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Come Join me on my Teleclass June 10th

Posted by Intuition Girl

Things not going your way? Do you have re-occurring aliment’s?

We will be covering these topics and more in my
next teleclass on June 10th.

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Each and every day your body and your emotions are wanting to get your attention yet you are so busy trying to earn a living and just handle your life – maybe you are one of those who are missing out on hearing the truth!

Inspirational Message – Honor the beauty within you

Posted by Intuition Girl

Today is all about beauty. Remember to breath in deeply and honor the beauty in you.

Overcoming pain and sorrow

Posted by Intuition Girl

There will be countless times in our lives where we think that we will never, ever recover from the grief and sorrow we feel deep within our hearts and souls. Grief makes us feel like we cannot breathe, like a permanent pit has formed in our bowels and a heavy weight cannot come off of our shoulders. Whether we have lost someone near and dear to us, or perhaps we are grappling with our own physical disabilities or health issues or even disasters from storms, sometime we just cannot seem to overcome all of the challenges. There is a time and a place for healing to begin in all of our live if we are willing to try. It is true that the healing process may not physically bring back those we have lost, nor may it instantly resolve our bodily or emotional scars, but when you believe that anything is possible and that you are in control of your destiny, nothing can stop you from healing your wounds.

Take for example the true story of Marshall University. In 1970, tragedy overtook the college campus and town when 37 young, aspiring football players (a total of 75 people onboard) were all simultaneously killed in a plane crash. One of the takeaways from this National horrific event was that through loss comes strength. The remaining coaches players and community fought through their own emotional wounds to re-emerge like the breaking dawn. When we suffer incredible heartbreak or experience per or grave sickness in our lives, God gives us insurmountable strength, hope and resolve to overcome all things. We must only believe that we have the capacity to endure, accept, rise above, and begin again. There are no other ways around calamity. Fact is that we will all suffer some form of failure or tragedy in our lifetimes, but that does not mean it is the end of the world, It is more like we are preparing for a new revelation that is ready to unfold.

You must believe that all things happen for a reason. There are no right or wrong events, they simply happen—sometimes for no particular reason to even the best and gentlest people on earth. How you react to loss is the most pivotal and life-changing step you can take. Understandably, emotions and feelings of grief are second-nature to mankind. Just like you, I have had my own share of sorrows, but I have a choice to simply survive or choose to thrive. I choose to thrive – to overcome. I know that through my Creator, my Higher Source and the Divine Love and Energy that is provided to me, I can prevail through all circumstance. Remember, There are blessings in all of our lives and maybe this is the time to count the blessings that you are experiencing right now.

Honor yourself, honor those you love, be grateful for every waking moment that you exist in this chasm of the Universe. You are unique and special in every way. Know that even though it may hurt, without our challenging hardships, we could never see or experience the full beauty and blessings that we so often take for granted. We only have one life in which to participate and live. Rejoice for the good times, live for the happy times, and overcome all things so you can create and experience joy in everything you do.

Inspirational Message – Putting the pieces back together

Posted by Intuition Girl

Today is all about putting pieces of you back together. Fall in love with all the parts of you.

Creating Inner Peace through Acceptance

Posted by Intuition Girl

Have you found inner peace in your life? It is sometimes difficult to focus on all the positive blessings in our lives when we can’t see the forest from the trees. We find that the bus-i-ness in our daily schedules, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances and sorrows overwhelm us to the point that inner peace is nowhere to be found.

Someone once said, “Everything is as it should be.” Change is inevitable – and when we learn acceptance to the changes in the world around us, we learn to move more freely within its infinite boundaries. We become part of the essential flow of the universe, and subsequently, we learn that inner peace is what we make it.

Finding inner peace means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections of life, and have initiated a conscious effort to create your own happiness in what life hands you. Making lemonade out of lemons – going with the flow, that’s how you have to view every day. Instead of constantly seeing the glass half-empty, you begin seeing the potential of its fullness; and suddenly, inner peace lives within your very being. You no longer stand in fear of what tomorrow may bring – you greet each day with a new vision, and a recharged perception of the moment of now.

Everything truly is as it should be, and no matter what today brings you – acceptance allows you to embrace every minute with resolve. Worrying about a situation or event will only beget negative energy as it pushes you further into a state of panic and stress. Focus on your presence as the core of your emotions. Do you really need to fret so much about what has not yet happened or what has happened in the past? Live in the NOW of your positive energy and begin to feel the difference within your nervous system. Don’t wait for happiness to come to you when you already possess the keys to living with inner peace. Put these thoughts into practice and soon you will feel the difference.

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