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Special Medium Evening in Newport Beach!

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will be hosting a Special Medium Evening

Joan Marie has the ability to read energy, therefore, she can go into your energy field and help you remove the blocks that might be stopping your success.  She can see into your body—examine any disharmony or financial problems and she also communicates with the other realm and can help you connect with your family and friends on the other side.

She will answer questions from the audience

DATE: October 18, 2010 — Monday Evening

TIME: 7-9 PM

PLACE:   2400 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach CA  —(Next to Jack Shrimp)

First Floor—Unit “2”—“Slavica Nail Salon”

FEE: $60.00 in advance     $70.00 at door –Space is limited due to room size

To reserve your seat: Call (949) 760-0044

**Share this message with your friends and associate—Joan Marie would love to meet them too!

Learn more about her gifts at:

Finding Light and Hope in Transition

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From the moment we are born into this world, we are in the process of what I’ll call “transition.”  Transition in life is constant; and it guarantees that we will always be transforming throughout our lives — even in death.  Remember that energy never dies — it transforms; this is how we as human beings “transition.”  We change from one form to another…sometimes in more subtle ways with regard to personality, and in physical forms through growth and even weight loss.  Nonetheless, all are forms of transition.

Due to a recent news story, there is even more hope and light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  According to the article, Ms. Claire Sylvia, a 47-year old woman who was dying from a lung disease, found new inspiration and took on new characteristics after she received a new pair of lungs and heart from an 18-year old boy.  Some skeptics may say that Sylvia may have been experiencing a sudden rush of life and exhilaration from the transplant, but I beg to differ.

After receiving the miraculous gift of life, Sylvia began having new cravings for beer (a drink she never liked), and other food items.  Not only did her taste buds change, Sylvia also began taking on certain traits that only the young man had had in his living years.  While these may be subtle personality changes, the transition that Sylvia experienced was more than just short of a miracle.  The life-changing event that Sylvia encountered some 20 odd years ago has definitely had a positive and spiritual impact on her life — and on the lives of the young man’s family.  Though traditionally, donor names are kept secret; (but in the case of Sylvia) she didn’t have to look further than her own dreams, where the donor name was revealed to her.  Coincidence?  Since that time, Sylvia has established a long-lasting relationship with the donor’s family; and I’m sure, both parties have found solace in this transition.

While this true story may not be exactly like the fantasy ones in “Heaven can Wait,” starring Warren Beaty; or Chris Rock’s “Down to Earth,”  the uncanny nature bares similar characteristics to what we would all love to see and comprehend in life.  We all know that life and death are both guaranteed to us — the day we are born and the day we die.  But when we understand that life, like energy, transitions from one form to the next; we begin to see a bigger picture, a brighter future into what will ultimately become of us.

Though we may not all be so fortunate to see the value in life as Claire or the young man’s family have, the story gives us a glimmer of hope — a glimmer of life that continues to grow and transition…even through death. While some of us may become part of the everlasting energy to recreate and revitalize, some may go onto new beginnings, new awakenings, or a new spiritual plane altogether.  The fact of the matter is that life is part of the Universal flow of energy; and as long as energy flows like the ever-revolving cycle of life, there will always be a new beginning to every ending…even in transition.

Until we speak again, I am                                               

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Finding Light and Hope in Transition

By Joan Marie Whelan

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