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Needing relationship advice

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Joan Marie,

I can honestly answer the question that if I had money I would not stay in my marriage.  Neither my husband nor I are happy but I think we stay because we have children (and me because it’s more financially secure).  We had an argument yesterday and he mentioned that we both messed up by getting married to each other because I’m not the one for him and he’s not the one for me.  I feel the same way.  I can even look back and see that there were flashing stop signs all over the place in the beginning and throughout our relationship before we even got married.  The classic case of “I wish I knew then what I know now”.

I was confiding in an older lady friend (someone like a mother figure) who put it pretty bluntly that I might as well just stay because no one else out there is going to want me because I have three children.  She says that’s too much baggage and it’s easier to have two incomes than just one.  I’m scared to stay and let my life pass me by and I’m scared to leave and face the unknown and struggle with financial issues.  I feel trapped.

Any advice?

Thank you.



Dear Elizabeth:

I thought your question was brilliant!  My mom is going to answer this one because she, too, experienced a marriage that didn’t work.  I, therefore, believe that she is the right person to address your concerns.

Dear Elizabeth – When I read your question, I completely understood the tug in your heart and the unhappiness that you are experiencing.  Both you and your husband have agreed that your marriage is not working.  As I see it, you have two choices:

One to take measures to work it out, such as counseling, which also requires a change in both of your attitudes and behavior as well as in changing the environment in your home or separation; whether that results in divorce or not.  If both of you are in agreement that this union should have never taken place and both of you want to see a change, then both of you will need to sit down – communicate in a civil tone and mannerism and work on your alternatives.

My dear friend, a choice based on fear cannot be one of your decisions.  If you are only willing to stay in this relationship because of a strong sense of security, then you will never be happy or feel content.

I divorced my first husband with four young children ages 2-7 and at the time, I hadn’t worked during those seven years.  I started a new career with an investment from a friend of $500.00, which I paid back, and the rest is history.

It would be foolish and false for me to say that this is going to be easy because it is not.  I made a decision, and from that day forward I knew that I must take responsibility for the outcome for my four children and myself.  My husband did not support us financially even though he did move out of the house.  I picked myself up by the bootstraps, so to speak, and for the next eight years I worked very long hours both on the job and as a Mom.  We became a family of five and all of my free time was spent nurturing and supporting my children.  It was only after eight years when I was stable and secure in my own right that I was able to meet and spend time with others.  I did re-marry and my four children benefited from that union.

You have a lot of thinking to do.  This is not an easy decision.  There are many factors that need to be examined by you and I encourage you to be realistic.   It is my personal opinion that a mother‘s primary responsibility is to her children, then to her spouse.  I took that responsibility very seriously and I never wavered from it.  Yes, it was hard.  Yes it was exhausting and no, I had no family support.  Whatever choices you and your husband make, please remember that you still can be a family with your three children and they can still feel safe and secure even if you do not always experience those same thoughts.

Seek guidance from God and the angels.  They will most definitely help you on your journey if you ask them.  Ask for courage, strength and guidance.  Nothing is impossible if you truly believe.

Many blessings to you,

Joan Marie Ambrose, the MOM

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How your Life will look

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When you follow your inner compass.

How many times have you went camping or perhaps on a long-distance car trip?  Would you go without a compass or a map to locate your way through the rough terrain? That’s obvious: you wouldn’t. Most folks are conscious about their travel plans and want to make certain that they know where they are going and how to get from point A to point B. Now, imagine if you just had an inner compass to guide you along your way. Surprisingly, you do. But, in most cases, you either didn’t realize you had one, and if you knew you had one, you might not use it to your best advantage.

Today I am going to tell you how to tap into your inner compass, and how to make your inner compass useful to you. First, I want you to think about the core of your very being. What drives you, what compels you to act or do the things you do? Is it your train of thought? Is it a dream you have? No. In fact, your inner compass is that gut feeling, that raw instinct that tells you what you need to do and how to do it when the chips are stacked against you. It’s that inner drive, your intuition that gives you the hints and tips to sustain the life you are living, and the innate resourcefulness to mold the life you truly want to lead.

From this day forward I want you remember the word LEAP: Live Effectively and Prosperous. Every time you are countered with a decision in your life or when a challenge presents itself to you, I want you to LEAP. When you engrain this simple four-letter word into your mind and into your core being, you are metaphorically taking a LEAP forward in your life. You are actively making the choice to use your inner compass to lead you in a forward motion.

In life, you are often thrown monkey wrenches and twists and turns that you did not anticipate. That is where your inner compass and your “LEAP” mode come into play. Instead of being the forever damsel in distress or the prisoner to your own invisible bars, you are making your inner compass available and useful to you. What is your gut feeling telling you? Shhh…listen. Nine times out of ten, it is giving you the necessary directions to complete your goals; complete your journey.

Use your inner compass wisely. Use it daily. And never forget to LEAP. The end result of how your life will look is only determined by your mind’s eye and how you imagine it to be. The possibilities are endless.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

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How your Life will Look
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her Manifestation Method Program and Lifestyle Makeover Programs are designed to help people change their lives. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go

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Focus on You Transcript

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Good Morning! Groundhog Day was certainly a blast! I am thankful for all the wonderful folks who participated in my “Focus on You” LIVE Chat last night!

Some of you may have missed last night’s LIVE Chat on my Facebook Group, “Focus on You”. Below is a transcript of our LIVE feed. Hopefully some of you will be able to find the answers you are seeking here — and if not, be sure to stay tuned for announcements on my next FREE LIVE Chat on “Focus on You”. Once logged onto your Facebook account, you can join the group, “Focus on You” here:

February 2, 2011 “Focus on You” Transcript:

Cristina Barcia} Thank you Joan. . .Always your fan!

Joan Marie Whelan} I knew it was you!!!!! Girl- how are you??? We miss you and the gang at your office- I was thinking of you all recently….. I wish you could participate in the 5 month program…. it is amazing and you will go through the roof in a good way. I have so many men in this class- it would be nice to have a few more women. Who would have thought that.

You need to daily own the truth of who you are- this is for all of you- hugs, JM

Cristina Barcia} Miss you too! My best to your mom too . . God, I loved that course and the one after. . haha. . I don’t feel I am in a position to take the 5 month course at the present moment, though. . Feel like I have to own up to the tools you taught us (ME) in the first 2. . .Make sense?

Cristina Barcia} Your word “daily” in your response struck me. . . Got that one.

Donna Lynn} Thanks for the love!

Kristen Cort} Thank you Joan Marie!! : )

Joan Marie Whelan} I had so much fun with you all tonight!!! This was very productive. Let’s do it again. Look for an announcement on my next live chat. I am sending you all so much love.

I also answer questions- in my free newsletter – if you are not signed up please do- love you all, JM

Donna Lynn} What do you see for the future?

Joan Marie Whelan} Donna:- you are not owning what you are praying for! You have to be it at the same time-look at what is blocking you- this will help.

Donna Lynn} Hugs for you!!!

Joan Marie Whelan} Cristina: were you in my Manifestation Method Program!

Cristina Barcia} yes (blush)

Joan Marie Whelan} Carol Ann- it is not about the other’s responding or not- it is what you are doing about it for yourself. When we keep things in and process in silence it actually hurts you and doesn’t help you.

The key is respect and putting your foot down and speaking up and saying this is what serves me and what we as a family need to begin working on and experiencing. Hope this helps. Hugs, JM

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd }Thank you, JM :)

Cristina Barcia} Joan Marie – Can you see in what other areas I have to prepare more? Where should I lean towards first? I just see so much that I have to work on (again). . Maybe help me list?

Jill Engelmann} maybe do instead of TRY!!!

Donna Lynn} I keep trying to raise my energy level by prayer/meditation and not worrying so I can have simple abundance…

Jill Engelmann} Love the sun thing!!! I feel tan already… lol

Joan Marie Whelan} Kristen- it is not just about ding- it is about what is going on inside of you. The best way to describe it- is the sun lives inside of you- feel the sun rays beaming in every cell of your body- and ramping up your watts internally. Hugs, JM

Donna Lynn} I love what you told Jill! What do you see for me?

Joan Marie Whelan} Donna: What are you expecting on 2/11- ? The 12th no is more highlighted for you- I am being honest. You need to step up in order to create more.

Money is just energy- in order for more to come in- we have to be at a level in order for it to come in…. you need to raise your vibration- which is your energy frequency.

Kristen Cort} Joan Marie, I have really been working n meditating, journaling, exercising, everything I can to increase my vibrational level. How do you see this benefiting me in this year to come?

Joan Marie Whelan} Jill- how good is my intuition!!! LOL- I knew you were looking for a job. I truly feel it is right around the corner. March is a good month for you. It maybe a referral that gets you the job. You are close so do not give up.

You are powerful and wise- can you consult? Great love is coming for you this year- late summer / fall for sure- but spring is good to get out and enjoy – you will be dating sooner than you think.

Joan Marie Whelan} 2011 is a year of being very prepared. Now more than ever is the time for all of us to step up your game- gain clarity and insight to your own life.

There will be great change this year for many! The key for us is not to get taken out by it but “rise up”. The only way to do this is have a solid foundation.

Cristina Barcia} How would you term 2011? What should we as individuals focus on so that we help ourselves focus correctly.

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} Good question…

Cristina Barcia} I ask ’cause for me I feel I have been out of focus. .. and regressed to a state I don’t want to be in.

Donna Lynn} Is Feb 11th an important date for me and do you see success in my near future or more money?

Joan Marie Whelan} Jill- you are funny! maybe we are related!!! I do see great things for you but I also feel you need to be a bit more persistent. In the end you will get what you want but there will be a few delays. The key for you is to not get so frustrated and immediately begin working on the solutions.

I feel like you need a job or more money – what is it you are looking for?

Jill Engelmann} funny my initials are JM also.. :0

Jill Engelmann} Hi Joan Marie, Can you see GREAT POSITIVE things happening in the near future, like tomorrow? LOL

Joan Marie Whelan} JILL; What is your question… thanks… JM

Joan Marie Whelan} Dear Kristen: Great questions- what is blocking you- I see some fear in you especially around 3 years old…. we all have fear in life but if we can go back to the root of it- and see what caused it- it is like a domino effect and help heal all areas of your life. I do not want to get too personal with you on FB unless you want me to- but I do see some yelling going on- when you were younger- it was around you- again it can be with family- at school or in an environment not directed at you- but you felt it.

Life lesson for you and many of you on tonight is speaking up form your heart and sharing your truth. I am going to post on my website a free download- of a powerful meditation that will assist you with childhood blocks… I will get it up this week.

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd } Yes, you can post your questions and Joan Marie is answering! :)

Jill Engelmann} THANKS!!!

Joan Marie Whelan} HI Donna: I just sent you two comments- and they are not showing up- I cannot comment- of course tonight of all nights…. so in a quick nutshell-

You are not meant to struggle. You are very creative and I want you to step outside your comfort zone and take some risks. You need to be clear on the word struggle and how is it serving you. I know you must be screaming it is not- but somehow there is a payoff or you would not need to struggle.

Make peace with where you are! It is a must or you will continue this. You can create much more in life. Let’s also look at where is all the scarcity in your life…. you need to also be open to receiving. You are not fully there or more would come in… feel comfortable being vulnerable and safe…. love you, JM

Jill Engelmann } Hi Joan Marie, can we ask questions to you? I’m not even sure if you can see what I write? LOL

Kristen Cort} Jill, I think you need to post at the top of the page instead of commenting : )

Joan Marie Whelan} HI Donna: The yellow roses are for you- they mean joy- so you must need a bit more joy in your life. The key for you is can you connect back to that piece of you that did not feel safe and connect with her- read my comment t Kristen it will help… hugs, JM

Joan Marie Whelan} Kristen- when I say speak up form your heart. I do believe it is important to be honest. I feel that you can share with people how they treat you or speak to you hurts you.

I do not feel we need to yell and scream back.. We are all human and have your moments. When we keep your emotions in- then and some point we explode. Also how people are speaking to you- either helps you to feel good about you and supports you or takes you out.

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} I’ve got a question in response to this, Joan Marie… I am one of those, who probably like Kristen, holds back a lot of emotions because that’s how I personally deal with situations. I kind of have to work through them in silence…one of my biggest fears is the potential that a lack of responsiveness may occur when speaking form the ♥ ?

Joan Marie Whelan} Kristen- you do not believe in you- and that is why you are in a holding pattern you are feeding into self doubt and again a big theme with you is you are scared deep within. How to heal your fear is to go back to when you were most frightened- see yourself at that time and then have you now – as an adult g talk t the frightened child and talk with her- ask her what she needs form you- let her know you are in charge now and begin building a relationship with her….. hope this helps… hugs, JM

Donna Lynn} I always felt unprotected as a child growing up w/ my father in a rough neighborhood…and going on further than a BA is frustrating to me…oh thanks Joan Marie-I just saw the post…I love dark pink roses-my living room has blue couches and carpet…I don’t remember the yellow for mom but I’m glad she is smiling…She saw an angel before she died…: )

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} I know that Sasha Sabbeth was really excited about tonight’s event…wonder if she is going to be here.

Joan Marie Whelan} Donna: I will say your mom is smiling in heaven! she loves yellow roses- and or you do too! she is showing me lots of flowers- a lit candle and a gold chain- do you have green in your home- I am seeing green and blue- it could be a rug- a chair- I feel like it is in the TV room-

Donna Lynn} I miss her…She worked hard and had a tough life…

Joan Marie Whelan} Donna:– you are so funny- Your mom definitely did her best- and she did the best she could……

Joan Marie Whelan} Kristen- question 2- tools to help you all- the bottom line for everyone is to make peace with what is blocking you- this alone helps to diminish it.

This may sound crazy but everything is energy – so your blocks also have a vice- where did this vice come from…. somewhere you are repeating history and this needs to stop.

To build confidence- you need to build your wheel of self esteem- every night before you go to bed- list a few things on why is it good to be you!

Donna Lynn} Are you sure you are picking up these vibes form Kristen? I came from a home with a lot of yelling going on but there was lots of love as well! My mom did her best!

Joan Marie Whelan} Cristina: Great questions…. Forgiveness is about you- not them. Your family members are not going to change nor are they supposed to.  You need to look at yourself and say why am I participating in this and how do I want to show up in these situations….. The truth is- you need to come at this as a Leader and you can also let them know form your heart what you are looking for from them.

What were your lessons? You not trusting is about you- not them. You need t trust yourself and put yourself in good situations also speak up. Once you trust you- life will change… hope this helps… Hugs, JM

Donna Lynn} I posted questions earlier-do you want me to repeat them…It’s hard to find peace when there is so much turmoil (monetary and family)

Kristen Cort} Joan Marie, I feel like I have been stuck in a holding pattern. In my career, and in relationships. I am having trouble moving forward in these areas.

Joan Marie Whelan} Read your responses- and let me know if something comes up for you- with what I wrote and if you have more questions or need more guidance… thanks- JM

Joan Marie Whelan} HI All- I am here commenting and it is not showing up – we are looking into it… otherwise I will post form here – the top….

Donna Lynn} Hey, I can read your comment…all

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} Hey Donna Lynn– yes, I’m here with Joan Marie and she is experiencing one of FB’s infamous tech glitches in not being able to comment. So she has to answer questions from the top end of the thread. :) She is such a sweet and patient woman! :)

Donna Lynn} …and then press SHARE…lol

Donna Lynn} I think it is best to post form the top!

Donna Lynn} Joan Marie, why do I feel I am destined for greater things when life is such a struggle to make ends meet?

Joan Marie Whelan} Hi All: I am here- and will begin reading and answering questions!!! I see some are here all ready and yes- send more we are starting…. JM

Kristen Cort} Hello Joan Marie!

Donna Lynn} Sasha, are you here? Joan Marie, are you waiting for more peeps?

Joan Marie Whelan} We’ll be live-thread chatting @ 6pm PST / 9 pm EST. Post your questions as Kristen Cort has below and I will be answering you all as time permits! Looking forward t it tonight! Blessings, JM :)

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} I think Joan Marie is going to be on here shortly!

Donna Lynn} oh good!

CarolAnn BaileyLloyd} I’m fairly excited about this event tonight — looking forward to seeing what type of advice Joan Marie can offer us :)

Cristina Barcia} I remember parts of your lectures in the past with regards to forgiveness and releasing the resentment of those who wrong you. I want to forgive peple who are close to me and are still very present in my life. My struggle is that the wrongs they have done to me, those few wrongs that affect my ability to trust, are patterns of their behavior that they chose NOT to change. Now, an easy answer to  this question would be to just separate myself from these peple. But I honestly can’t. Because I don’t want to. Is that really the only option in a scenario like this? Am I making sense with this question here? Thank you

Joan Marie Whelan} Becoming a Positive Flame

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” ~ William Shakespeare    I believe that we can all shed a little light in the darkness of your recent times.

Joan Marie Whelan} Don’t forget! Tomorrow night is the night! 9pm EST/ 6pm PT RIGHT HERE! If you would like to post some questions on this group today, I’ll be reviewing them tomorrow and answering as many as I can! :) Blessings – JM

Sasha Sabbeth} OK. I am clear now. Really looking forward to this!

Sasha Sabbeth} In fact, xoxoxo

Sasha Sabbeth} Would someone please tell me the logistics of how this works. The Live Chat begins at 6:00 PM PST. Do we just come to this page and follow the posts? Thank you.

Joan Marie Whelan} See my note about tonight’s event! :)

Donna Lynn} Hi Joan Marie! I don’t know why my life has always been a struggle to make ends meet…I always felt I was destined for greater things…

Kristen Cort} I am so excited about this! Thank you for sharing your gift s generously. Here are some questions I have : )

1. How can I hone in on what is causing energy blockages within me, or what is in the way of me achieving my goals.

2. When I become clear on what is hindering me, what are some exercises, or tools I can use to overcome the blocks.

3. What are some tools or exercises I can use to increase my confidence and let go of the past.

Thank you Joan Marie!!

Cristina Barcia} You and I just met here. . .but I am with you on these questions. . I hope she answers. . Take care

Joan Marie Whelan} The date has been set friends — I am looking forward to sharing a LIVE thread with you on this group! Have your questions ready! Event details are set below! Blessings — JMW

Joan Marie Whelan} LIVE Facebook Chat Event | Intuition Girl

Wednesday, February 2nd, Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan will be hosting a LIVE Facebook Chat on my group “Focus on You” 9pm EST/6pm PST

Sasha Sabbeth} Looking forward to it is an understatement!

Joan Marie Whelan} Welcome to the Focus on YOU group, where I’ll be announcing dates and times for future chats with me. I look forward to speaking with you soon! – Blessings, JMW

Theresa Buck Baldwin} Joan Marie I am so excited about this…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Theresa Buck Baldwin} Joan Marie what an amazing gift! Thanks so much for giving of your time and talent.

Sasha Sabbeth} I am completely with you, Theresa! Thank you Joan Marie.

Sasha Sabbeth} Joan Marie! Thank you for putting this together!

Trusting Yourself means trusting your Inner Compass

Posted by Intuition Girl

Can you truly trust yourself to make all the right choices for your life? If you even hesitated slightly on that answer, your inner compass might not be in sync with your potentiality. Ideally, you want to gain and maintain perfect balance with your intuition so that you can attract and achieve overall health, wealth and prosperity in all areas of your lifestyle.

Understanding and making wise decisions is a choice you proactively make in alignment with your inner compass. In doing so, you are automatically setting yourself up for success. Ultimately, that is what anyone wants in life: to be a success. Successful in love, professionally successful, successful in health…the list goes on and on. What has been stopping you from owning your success?

To guide your journey in life, you must be willing to become the leader of your life. Remember in elementary school when the teacher made you the line leader? Wasn’t that a great feeling? All of a sudden you get to control how fast or slow your line goes. Not only that, you got to choose what direction the line was going to go and where it was going to wind up. Now, imagine if you had that control over your own life… Well, actually you do. Maybe you just have not realized that yet…or perhaps you have not been letting your intuition, your inner compass, give you the directional aides to help move you in the appropriate path.

It is really not all that difficult to fine-tune your inner guidance. In fact, the more you facilitate it, the sharper and brighter it becomes.  And as you extract your intuition to meet your daily needs, you find that you are simultaneously and harmoniously putting balance where it belongs: in tune with Universal flow of energy.

What have you done to create the change you want to see in your life? Let’s get started on all your hopes and dreams in this new decade. It is never too late to become the leader of your life and it is never too late to refine your inner compass to get you there!

Allow me, Joan Marie, to help guide you on your journey to self discovery and help move you in rhythm with your inner compass today!  I am offering a new 5-Month Interactive Program on Following your Inner Compass starting in February.  I invite you to learn more about it and see if it is a perfect fit for you.

Until we speak again,

I am, Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

© Copyright – All Rights Reserved
Trusting yourself means trusting your Inner Compass
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her Manifestation Method Program and Lifestyle Makeover Programs are designed to help people change their lives. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go

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Habits you can Kick this New Year

Posted by Intuition Girl

What? How do you know that I can kick my habit, Joan Marie, you ask? Oh, I know you can kick your habit. It all depends on if you know that you can kick your habit and how willing you are to make that change.  So what habits can you help me kick? Good question. If you are like countless others on the behavior treadmill, it is easy to get on and off the merry-go-round to which we have acclimated ourselves. One day you are up to the challenge, the next you are throwing in the towel. Sound like your situation? Have no fear because I am going to give you a list of habits that you can and will rid yourself if you are willing to participate in your own new behavior modification strategy!

Smoking like a freight train? Well, let’s take a walk back in your history and let’s figure out what hooked you on this nasty little habit. Was it peer pressure in high school? Maybe your parents smoked? Maybe you reach for that cigarette because you thought it was cool or even when you feel stressed or upset? Whatever your reasoning is for this habit, it is a behavior that you have learned to use as a crutch or safety net for yourself. For some it’s smoking, for others it’s a glass of scotch or food. I want you to think back to when you began this habit? Remember the first time you encountered this habit? What prompted you to participate in it? When you recreate the feeling you had that initiated your habit, you are able to understand, accept it and come to terms with it. Now say to yourself, “This habit no longer serves me. I do not need it. I am over it.” In other words, you can shift your mind set if you consciously choose to do so.

Whether it’s smoking, overeating, overindulging in shopping, nail biting, drinking too much, or other obsessive compulsive disorders or addictions — YOU have the power to conquer these habits slowly and completely once you understand the reason why you started it in the first place. Remember these experiences are not necessary for your lifestyle. You are the creator of your everyday life. Just as you choose to go after love, jobs, success, friendships or business dealings (among other pursuits), you can actively choose to spend your time, money and physical health on habits that can ultimately harm you or you can choose to spend your time, money and physical health on healthy new habits that will bring you success, happiness and peace in your life. Again, it boils down to your willingness to steer your behaviors in healthier, useful directions. All habits can be changed through discipline, conscious awareness and your sincere willingness to alter your outcome for the better.

Does this mean I have to make out a list of resolutions? Nope. I encourage you, however, to draw a map of the life you want to achieve and maintain. If it’s smoking you want to kick to the curb, or you want to lose the extra pounds you’ve put on over the years, make up your mind to do so … and DO IT. Draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Nothing fancy. Now in that circle is an image of you. What do you want connected to that central image? Health? Wealth? Happiness? Love?  All of these can be yours when you reject the notion that you have to have or experience something to live.

You are required a few essentials for living: shelter, food, water and air to breathe. The rest comes second nature. If you want a long, happy and prosperous life, you now have the choice to pursue exactly that. See, I told you that you can kick your habits. For what are you waiting? And I don’t want you to do it for the ones you love; I want you to do it for yourself. Once you love yourself fully and understand that these habits no longer serve you, you suddenly find that you have the freedom and empowerment to do all the things you always wanted to do without any regrets.

Still need some pointers or a personalized strategy to help you in 2011? Call my office and let’s work together to create the life you want to lead without the habits that have been holding you hostage.  I know you will be glad you did.

Until we speak again,

I am, Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

© Copyright – All Rights Reserved
Habits you can Kick this New Year
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her Manifestation Method Program and Lifestyle Makeover Programs are designed to help people change their lives. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go to:

Learn more about Certified Master Intuitive Joan Marie Whelan – Intuitive Counseling and Intuition Coaching Specialist

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