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Motivate your life

Posted by Intuition Girl

change-of-strategy-signDear Joan,

My life is truly challenged and I am feeling weak, hopeless and depressed.  I have always been an independent person who has taken care of myself but lately I seem to be sliding backwards.  It is important to me to maintain my financial independence and take care of myself but I need some encouraging words to motivate me at this time.  I turn to you because I know you will say the words that will give me a boast.

Thank you,

Vickie J.


Dear Vickie:

An unknown author once said, “When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”  Perseverance is key in attaining wealth freedom and happiness.

Achieving financial independence is all about staying focused on the plans we’ve made and following through on those designs.  The more strength we put behind our ideals and ambitions, the greater results we achieve in life.  You have achieved in this lifetime and you will continue to be successful and secure in your life if you remember to keep your focus and stay disciplined.

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