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The other man in her life

Posted by Intuition Girl


Hi Joan, can you help me? I’m in love with a lovely woman she’s in love with me too.   She is with a guy that treats her bad and she doesn’t know how to get away from him. She loves me dearly. We see each other from a distance and see each other when we can. We want to be with each other forever. She just doesn’t know how to get out. He hits her and treats her bad. I treat her like a queen and she means the world to me and she loves it. Can you help – have you got a book or anything that can help us with our love can send to me to buy that will bring us together permanently? We only want to spend our lives’ together and be happy together. Thank you – have a lovely day.

Yours sincerely, Paul

We are soul mates that belong together


Dear Paul:

You and your friend may be soul mates but it is possible that you do not belong together.  Remember one very important message:  we all have free will to choose what we want to experience in our lives.  You tell me that your friend loves you and wants to be with you yet she chooses to remain with a person who is abusive and appears to be controlling.  Not until she makes the choice to change her life, will that happen in a positive way.  If she is living in fear, then she needs to go to the authorities and seek protection.  To get out of a harmful situation means simply walking away.  I realize that this may seem simplistic but it is a great truth.  Is she staying with him because she feels indebted or secure?  There can be many possibilities that come to mind so I say to you, Paul, unless this person is willing to give up what she is currently experiencing, you should move on and find a relationship that will better serve you, your life and bring you joy.


Joan Marie, the Gift – Intuition Master

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A matter of integrity

Posted by Intuition Girl


How do I deal when someone questions/doubts my integrity?

I am in the process of suing someone and did everything, I was supposed to; however, when I asked regarding the payment, I was told to wait, until my papers were received in the court.

Thanks,     Maria


Dear Maria:

Integrity is a very noble characteristic trait that we all should desire to possess.  Sometimes in life it is not a question of believing in you and your side of the story as it is in believing that their side of the story has greater value and merit to them.  I do not know your entire situation to comment properly; however, I can say, that life does often require a bit of give and take.  If you are suing someone because you believe you are right, it is possible that your motive may be honest and noble but in reality it might be better to walk away or be willing to pay an attorney, court expenses and other types of fees just to prove your point.

The Universe knows your heart and will ultimately help you find solace and peace.  Being right doesn’t always get you the result that you are seeking.  Being wise does, it helps you accept the solution that will allow you to forgive and live with inner peace.

Blessing to you on your journey,

Joan Marie the gift, Intuition Master

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Who is my guardian angel?

Posted by Intuition Girl


Joan Marie…I just love you and would really enjoy meeting you…maybe one of these days I will?!   Anyway – my question to you is years ago I was told that my guardian angel is a relative of mine, now of course when I heard that I asked: “well who is it?”  I was then told I’m the only one who would know that and sorry to say I don’t know who it is. I’m very curious and would appreciate your help with this if you can!?

Thanks a million and God bless you and your family

Donna L. Berry


Dear Donna:

Each one of us has a Guardian Angel who looks after us, possibly is even our personal assistant who is from the other realm.  We can have more than one angel who watches over us and who helps us out in various ways. We can also have a deceased relative who has chosen to be an angel to us and guide our journey while we are earth bound.    I believe you can ask, especially when you go to sleep at night for your guardian angel or your family angel to speak to you and reveal itself to you.  You will begin to sense their presence and their guidance.

Different religions have brought up angels and you can trace their existence through antiquity.  I cannot tell you exactly who is guiding you and assisting you in your life, but it is true, that you will have to be diligent in your pursuit of this information.  Angels are messengers from God.  They are with us to help us on our journey but we MUST ask them for their help and we MUST let them know what we are seeking because we have free will.  They will not interfere with our lives unless we ask.  Having said that, I will restate again, ask your angel or family member if they are with you and ask if they will let you know about their involvement in your life.

Be persistent and specific in what you are seeking and you will receive your answer in a sign, a thought, a feeling, a heartfelt knowing.  It will come to you.

Blessing to you on your journey,

Joan Marie the gift, Intuition Master

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Needing relationship advice

Posted by Intuition Girl


Joan Marie,

I can honestly answer the question that if I had money I would not stay in my marriage.  Neither my husband nor I are happy but I think we stay because we have children (and me because it’s more financially secure).  We had an argument yesterday and he mentioned that we both messed up by getting married to each other because I’m not the one for him and he’s not the one for me.  I feel the same way.  I can even look back and see that there were flashing stop signs all over the place in the beginning and throughout our relationship before we even got married.  The classic case of “I wish I knew then what I know now”.

I was confiding in an older lady friend (someone like a mother figure) who put it pretty bluntly that I might as well just stay because no one else out there is going to want me because I have three children.  She says that’s too much baggage and it’s easier to have two incomes than just one.  I’m scared to stay and let my life pass me by and I’m scared to leave and face the unknown and struggle with financial issues.  I feel trapped.

Any advice?

Thank you.



Dear Elizabeth:

I thought your question was brilliant!  My mom is going to answer this one because she, too, experienced a marriage that didn’t work.  I, therefore, believe that she is the right person to address your concerns.

Dear Elizabeth – When I read your question, I completely understood the tug in your heart and the unhappiness that you are experiencing.  Both you and your husband have agreed that your marriage is not working.  As I see it, you have two choices:

One to take measures to work it out, such as counseling, which also requires a change in both of your attitudes and behavior as well as in changing the environment in your home or separation; whether that results in divorce or not.  If both of you are in agreement that this union should have never taken place and both of you want to see a change, then both of you will need to sit down – communicate in a civil tone and mannerism and work on your alternatives.

My dear friend, a choice based on fear cannot be one of your decisions.  If you are only willing to stay in this relationship because of a strong sense of security, then you will never be happy or feel content.

I divorced my first husband with four young children ages 2-7 and at the time, I hadn’t worked during those seven years.  I started a new career with an investment from a friend of $500.00, which I paid back, and the rest is history.

It would be foolish and false for me to say that this is going to be easy because it is not.  I made a decision, and from that day forward I knew that I must take responsibility for the outcome for my four children and myself.  My husband did not support us financially even though he did move out of the house.  I picked myself up by the bootstraps, so to speak, and for the next eight years I worked very long hours both on the job and as a Mom.  We became a family of five and all of my free time was spent nurturing and supporting my children.  It was only after eight years when I was stable and secure in my own right that I was able to meet and spend time with others.  I did re-marry and my four children benefited from that union.

You have a lot of thinking to do.  This is not an easy decision.  There are many factors that need to be examined by you and I encourage you to be realistic.   It is my personal opinion that a mother‘s primary responsibility is to her children, then to her spouse.  I took that responsibility very seriously and I never wavered from it.  Yes, it was hard.  Yes it was exhausting and no, I had no family support.  Whatever choices you and your husband make, please remember that you still can be a family with your three children and they can still feel safe and secure even if you do not always experience those same thoughts.

Seek guidance from God and the angels.  They will most definitely help you on your journey if you ask them.  Ask for courage, strength and guidance.  Nothing is impossible if you truly believe.

Many blessings to you,

Joan Marie Ambrose, the MOM

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How your Life will look

Posted by Intuition Girl

When you follow your inner compass.

How many times have you went camping or perhaps on a long-distance car trip?  Would you go without a compass or a map to locate your way through the rough terrain? That’s obvious: you wouldn’t. Most folks are conscious about their travel plans and want to make certain that they know where they are going and how to get from point A to point B. Now, imagine if you just had an inner compass to guide you along your way. Surprisingly, you do. But, in most cases, you either didn’t realize you had one, and if you knew you had one, you might not use it to your best advantage.

Today I am going to tell you how to tap into your inner compass, and how to make your inner compass useful to you. First, I want you to think about the core of your very being. What drives you, what compels you to act or do the things you do? Is it your train of thought? Is it a dream you have? No. In fact, your inner compass is that gut feeling, that raw instinct that tells you what you need to do and how to do it when the chips are stacked against you. It’s that inner drive, your intuition that gives you the hints and tips to sustain the life you are living, and the innate resourcefulness to mold the life you truly want to lead.

From this day forward I want you remember the word LEAP: Live Effectively and Prosperous. Every time you are countered with a decision in your life or when a challenge presents itself to you, I want you to LEAP. When you engrain this simple four-letter word into your mind and into your core being, you are metaphorically taking a LEAP forward in your life. You are actively making the choice to use your inner compass to lead you in a forward motion.

In life, you are often thrown monkey wrenches and twists and turns that you did not anticipate. That is where your inner compass and your “LEAP” mode come into play. Instead of being the forever damsel in distress or the prisoner to your own invisible bars, you are making your inner compass available and useful to you. What is your gut feeling telling you? Shhh…listen. Nine times out of ten, it is giving you the necessary directions to complete your goals; complete your journey.

Use your inner compass wisely. Use it daily. And never forget to LEAP. The end result of how your life will look is only determined by your mind’s eye and how you imagine it to be. The possibilities are endless.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

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How your Life will Look
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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