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What do Successful Business People Have to Say?

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Successful people are worth listening to and learning from. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite quotes that successful business people have said about how to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle, manifesting the desires of your heart. Intuition plays a big part in what your life turns out to be; your connection with your soul’s purpose also plays a large part. So, enough said, on with this invaluable wisdom…

Donna Karan
Fashion designer

“One of our greatest gifts is our intuition. It is a sixth sense we all have — we just need to learn to tap into and trust it.”

Carly Fiorina
Former chief executive officer, president and chairman of Hewlett — Packard

“Engage your heart, your gut, and your mind in every decision you make. I think leadership takes what I call a strong internal compass…I think when you’re in a difficult situation, a lonely situation, you have to rely on that compass to tell you if you’re doing the right things for the right reasons in the right ways. Sometimes that’s all you have.”

Vijay Eswaran
CEO of Qi Group, a multi national Corporation, Hongkong

“It pays to be different. To me an hour of silence is practical, a structured, analytical, approach to life. It’s not about moving to another plan or traveling between planets. It’s taking control of where you want to go, where you need to be, why you need to be there and constantly checking on those things. Life is fast, demanding, chaotic. My time of silence is not about prayer, even though it does have a Spiritual side, a recognition that there is something beyond dashing around 9 to 5 that defines the purpose within us…a gift that we have to begin unwrapping.”

Masaru Ibuka
Founder and chairman of Japan’s Sony Corp
Asked in an interview, “What is the secret of your success?” He said he had a ritual. Preceding a business decision, he would drink herbal tea. Before he drank, he asked himself, “Should I make this deal or not?” If the tea gave him indigestion, he wouldn’t make the deal. “I trust my gut, and I know how it works,” he said. “My mind is not that smart, but my body is.”

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