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Reading between the texts

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Personally, I have found texting to be a fast and effective way to shoot a quick message via my mobile phone.  Whether I am on the go or just cramped for time, it gives me the freedom to respond to my emails or to send someone a short note on what I am doing at the moment. I have discovered, however, that mobile to mobile texts, as well as tweets, posts, or modern-day social networking by any other name has taken on a whole new dimension. In fact, texting has become comparable to letter writing and phone conversations. The major difference, of course, is that much of what we text or message online (via blackberry, iphone or the web, etc.) has become a bit broader in terms of particle length, but more hyperbolic in context. This compels me to ask the following question: When is the last time you had a deep and meaningful conversation?

I recognize that modern technology offers us a plethora of ways to communicate and it has given us quick access to information in real time; but it has also dramatically reduced significant dialog. The quality of our conversation has begun to deteriorate because now with all of the social media networks, we are able to initiate a post or tweet with sound bites, YouTube videos, graphics or article links with short op-ed notes.  We can quickly key a little side note stating our thoughts or opinions on a topic and let it ride.  That is perfectly fine but it is also frequently a one-sided conversation. But what happens when we begin demoralizing individuals and throwing out personally offensive tidbits?  It is absolutely acceptable to agree to disagree in a mature chat, but you have to draw the line when it comes to attacking an individual on a personal level.  I have seen a few tweets and posts where I thought, “My goodness, what is that person thinking?”  There is a chat acronym that is written, “TMI” – Too Much Information.  I personally do not want to read about someone’s intimate life in detail. That is the same as airing dirty laundry for the sake of some distorted sense of gratification.

Remember, we are all entitled to our opinions and the First Amendment guarantees that right to American citizens.  We must always take into consideration how our words, deeds or actions can and will affect those around us. Always be prepared to intuitively understand what consequences may unfold when you unleash your opinions, your texts, your messages…each has its own defining moment. Additionally, how you present yourself to the world may not matter much to you, but you have to first matter to yourself so that when you do initiate dialog, you raise the bar not only for yourself but extend an open hand to those around you.
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Reading between the texts

By Joan Marie Whelan

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