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What is your Aura?

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan Marie,

I would appreciate if you would please explain to me what my aura is?

Thank you,

Sam T.


Dear Sam,

Did you know that your energy field (or aura) emits both high and low vibrations?  It’s true. For instance, have you ever entered a room and suddenly you feel the warmth and positive energy radiating in the atmosphere?  Whether or not you were in good spirits before you entered this room, you now feel your spirit and mood lifted, and your mind is moving at the speed of light.  This is an environment of powerful manifestation of both great emotions and ideas. This positive energy transcends all emotional blockages and awakens your soul being.

Your soul being is the core of your higher consciousness and wants you to be happy and healthy in all aspects of your life.  When you awaken this critical ingredient of your physical and sacred being, you have entered a present moment of now; where you can grow and discover your true soul power.

You must let your aura shine like your life depends on it…as it does.  Your aura is the beautiful energy force that drives your positive sacred being — allowing you to find hope in your darkest hours and encouraging you to achieve greatness in all that you do; with every part of your being, and with every sense of the intuitive power that the Divine has bestowed upon you.  And guess what?  The more positive energy you emit, the more you receive.  The more positive energy you receive, the healthier you become — spiritually, emotionally, physically, and yes, even financially.

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie the gift intuition girl

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