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Empowering You

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Be aware that you have the ability to empower yourself each and every day. Your soul works hand in hand with your mind and body as an energy source to help you recharge just like those rechargeable batteries you buy at the local retailer. How do you think you get that burst of energy to finish that last minute project, get up and go in the morning, answer the phone or prepare a meal (among other daily chores)? It takes more energy to succumb to fear and anger than it does to simply breath, smile and embrace the moment of the here and now with positivity.

I realize that during these tough economic times, some of you may think that there is no end in sight. It appears as if the world is in absolute chaos. However, it is in these challenging times when hope whispers, “try again”. Empowering yourself means not giving into the consequences or side effects of life. It means that you must accept what you cannot change, and find the courage to transform your life in the ways that you can. Like a wave, life is learning how to ride it to the end and all the while, finding joy and peace in every moment of it.

Get plugged into something positive.

With each new day that you experience, you have a real opportunity to plug your soul (and your life) into something positive – something purposeful, meaningful and sustainable. Life is not about the clothes you wear, the color of your skin, your age, or your political affiliation… it is about creating the change that you want to see in your life. What I am saying is that while others can give you a hand up, they cannot live your life for you. Get control of your daily life and your ambitions will come full circle.

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Empowering You

By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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