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Stuck and seeking new direction!

Posted by Intuition Girl

Question 1

Hi Joan Marie:

Darling, I’m stuck! I am not feeling very empowered lately— my family is growing up fast, I have given up my job to do something different with my life and I have this nagging voice inside telling me to speak up! What about I haven’t got a clue?

I know I’m asking for a miracle here telling you my story and hoping you will reply to my email soon. I’m not barmy—I’m a middle- aged lady wanting some direction.

Warmest regard
Joanne Barber


Dear Joanne:

Thank you for your honest email. You are anticipating change in your life and of course patience is not always easy. May I suggest that you start writing down your feelings and be sure to include those things that you wish to speak up on. There is a big difference between yelling and being angry and frustrated as opposed to knowing who you are within and moving into your power so that you can express yourself to the best of your ability and feel empowered.

You are a great candidate for my 10- month Coaching Program. For while you grow and discover your true purpose (as you pay attention to the clues); you will also have the opportunity to receive a Certification in Professional Intuitive Life Coaching (PILC). I feel your need and desire to assist others; and what better way to serve other than to inspire those who possibly are experiencing the same disconnect as you. I am sure they would benefit from the knowledge gained by you—it first starts with you removing the blocks that bind you—from the inside out. For more information on the program you can go to: or call the office.

Many Blessings, Joan Marie the gift

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