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Chronic Dreamer

Posted by Intuition Girl

Dear Joan

I’ve wanted to call you while you have been on Whoopi’s morning show, but haven’t had the opportunity. I wanted to ask you about something unique that many might not have asked you about. I’m a chronic dreamer. I remember just about every dream I have. I really dislike it, because when I wake in the morning, it feels like I’ve not slept. Most dreams are just about every day events and aren’t too stressful. However, I all too often have very bad nightmares. (1-2 night terrors a year, or even in one night is just too much) I cannot interpret them since most of them are paranormal ones. They are about dead people, or people dying, or violently scary, posessions, etc. These nightmares terrify me, and seem to happen on nights when I go to sleep without a worry on my mind when I’m falling asleep. They tend to be more vibrant if I’m really busy with school or have a lot of things going on with my life.

My normal dreams I tend to understand why I have them, for instance random things like being frugal with money, etc.

I have been through a lot in the past years I guess, and would like to know if I will have peace of mind and be able to seek that happiness with myself and in life.

Thank you for your time if you do read and receive this.

Mimi Miller

Joan Marie’s Answer

HI Mimi:

You actually answered this yourself. You need to learn peace of mind right now. The dreams are a symbolism of restlessness in your everyday life. I believe you either feel guilty or have not let go of something from your past and you are punishing yourself for it. I honestly would like you to meditate and start knowing peace while you are awake. I would encourage you to listen to my “Forgiveness Healing CD.” Many others have told me that that CD has helped them release old emotions. I believe your old emotions are being expressed in your violent dreams. When you learn to live in inner peace and calm your dream state will change. You are also very intuitive and it might behoove you to purchase “How to Tap into Your Intuitive Powers”. There are four powerful meditations in this program that will assist you with releasing what no longer serves you and help you become grounded in your body as you learn to protect yourself energetically.

I believe you should engage in a house clearing and a Soul Clearing. You can buy a white candle and set the intention to clear out any old energy from your house and from your life. You may also want to take a bath with some sea salts and place white rose pedals in the tub. Soak in the tub for at least 20-30 minutes and then as the water is draining from the tub you can feel all the energy of your past releasing as it is being flushed away.

I encourage you to find peace with your life today. Fall in love with your lessons and spend time in nature. Surround yourself with beautiful flowers right now. Spend time in nature and stand next to a tree; these experiences will assist in being grounded as you feel your feet begin to root into the earth and support you. Learn to become grounded; all my meditation CDs teach you this. We live on earth in the here and now and you need to learn to only live in the present moment.

Enjoy the blessings of being you.

I hope that helps

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