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Using Inner Wisdom to Organize and Get Your Life back on Track

Posted by Intuition Girl

There was once a German philosopher who had a great outlook on life. Immanuel Kant believed that science is organized knowledge and wisdom is organized life. This implies that while we may be “book smart,” it is our innate wisdom that allows us to fulfill our destiny in life. How? Having an organized life is what enables us to move forward, and to let go of the past.

What is all this talk about “inner wisdom,” you say? For starters, inner wisdom (or higher consciousness) is not all just about talk. As a matter of fact, inner wisdom is more of a gut feeling or intuitive inclination to guide you along in life. There really is no “right” or “wrong” approach to following your inner wisdom — you simply do. When something deep inside of you compels you to take action or to redirect your energy – that’s inner wisdom.

Because we are all part of the Universal flow of energy, and energy is an integral component to our guiding force, we must learn to rely on learned experiences and actions so that we can proficiently organize our lifestyles and recreate the life we want to lead.

One can be intelligent, but ignorant at the same time. How so? Knowledge is indeed power, but imagine the unlimited possibilities that you could have if you coupled your knowledge with inner wisdom. The life force, which resides in you, is your intuitive soul — your metaphorical watchtower. It keeps you in sync with the flow of Universal energy and prompts you to realize your potential and your dreams. The good news is that you can use your inner wisdom to organize and get your life back on track — and that’s the most exciting part about putting your life in order — you need only add the essential element of your higher consciousness and suddenly, you see the world through a new pair of eyes; your mind is sharper; your voice and body constitution stronger; your spirit sours, and the journey ahead is crystal clear.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, your Intuition Expert

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