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Don’t walk when you can Dance – becoming who you want to be

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dancingwithscarfsHave you ever heard Lee Ann Womack’s song? The first line of her hit lyrics begins with “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder…”  Have you lost your sense of wonder and forgotten how to dance? Or worse still, you never learned how to dance? I want you to really think about those questions.  Don’t answer them yet. Reflect on your life and where you are at this present moment.  What have you done to get to where you are this day, and why do you think you are in this place?  Where are you going next?  How soon are you going to arrive at your destination?  And…while you’re thinking about these questions, I don’t want you to focus on a particular physical location…I want you to imagine how you see yourself tomorrow, next month, next year, and in 10 years from now.  It’s not where you want to be, but who you want to be.

You’ve reflected on the direction you want to take in your life; now I want you to think about your sense of wonder. If you’re not able to focus on the blessings that surround you, then you need to rediscover the power of your imagination.  Decide now that you have the knowingness and power within you to create greatness in your life.  Don’t walk when you can dance – and begin to see your challenges as opportunities. Your sense of wonder is that part of you that enables you to recall one or more inspirational moments in your life.  Draw from these experiences. Find the pulse of these wonderful moments and let this positive awareness resonate in your body like an energetic, vibrational force.  Better still; breathe these positive vibrations into your body to create momentum in every part of you.  The more you invite your sense of wonder into your life, you open yourself up to receive the blessings from the Universal flow of energy – the one, uniting force that will help guide you on your way toward becoming who you want to be.


When you begin to identify with happiness from the joyful moments of your life, you are reconnecting with your soul power.  Thus, you attract constructive power that influences your every move, your every direction.  Remember too, you cannot lose a sense of wonder that was never lost.  Your authentic soul has been giving you your sense of wonder since the day you arrived on Earth.  It’s not a mistake that you were born into this life.  In fact, for every living thing, there is a purpose and a reason.  We may not always acknowledge our presence because we are so caught up in distress. But this omnipotent presence – our authentic soul and the sense of wonder it encourages us to have – has always been available to us.  We simply must tap into our inner wisdom to redefine the way we view things.

Let your mind, body and spirit be filled with the music and rhythm from the pulse of the Universal flow of energy.  Allow it to dance in the corners of your mind.  Feel it radiating from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  Can you feel its energetic pulsation?  You see – you are setting the tone to drive positive energy toward you; and not away from you.
Dancing on the Brain

Dance, dance, dance.  In every thing you tackle, in every encounter, I want you to feel as though you are light as a feather.  The weight of your world has been lifted by the flow of the Universal energy.  It has given you the freedom to move and expand your mind and spirit to the greatest heights.  In this infinite space of energy, you are at one with the world as it is with you.  You are no longer fighting an uphill battle because the hills and other blockages have been taken from your view.  You are free to explore your surroundings and are ready to march forward into the vast horizon of your destiny.

Becoming who you want to be

Envision the life you want to lead.  Remember, it’s not the physical destination – it’s the person you project to become.  You are the perfect creation of a higher power; and are empowered by the sense of wonder and imagination that you can create in your being to manifest an extraordinary life.  Nothing or no one can hold you back from achieving the greatness you are intended to be.
Whenever you feel negative thoughts creeping into the back of your mind, I want you to release those emotions.  You have a choice to dance through your life and make the most of what you have and where you want to be in the future.   That’s what your authentic soul wants you to have, and that’s what your soul power can do for you.  It’s time for you to dance, dance, dance.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Don’t walk when you can Dance – becoming who you want to be
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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