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The Power of Women coming together

Posted by Intuition Girl

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If you have found your way to Joan Marie’s website/newsletter than you will probably understand my story. I have been on a journey – a search for who I am – for the past twenty years, most of my adult life. I was consumed by self-doubt, confusion, pain and unhappiness. I have studied, listened to lectures, been to therapy, counseled with friends, read the works of many great minds, and while it all has helped — I still felt an emptiness that has affected everything in my life. To feel so lost, yet putting on a smile and going through the motions as a wife and mother of two, was wearing me out and down. I felt like I was drowning AND asleep at the wheel. But even at my lowest, I always knew there was something more in me and that I had so much more to give. So, as I’m finding out how life works, when I was finally in a place when I was ready for it, the Universe spoke to me. I was introduced to Joan Marie by a friend of mine, who I don’t see very often. We met for coffee one morning and I noticed a change about her, a peacefulness I hadn’t seen before. Of course I had to ask, and she told me all about Joan Marie and her programs.

Needless to say, I felt in my friend something that I wanted and needed for myself, and coincidentally, a 6 month group program was about to begin the next week. Talk about the Universe speaking to me fast and furiously! This time, I finally chose to listen. So, very uncharacteristically of me, I jumped in before I had a chance to “think” my way out of it. One conversation with Joan Marie assured me that I was ready for this (well, I still had a ton of doubts, but I ignored them!). I have not regretted it since. I am in a group program with several other people and it has changed my life. Its like getting all my life lessons rolled into one — but in a very powerful group dynamic. Its unlike anything I have ever experienced before. As we are still in the process of it, I cannot tell you how this story “ends”, but I can tell you that my life is finally beginning. Joan Marie’s wisdom, powerful intuition and vibrational energy/life force has worked to “raise” me again. Properly, this time, with love and compassion. And she’s no push over either – she tells it to you straight (from the Universe!) – which I love and appreciate! With the help of her equally powerful mom, we affectionally call, Joan Marie Mom, and the others, I feel like I am finally getting the proper guidance to do the real work I need to do to heal my inner wounds and break open to the real me and become the woman that I am meant to be. It has been a miracle. There is no other way of saying it. To touch and unravel a heart that has been as tight and closed as mine, is a miracle. And I thank God, the Universe, my friend, my Self, for leading me to Joan Marie Whelan. As I tell my group/my family, I am a very grateful work in progress and I am feeling more alive than I have ever felt in my life.

- Sunny B. Southern California

I have done some private work with Joan Marie and most recently completed her 3 month bridging class. When she mentioned that she would like to do another 3 month program for women, I knew immediately without question that I would be a part of it. This lead me to ask myself, ” Why? Why am I so quick to make this decision and what are the measurable differences that have occurred in my life, that make my decision so strong?”

Before our bridging class, I was living (barely) paycheck to paycheck, running my own business and as a single mom with two children I felt like I was running myself into the ground physically and emotionally. The pattern of abuse that had been set in my childhood was repeated in my marriage and was still being carried out daily because it was what I thought I deserved for myself. The emotional blocks that I saw as my “comfort zone” we’re keeping me paralyzed with fear and stuck in stagnation and mediocrity; meanwhile I was not fully aware of WHY I felt so tired and stuck all the time.

Joan Marie has helped me identify the patterns of my life and their origins, releasing them without blame and shame. She has taught me the power of manifestation and being effective with my feelings. In the last two months my business has almost doubled, I’ve secured the home I’ve been wanting for years and I have grown to love who I am as a person, more then I thought possible.

Looking back on my life a year ago, I am so proud of how far I’ve come. The more I learn, the more I’m aware that I have so much more to learn. This has been the hardest work I’ve ever done and I’m thankful to have Joan Marie leading me in the process. She has been my north star when I had no sense of direction.

Jodi Christine, personal trainer-

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