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Transform Your Life with Intuitive Tips for a Great New Year

Posted by Intuition Girl

Are you ready to make your positive life transformation? Following are some special intuitive tips to help you create the best year now and for the future:

Live each day as if it was your last. This doesn’t mean you need to start bungee jumping off of cliffs or parachuting out of perfectly good airplanes, but it does mean that you need to awaken yourself to the potential around you in a positive new light. Love a little more. Give a little more. Dare to dream; and dare to challenge yourself to follow through on your dreams.

Start using your intuition. Did you know that every human being has the potential to excel in almost every aspect of life? Yes, it’s true. By using our inner wisdom, we are able to determine the appropriate course of action to take. That inner voice is your higher consciousness — your conscience — and it is telling you right now that you can achieve your heart’s desires. Do you want to acquire a better job, improve relationships, or trim your waistline permanently? You can — but you must truly want to achieve these goals. Manifesting healthier, happier lives begins with a positive thought. That positive thought is then transformed into action. Intuitively, you know that each action creates an equal reaction. The more positive energy you draw to yourself through positive thoughts, the chances are greater that you will find the strength and willpower to manifest health, wealth and prosperity. Use your mind as your portal to happiness and wellbeing. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, says the Ad Council — and indeed it is. What are you doing with your mind? If you are concentrating on negativity, you are not serving your mind’s purpose. Your mind’s purpose is to challenge you to greater heights and greater aspirations. Think more clearly by practicing a daily “me-time.” (Me-time – a set time of 10-15 minutes of relaxed breathing, silent reflection, and tranquil meditation.) This me-time is your emotional and physical recharge mechanism that enables you to balance personal energy and universal energy. In doing so, your mind is restored to a natural and positive state of vitality and clarity.Search within yourself to rediscover the soul of your being. Whether your realize it or not, your intuition has led you in many directions along your life’s journey. Sometimes, you have followed your true intuition and have accomplished great feats. If you have slipped from the path and found yourself in the face of adversity, it is time for a retreat — a retreat to your spiritual self. What is it that makes your soul happy? Are you at peace with yourself? That is the spiritual self that you need to re-awaken. Your retreat to soul healing is one of the primary keys to finding resolution and inner peace in your life. You must recharge your soul, much like you do your mind. Finally, explore your possibilities. Don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door. You create opportunity by harnessing positive energy in your life. Since you’ve begun to think more positively; you’ve recharged your spiritual, physical, and emotional energy; and you’re listening to your intuition — you now have the mindset to get you moving in the right direction. For what are you waiting? Opportunity waits for no one — now is the time to transform your life and manifest your heart’s desires. Until we speak again, I amJoan Marie, Your Intuition Expert

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