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Creating Inner Peace through Acceptance

Posted by Intuition Girl

Have you found inner peace in your life? It is sometimes difficult to focus on all the positive blessings in our lives when we can’t see the forest from the trees. We find that the bus-i-ness in our daily schedules, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances and sorrows overwhelm us to the point that inner peace is nowhere to be found.

Someone once said, “Everything is as it should be.” Change is inevitable – and when we learn acceptance to the changes in the world around us, we learn to move more freely within its infinite boundaries. We become part of the essential flow of the universe, and subsequently, we learn that inner peace is what we make it.

Finding inner peace means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections of life, and have initiated a conscious effort to create your own happiness in what life hands you. Making lemonade out of lemons – going with the flow, that’s how you have to view every day. Instead of constantly seeing the glass half-empty, you begin seeing the potential of its fullness; and suddenly, inner peace lives within your very being. You no longer stand in fear of what tomorrow may bring – you greet each day with a new vision, and a recharged perception of the moment of now.

Everything truly is as it should be, and no matter what today brings you – acceptance allows you to embrace every minute with resolve. Worrying about a situation or event will only beget negative energy as it pushes you further into a state of panic and stress. Focus on your presence as the core of your emotions. Do you really need to fret so much about what has not yet happened or what has happened in the past? Live in the NOW of your positive energy and begin to feel the difference within your nervous system. Don’t wait for happiness to come to you when you already possess the keys to living with inner peace. Put these thoughts into practice and soon you will feel the difference.

Release your anger

Posted by Intuition Girl

stressedDear Joan Marie

How does one release anger about what is happening not only in the economy but also in the world?

Thank you for your help,

Joanne S.


Dear Joanne:

This is a powerful question and yes there is a lot of anger floating around during these times.  If there is a great deal of anger coming up within you right now, I ask you to acknowledge it.  Your anger has a voice and it is coming up because you are most likely ready to deal with it and clear it out of your life. The truth is the anger coming up right now might possibly be anger that has been inside of you for a long time and the state of the economy and the world is helping to bring it to the surface.  Know you are not alone.  Many people are feeling the same emotion, in fact, that is one of the reasons why anger is so prevalent in the world today.

Our individual internal anger and negative energies are being expressed globally and is therefore spilling out into the world.  The truth is, the world only reacts to what it is feed. I believe that it is important to clear out the anger from your body.  All of my meditations are clearing meditation’s that will assist you with your emotions especially “The Power of Forgiveness and Healing” series.  It can assist you a great deal during this time. In fact, I encourage you to pass it on to your family and friends.  If we want balance and harmony in our personal lives, we must spread this message to everyone in our sphere of influence.  With time, we will heal as a world when enough of people take the time and energy to make it happen.  It begins, one person at a time.  I hope you are willing to take the first step in your journey towards inner peace and happiness.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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lost in my relationship

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Ms. Whelan,

I am a 47 year old male, born in Elkton,Maryland and now live in Wilmington, Delaware. I had a failed family business in 2007, and lost my relationship (I am gay). He told me it was him and not me.

With all this in my life, it was more than I wanted to deal with, so I came very close to ending my life. Looking for some bright star, and having no faith in God, I decided to go see a card reader.

She was dead on with everything about my life, but told me that my partner left because I had a negative energy around me. She told me he was still very much in love with me and wanted to be with me and that he was coming back, and we would be together for life.

Also, money issues have been very hard, and the reader told me that I would not have anymore money issues, that I had a very big check coming in from some where, but the negative energy was stopping it. I since have turned to God and asked him to save me and help with my Life, I have been giving my life to God and God has done some great things in my life.

The reader called me, and told me I need to stay strong and positive, and I do. I have been giving her a large sum of money that I don’t have, but she asks me if I trust her and I do.
Can you tell me if what I have told you is true or not and should I stay with her and trust her? Thank you for your time.



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