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Cool Change

Posted by Intuition Girl

When you hear the word “change”, what is the first emotion that comes up for you? For some of you, change means having to do things completely different … for some of you it means doing things more abruptly… and for some of you, change just doesn’t fit into your scheme of things. Why “change” something when everything is going along smoothly? And for that matter, why change anything at all?

Many individuals have come to me and asked me, “Joan Marie, when am I going to see financial gain?” “When will I get the job I want?” “When am I going to find the love of my life?” “When are things going to finally start looking up for me?” Well, a lot of you want a lot of different things, but are you willing to change your life path to acquire those things and to gain that emotional peace in your life?

The Little River Band shares the title of this article with one of their songs and rightfully so. In the lyrics, they sing, “If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing – it’s the time that I spend alone…” How often do you spend time with your Authentic Self? Time alone to reflect on all the things that are important to you and that matter to you? I am not talking about your worries or anxieties, I am speaking about the simple peace of being with yourself where you are better able to concentrate on who you are, where you are, where you have been and where you want to go in your life… Have you ever taken the time to simply be?

Being at one with your Inner Child, your Authentic Self is what propels you to greatness. It enables you see the possibilities around you and it also encourages you to do more and be more than what you already are. That is the simplistic magic of transformation. But how do I get there, you ask? Begin with a calming relaxation technique like deep breathing exercises, meditation or visualization. Together, these self-healing techniques offer you the road to self-redemption and the freedom to “change” all that no longer serves you.

When you are ready to “change” and you are ready to positively transform your lifestyle, you find that all those hurdles from the past are not so big to overcome. You also discover that some opportunities you have been longing for are suddenly front and center. But you must arrive at that place first. You must understand that all the wealth, health, love, and inner peace in your life cannot come to fruition until you are ready to change and to accept change. I know, change does not come easy for most of us. Metaphorically (or physically) not everyone has that ability to skip a pebble across a smooth lake. But when you get good at it, you begin to skip those pebbles across the lake like a pro. You aren’t changing the composition of the water (you) but what you are doing is enabling yourself to adapt to the changes entering your life and learning how to run with Universal Flow of energy…just as the lake allows the pebble to skim its surface without ever harming it.

Ready for a cool change in your life? Let me help guide you on your journey to self-exploration and self-healing today! Together, we can help initiate the changes that you seek in your life!

Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

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Cool Change
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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