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Give life your best shot!

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Dear Friends,

I recently read an article about a young basketball star from James Madison University, Dawn Evens who has an incurable kidney disease. She is the Nation’s leading scorer and she does not allow her condition to dictate her life in any way.  She said:  “I just decided I am not going to lie down and let this take over my life like it can.”

When she walks out on the basketball court she moves as though she owns the floor – she commands the situation.  My question to you is:  “What life experience are you currently going through that has stopped you in your tracks and immobilized you?”

PRACTICE taking responsibility for where you are right now. Gather strength from your problems and give your life your best shot.  Each one of us has the power within us to muster up the strength, courage and passion to push through whatever life has presented to us.

Don’t allow a problem or misfortune to control you.  Own the floor – command the situation and seek a solution.  Do not let your problem take over your life like it can.  Seek out role models to follow and encourage you – pray and ask the angels to support and help you and remember to never give up!

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March 23, 2011

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