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I Wish You… Joy

Posted by Intuition Girl

There is a beautiful piece written by Bob Perks titled, “I wish you enough.” And when I reflect on this inspirational passage, I imagine the sun’s glorious rays touching my face; and for just one small moment, the world seems to stand still. My one wish to you, however, is joy. Could you visualize your life to be one filled with peace and happiness? Yes – when we rediscover the joy within our hearts, it’s a transformational experience. Suddenly we find healing, strength, and the wisdom to know the difference to what really matters in life.

Joy is like the eternal flame illuminating the torch of your life light. It is never far away because it resides within our hearts. Stop for just one second and close your eyes. Take in a deep, long breath and feel the surge of life entering your body. Now slowly release the toxic and negative emotions by exhaling through your mouth. Can you feel the release of anxiety and tension? That’s joy. It’s working in you, through you, and all around you.

But what exactly is “joy?” Joy is not only the eternal flame, but it is a direct extension of your God-source. When we rediscover and continue to create joy in our life, we are experiencing and interacting with a sacred part of the Divine. Remarkably, joy is truly what we make it. We can choose to live in fear, grief, and sorrow – or live in joy.

When we live in joy, we no longer hold onto old and destructive blockages from the past. We begin to see the world with a renewed set of eyes. We begin skipping over life’s little roadblocks, and no longer do we feel the need to dwell on negative situations. Today, I wish you joy, because living in joy is what enables you to move forward in life, to learn acceptance, and to find peace and happiness in all things.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

Your Extraordinary Lifestyle Expert for Everyday Living

P.S. Joy comes from living fearlessly and courageously. Are you holding onto past issues, past events, and past feelings? You need to learn how to use my Manifestation Method to help you get past the past, and open yourself up to your future by manifesting your heart’s desires!

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