life. By using this innovative strategic vision action plan, you will suddenly begin to see your wealth begin to overflow. And when I say wealth, I mean wealth in a broader sense – wealth in finances, wealth in health, wealth in happiness, wealth in relationships, etc.

You see, you can still manifest your dreams during a crisis. You just have to have the right set of mind tools and the right mindset to get you on your way. The rest is up to you!

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