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Do what You Love so You can Love what You do

Posted by Intuition Girl

findingrightdirectionThere are often times in our lives when we reflect on all the things we “could have done” or “should have done” because there’s an emptiness that we begin to harbor when we’re not in the career or line of work we’d choose to be.  Easier said than done, eh?  Well, that really depends on how badly you want to create the life you’d like to lead.  We do, after all, only have one life experience at a time, and if we’re not doing what we love, we can’t possibly realize the love that is all around us.

We must do what we love so we can love what we do.  Even if you’re in an occupation that you really don’t wish to be, you have to find the bright side of the situation so you can find the enjoyment in it.  Do what?  Yes, even in the best and brightest professions, there will be circumstances that may make one feel inadequate or frustrated – that’s perfectly normal in any career.  The difference between many of these professions is that individuals have learned how to “go with the flow” of the experience, learn from it, and move on – that’s acceptance.

“But I hate this job,” you say? What is it about the job you dislike?  Is it the workload?  Is it your relationship with coworkers?  Is it lacking personal satisfaction?  Insufficient pay?  If every grave digger, sanitation worker, short-order cook, doctor, nurse, law enforcement officer, and cab driver decided that they just weren’t “satisfied” with their work, imagine where we might be.  Certainly these valuable members of society have their ups and downs in their careers, but they find the joy in providing essential services to others.  Even when their days aren’t perfect, they manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel by reflecting on what they are doing for others.

Did you know that even the slightest interaction you have with others could make a life-changing impact in that individual’s life?  It’s true.  And did you also know that when you find love in what you do, your job becomes an easier task to perform, and you begin receiving blessings that before may have not been as transparent. When we work in love in spite of the doldrums that we sometimes encounter, we discover new opportunities that suddenly transform right before our eyes.  It’s not magic, though.  It’s a simple calculation of creating and designing the lives that we want to live by leading each day with a renewed sense of hope, a renewed zest for life, and a renewed sense of self pride and worth.  Surprise yourself when you work in love, and rediscover the passion that will drive you to prosperity.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Do what You Love so You can Love what You do

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