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Inspirational Message: When bickering ends, solutions begin

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Dear Friends,

Too often lately we have seen how bickering in the political scene has led to bickering within our communities and even within families. Bickering is an angry quarrel that usually leads to pettiness and unpleasant attacks that leave both parties scratching their heads in the end and wondering:  How did we get here?”More often than not, we do not even have all the facts…yet we form our opinions based on what the media says, or a friend believes or even a conversation that was misquoted.

Too many of us bicker all the time…often seeking out an argument because we like to be confrontational…but in the end it results in hurt feelings and often a breakdown in communication.

Practice getting all the facts and information before you form an opinion or make a judgment. A wise person thinks before acting.  A prudent person observes life and its experiences before passing judgment or criticizing another.  A compassionate and loving person tries to look at the other person’s point of view because they realize that continual bickering only leads to crisis; which results in sudden great misfortune.

I hope you think about your behavior and how you respond to what is happening in and around your life.  There is always a solution to all situations and circumstances in life if we are willing to take a step back, breathe and then respond in a cool, calm and controlled manner.

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Dec 15, 2010

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