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Embracing the Challenge

Posted by Intuition Girl

In life, we are destined to meet with challenges and roadblocks. Sometimes the inevitability of these events stops us dead in our tracks and virtually “wakes” us up to our surroundings and the atmosphere to which we have created for ourselves. Other times, these circumstances and situations are part of the Universe’s way of saying, “Look, listen, and learn.” As an intuition expert, I’ve discovered there are both internal and external events in and out of our control. What do I mean by that? The intuition expert in you learns to distinguish these challenges and see them clearly for what they truly are: opportunities. In the Manifestation Method, willing individuals learn to open up to a higher state of consciousness…a heightened sense of awareness…and in doing so, absolute clarity is what transpires.

There’s an old story about two angels, who in their daily walk, encounter two types of personalities and circumstances. In their first encounter, they meet with a greedy miser who refuses to lend them a place for the night except for a dirty, old basement. While in the basement, the older of the two angels repairs a hole in the wall. The younger angel simply watches with astonishment. The second encounter is that of an elderly, poor farmer and his sickly wife, whose hospitably offer the angels a soft bed and a warm room for the night. The next morning, the only source of the farmer’s income – a milk cow – dies in the pasture. As the two angels left the farmer’s home, the younger angel finally spoke, “Why did you repair the hole in the rich man’s home and take away the only source of income from these poor, kind farmers?” To which, the older angel replied, “Things aren’t always as they seem.” As an intuition expert, we may encounter seemingly terrible events, but in the scheme of the Universe, everything is as it should be. The reason why the older angel repaired the hole in the wall was to seal all the riches and valuables the miser had stored there; and the older angel allowed the cow to perish because the angel of death had come for the farmer’s wife, and the angel sent the cow instead. Things aren’t always as they seem, indeed.

As an intuition expert, we understand while there are some things within our control, there are other events that happen to lead us in more positive directions and experiencing more rewarding lives thus enabling us to increase wealth and success under seemingly impossible conditions. Manifesting your dreams may sometimes seem impossible, but when you tap into your intuitive powers, anyone can make the impossible – possible.

Like the angels in the story above, we learn that our deeds, thoughts and actions can lead our way to attaining what we want out of life…and sometimes, what we don’t want. If we practice positive affirmations, thoughts and visualization of what we aspire to achieve in life, we will ultimately manifest health, wealth and success. But the same works both ways: each negative thought creates an equal negative reaction; as does each positive thought create an equal positive reaction. That’s how the Law of Attraction works, and facilitating the Manifestation Method is the initiator of our intuition expert .

By now, I’m sure you’re asking why should I embrace challenge? The answer is simple; the intuition expert in you wants you to achieve wealth and prosperity in life. And if you use the Manifestation Method openly and willingly, you will discover the value of the circumstances surrounding your life. As you sharpen your intuition, you learn the underlying reasons why things happen and how to use these “lessons” in life as instruments to greatness. Manifesting dreams can become a reality when awareness to the possibilities that exist is revealed to us. Remember, things aren’t always as they seem, and everything is as it should be…how you, the intuition expert responds to those events are what enables you to rise above these Universal lessons; and manifest health, wealth and happiness.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Joan Marie the Gift

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