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Spring and Your Answers are Here

Posted by Intuition Girl

Spring is upon us and for many of us Spring has already begun. I love the change of the seasons; it is always a sign of new beginnings—a sign of change and all new possibilities. One of the greatest gifts that Springtime brings to me is the gift of listening to the birds singing. To wake up in the morning to the chirping and songs of the birds always brings a smile to my face. The birds have plenty of messages to give us. Beautiful flowers are all planted in the ground in the neighborhood where I live in California, and of course, I have already been to the beach several times.

For me It is all about enjoying the sun’s energy beaming down and warming up the air as the magnificent blue skies overhead vibrate a feeling of peace and calm. Mom and I have found a wonderful spot to have dinner on the water in our area. Imagine sipping a glass of wine, enjoying delicious food and having the ocean with the rays of light dancing in and through the waves right in front of you. This is all a gift! The seals even manage to call from a nearby bay a couple of times to let us know they are around. They were just checking in to see how we are.

I shared a funny story the other day with my membership program about a plant that yelled at me for not watering him in a while. I was walking out the door of my apartment in NYC many years ago and as I opened the door to head out I heard this male voice scream out “aren’t you going to water me”. I turned around so quickly to see what that was and all I could look at was a plant by my window. I walked over to the plant and he was as dry as a bone. I immediately watered my plant and said “gee I am so sorry I did not realize you did not have any water”. As I walked out the door I thought how strange is this plants talk!

Well, as I have grown and matured in my field of Intuition and its many gifts, I have realized that everything and everyone has a voice. The key is for us to become brilliant listeners. Imagine if we are all awakened to our abilities to use our intuitive talents, what kind of messages we would get to assist us on our journey?

I watched the news briefly the other day and was listening to a top executive commenting about his company closing. He made an odd comment about how it is too late to hope and create a smoke screen. Now here is a businessman in a grey suit and the doors of his employment have just closed; He had been there for many years. I thought to myself, sir did you not hear the warning signs months ahead that things were not going your way? How can an enormous company not have the warning signs of mortgages not being paid, and many other things going sour? My question to the heads of the company is what were you listening to? Better yet whom were you listening to?

You see if you take the time to listen to your surroundings and to the messages from all your angels and spirit guides, maybe—just maybe it would have been possible for you and others to see the collapsing a few days or even months earlier. Maybe –just maybe you could have listened to a message that your intuition was attempting to share to do something differently.

Disease knocks on our doors months, years before it enters. Situations are being created everyday to determine your tomorrow. What are you really aware of? What do you really know? Be still and listen—you are receiving valuable information all the time!

Many Blessings,

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

Your Extraordinary Lifestyle Expert for Everyday Living

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