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Inspirational Message: How would you respond?

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Dear Friends

I recently read an article about a homeless man in Arizona who found a backpack with $3,300 and a computer inside. He was able to give it back to the rightful owner.  His comment was:  “It didn’t belong to me!”How would you respond and react?  I mean, would you attempt to find the rightful owner or would you keep the money and claim it to be finder’s keeper?  It is so easy to look the other way and believe that you deserve that gift…we often justify our actions and reactions to life’s situations.    We are often seduced by temptation in life because it is so appealing at the onset but often regretted in the end.

PRACTICE looking in the mirror at your Soul and see into the truth of the matter. Your Soul knows the truth and never lies.  In the end, this homeless man received much publicity and many bonuses from others who heard about his good deed.  They rewarded him with gifts of additional money.  In life, a good deed may appear to go unnoticed, but in the end, it is never lost–you are always rewarded.

When you aim high and believe in your ultimate goodness — harmony of mind, body and spirit will prevail and blessings will always follow.

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